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Monday, January 10, 2011

Quality vs quantity

I'm back after hibernating hehe..

Been too pre-occupied with life that I had to abandon the blog although many a time, I have pictured myself blogging my thoughts inside my mind.

Aaaanyways, saja nak share my thoughts in the recent reports about a wife's complaint that her husband wanted a divorce just because he wanted to marry a foreign housemaid, citing the reason that he wanted out of the marriage was because her b@@bs were no longer attractive. She reasoned that she needed to BF all her children, tu pasal jadi camtu...

Lepas tu hari2 ada follow-up reports about wives yang banyak anak but can still maintain body bergetah sampai ke usia emas dan perkahwinan kekal bahagia sebab pandai jaga body, makan jamu, cakar harimau blabla... And they called these wives, 'Super wives'

What crap was all that about?

1) Alasan b@@bs dah tak kenyal dan mantap tu cuma sebab tak ada sebab lain dah agaknya. Orang kalau dah nak sangat sesuatu, memang ada je alasannya. Kalau body mantap macam primadona sekalipun, kalau suami nak menggatal kat orang lain pun tak boleh nak buat apa..

2) What makes a wife 'super?' Adakah the ability to breed like rabbits makes you super? And kalau anak berderet dan body masih mantap tapi anak2 tak berapa nak menjadi, should people label you super?

3) Dah tak ada berita lain ke nak sensasikan? Duh!



Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hubby called a few hours ago before boarding his flight back from Jeddah for his R&R. I have been keeping mum about his Ayah's return, but when I mentioned airport while conversing with Hubs, he suspected something and demanded to speak to his Ayah. And Ayah told Daniel that he's coming home, and the boy immediately got so thrilled, his voice went up a few notches. And he said that he was so excited that Ayah is coming home. Syahdu hati Mummy.. kesian, anak rindu sangat dengan Ayah dia... Huhu... looking forward to almost 3 weeks of quality family time!Yay!


Friday, November 19, 2010


Last Saturday was Parent-Teacher Meeting at Daniel's school. Went there to meet with his teacher to discuss his progress this year and what he has learnt in school.

As he is only 4 years old, there was no exam yet. Only five and six year old kids have examinations at the school. His progress was basically determined on how well has he mastered the social and life skills, how well he follows instructions, do'a recitations, introductions to science, maths, geology (wow!), history, biology, zoology, botany, solar system, islamic studies and arabic language among other things. He was also judged from his interactions with friends, attitude towards school work and other activities including crafts, writing, coloring and many more.

His teacher's comments:

1) Smart
2) Loves physical activities rather than writing
3) Short span of focus
4) Very mature for his age
5) Loves being praised when he did anything right
6) Matured vocabulary and expressions
7) Good communication skills and loves to talk and tell stories
8) Out spoken
9) Demands that his friends be quiet during learning time
10) Good attitude towards his friends
11) Cries easily when somebody accidentally hurt him while playing a.k.a manja sangat..
12) Very sensitive
13) Good at maths
14) Good manners
15) Kurang makan and kurang ke toilet

Now, how do we tackle his short span of focus problem eh? Kalau tengok TV or main PS tu boleh pulak concentrate....Hai lah anakku....

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Aidil Adha 1431H

Since Hubby was not around, (tahun ni both raya were celebrated apart...huhu sedihnya!!) and my parents-in-law are also doing their Hajj, we went back to my parents house for Aidil Adha. Not so much of a celebration, but at least my siblings were all there, and as usual we got our doses of nasi himpits, lemangs and rendangs. We did a bit of qurban this year, so we got a lot of 'daging qurban', hence the sup tulang, nasi daging, daging kicap, daging bakar etc etc heheh!

I went to see the process of qurban at my parents' house's surau. There were 12 cows altogether for this year's qurban, and all 12 were 'down' before Zuhur prayers. I brought the 2 boys along to watch.

Me: (Trying to wake Daniel up that morning) Daniel, wake up. Mummy want to see cows. Do you want to follow? (And I went straight into the bathroom)

Daniel: Mummy!!!!

Me: Yes?


Me: (Surprised that he even remembered) Selamat Hari Raya, sayang...

