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Friday, August 25, 2006

Fierce...fierce fight!! (part II)

I finally managed to get myself inside Mydin Mall yesterday...Not bad, not bad at all...What I liked the most, like every other Mydin Stores, they aired the Azan when the times come. Prices, very competitive to be compared with the neighbouring Giant's. There are lots of other stores as well. Baby boutique ada, textiles shops (highly suspecting the stores are branches from the stores in Jalan TAR). Mobile phone shops, computer shop, ada indoor playground, RASA food court (yang macam kat Alamanda, Putrajaya tu), florist, mag store, pharmacy, kedai jamu, KFC, restoran nasi kandar etc etc. Parking indoor (as opposed to Giant's outdoor), trolley baru-very easy to maneuver (tak macam Giant punya-dah la susah nak tolak, bising, and I selalu kena electrostatic charge when touching the trolley while putting in stuffs)...Kira ok la...That is why I was there again for lunch (dan lain-lain) just now...hehe....The Mydin store itself is not bad..Dah ada fresh market pun..Kalau tak nampak Mydin staffs wearing unifoms with big prints of MYDIN, sure rasa macam kat Tesco ke Carrefour ke Giant ke etc..Their normal stuffs like tudung, barang-barang sembahyang/haji, decorations etc tu memang ada lah. And there is a small corner selling books macam kat bookstores tu. Kira memang a very good alternative lah. I think that is why Giant is getting really, really nervous.

This morning albeit my way to my office, I saw that a new big signboard had been erected in Giant's compound, facing traffic coming from the main road (Jalan Kewajipan). It stated something like this: FREE PARKING FOR GIANT CUSTOMERS ONLY. OTHERS, PARKING FEE IS RM10 PER ENTRY. PAY AT EXIT. PLEASE PRODUCE YOUR GIANT RECEIPT AT EXIT.

My first impression, whaddaheck? So, now I need to show them proof that I am a customer? If not I need to pay RM10? Damn expensive! Parking spaces kat KL pun tak mahal camtu. It just showed that you are afraid, not a 'gentleman' and insincere with your customers! I have been frequenting this particular Giant eversince I started working in this area (end 2001)and never had I need to proof that I was their customer. What if the customer had misplaced the receipt? Do they need to find another parking space, go inside Giant once again and buy something else so that they do not need to pay the ridiculous fee of RM10 for an open-air parking space? Damn fools!!!

I was discussing this matter with Y this morning and he also felt the same way that I do. We thought, why couldn't they be open-minded and fight fairly like Carrefour, Subang, which is next to Subang Parade and Subang Commuter Station? People parking in their premises not necessarily are their customers. Some people park there and walk over to Subang Parade, or worse, use the Commuter to go somewhere else! They had never post this type of regulations?

Apa daaa... Been in the business for so long pun tak boleh fikir rationally...

And I think I have become their WAS customer....


At 11:17 AM, Blogger NaHLaH said...

oh dear... was r the giant mgmt being so childish?? hahahaha... dun they know by putting up that sign ppl would decide not to go already?? after all, they have other choices rite? ;)

i feel like parking at giant, then go buy tons of stuffs at mydin n come back to giant to purchase like RM1 worth of sweets only. see whether they'd accept the receipt!! hahahaha... stupid, really!!

At 2:28 AM, Blogger hani said...

tu lah kan? now they went 1 step further- pinpointing each other's marketing tricks inside their marketing brochures. I didn't manage to read Mydin's, but according to Giant's, Mydin's brochures stated something like "Our prices can beat the prices of our neighbour". They never mention names lah although it should be understood. So Giant retaliated by magnifying Mydin's shopping brochures that stated "We offer cheapest prices (harga borong) everyday, so no need to wait for megasales etc." where there is a small font remarks that said all the prices are valid for 2 weeks only (well, all hypermarts change their prices around that period of time pun). Giant's brochure stated clearly that 'our prices are cheaper and we can beat Mydin's prices'...Adoi...bodo betul la marketing managers dorang ni....it looked so childish and gave bad impression to customers (at least to me lah)..bodo..bodo..

At 3:48 PM, Blogger NaHLaH said...

eeekkkk.. tak tahannyerrr!!


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