During the qurban process, he asked a lot of questions, and I tried to explain in the simplest way on why we slaughtered the cow, the process, why the cows' body shook on their few last breaths etc.. And before we went back, he waved goodbye to the cows and said, "Bye bye cow!!!"

Later that afternoon, while I was coaching him with a little bit of pre-school maths..

Daniel: Mummy! Today kan hari raya?

Me: Yup. Today is hari raya...

Daniel: Then, why are we not going anywhere?

Me: (Terdiam kejap...ehehe...) OK lah...Let's go hari raya to Wawan's house. Go and ask Nenek to get ready to go to Wawan's house.

Daniel: Yay!!!

* Wawan is my sister's mum-in-law :)

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Monday, November 15, 2010

I should be happy but...

I'm feeling a tad sad. Just received Hub's call from Muzdalifah a while ago. Tonight he'll be moving in to Arafah, insyaAllah.. I am truly happy for him because he has been invited by The Almighty as His guest in a way that we have never thought of. But at the same time, I am sad because I couldn't be there with him, performing the fifth pillar of Islam together as husband and wife.

I pray that all will be well, and may Allah grant him with Haji Mabrur... Ameen...And may He invites me to be His guest some time soon so that I can perform Hajj with Hubby. And may all Hubby's prayers there be granted by Allah SWT... Ameen....

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Muhammad Yusuf Firdaus

In about two weeks His Little Highness II will be 6 months, InsyaAllah...I still owe him write-ups about my pregnancy with him, minus his Ayah. Have to get it done soon, else they might fade, judging from my state of mind which forgets things easily nowadays...Dah meningkat usia la katakan..hehe...

His weight during my check up last Saturday at KPJ Specialist was 7.945 kg.. I am still breast feeding him (no formula), but have recently introduced some solids into his diet as recommended by his paed to solve his colic issue. So far I have given him rice cereals, rusks and orange juice, and so far he has been eating well and from the looks of it, he is digesting well. Let's hope this continues, and he would not face digestion problem like his brother. Yes, Daniel's digestion problems only improved after he was 3 years old. Kesian Daniel..

So far his growth has always exceeded the normal chart. And his progress was on par with the paed's expectations.. Alhamdulillah... He has rolled over, could interact with people, has recognised me, his brother, my parents, my sister and my brother. I guess we would have to see whether he recognises his Ayah when he returns for his R&R next month, InsyaAllah.. And by recognition, I meant that if one of us offered our hands to pick him up, he would excitedly extend both his arms towards us hihi... He laughs at his brother's antics, smiles and cooed when we speak to him..He loves his toys, but he could amuse himself with his feet for long minutes..heheh.. He loves to suck everything; his fingers, his knuckles, other people's fingers, his toys, his feet, our shoulders, our clothes, his muslin, our lips, our cheeks...you name it... haha... But he doesn't really like to drink expressed breast milk in the bottle. He would just toy with the bottle's teat using his tongue. Direct from Mummy is better, eh baby?

I am expecting his teeth to grow soon, because he has shown signs like wanting to chew something every time, sticking out his tongue, but luckily no drools.. hehe..He also seems uneasy at times, and for the past week, he would cry if I don't hold or carry him around. Sakit pinggang den.. And I could hardly do any house chores or any other work. But, I am not complaining.... Baby, I'm yours...

Oh, and I love the smell of his mouth... wangiiiii... hehe....

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Friday, October 22, 2010

My good friend..

Wow lama sungguh tak update blog.. Banyak cerita tapi was busy managing life with the two boys, and penyakit M was the main contributing factor too heheh...


Me: Eh! Who gave you the bread (cream roll)?

Daniel: Alia..

Me: Why Alia gave you the bread?

Daniel: Because Alia likes me..


Daniel: Alia is my good friend. Alia gives me sausage, kuih.. Kita makan sama-sama....

Me: Oooo....

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Monday, September 06, 2010

What are you good at?

On the way home from school the other day.......

Daniel (from his car seat at the back of the car): Mummy!

Me: Yes?

D: Eating is what I do best.

Me: Oh really???

D: Shopping is what Mummy do best.

Me: Huh? Apa dia? (I thought I heard wrongly)

D: Shopping is what Mummy do best! (with an emphasize in the word 'shopping')

Maka Mummy pun tergelak besar sorang-sorang kat depan....wakakakaka......

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