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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Daniel's milestone

My baby is 16 months old already? Wow! That was fast! Currently he is having a terrible bout of rashes. He would ask any of us nearby to scratch his back when he is about to fall asleep. And we are not allowed to stop until he really fell asleep. Sabar je lah. He can sleep overnight now without waking up in the middle of the night for milk (yeah..I know it's a bit late). He still refuse to hold his own bottle while he drinks it. Sometimes je pegang sendiri bila mood ok. People can't lay down the sejadah without him trotting over and suddenly sujud aka menongg*ng on it. He would switch off the TV using the remote while everybody is enjoying a certain show. If we take the remote from him, he would go to the set itself and push the ON/OFF button.

He loves juices and plain water, and from time to time would demand people to pour him a drink by pointing to which bottle he would like to drink from. He is about the same height of most tables in the house, so he can already reached out the stuffs on top of the tables. Often, he would get his head knocked on the tables and cry for sympathy.

He walks and babbles non-stop. In the mornings, when he wakes up first, he would wake us up by slapping our backs, trying to dig our eyeballs out, or simply take his pillow and smash it on our faces. He knows which is Spongebob and which is Barney. When I sing the 'I love you' song, he would dig up his Barney and press the button on Barney's hand to make it sing. When I ask "Where is Spongebob?" he would point to his Spongebob pillow which we bought in PD recently and then proceed to hug or kiss it.

He loves to rummage through my handbag and especially loves my purse, compact powder and handphones. If he manage to open up my purse, he would point to my photo and his Ayah's, and will kiss the photos when told to "Sayang Mummy" or "Sayang Ayah"

He knows how to shake people's hands already and recently when my Mum gave him a drink, he muttered something like "wawawayeeem" before he took a sip. That got my Mum and Dad squealed in delight for their grandson had muttered his first Bismillah! hehe..

At a recent window shopping session in An*kku Baby Connection Boutique, the 3 girls at the store couldn't stop hugging and playing with him. They volunteered to take care of him while I stroll along lanes of the store, trying to find myself a tote-along waist strap for him. I couldn't find any in the store (they just got the strap for hands only), so I really didn't know what else to buy. Since they have been to hooked onto him, I made myself buy a meal set for him! Kang tak beli apa-apa kang, naya kena sumpah! hehe..When we eat at restaurants, often the owner/cashier/cook would give him something for free. Murah rezeki anak Mummy..

Such a joy...Alhamdulillah...I couldn't ask for more...


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ape ni?

Still couldn't upload photos from PD breakaway..Apesal ha?


Monday, June 25, 2007

Upset little (err..not so little dah..) me...

What do you do when you are upset? Eat, walk, talk? I shop. Retail therapy is the cure for me. I would shop, normally for items that will eventually be used (although much, much later) like toiletries, clothes, stationeries, food, drinks, fruits. I buy them in bulk. Like keeping stocks or something. Making the small house that we are currently staying until my mum retires InsyaAllah next year seemed like a grocery store.

That was what I have been doing for the past three weeks. People upset me so I took revenge by shopping some more. Kalau kaya tu lain la jugak! Tak kisah lah janji I tak sasau sebab stress and I tak kacau orang.

So, what do you do when you are stressed out?


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Yup, we have been finally handed over the key to my house yesterday. It is not brand new, about 7-8 years old but the condition is not that bad. Furthermore, I got it a quite a good buy compared to other houses around that area which are also for sale. The new phases of houses which are currently being built are waaaay too expensive for us low income people. I liked the location, because it is around Subang, Puchong and Shah Alam. There is an exit being built directly from the EL*TE Highway directly to the neighbourhood and the new shoplots and offices should be opening soon. Got myself a set of old rattan sofa, all lightings and fans, grills, *STRO dish. Kira OKlah. Just need a few touchups here and there..Maklumlah dah berumur kena lah bagi botox sikit..hihi.. A few wetspots on the ceiling, and the old owner is willing to share the cost of fixing it. I can't complain more. I am quite satisfied with the house. Just that the design is a bit weird because it has too many curves, making the house seemed small although the land area is big. It can be fixed with $$$ which I think is waaaay longer to come through, so that we can get a bigger buildup on the front, back and the left side of the house. InsyaAllah bila dah untung besar nanti boleh la renovate kan? Amiin...

Can't wait to start painting and decorating the house!


Monday, June 18, 2007

Gateaway on weekdays

Daniel's Noyang wanted to return home, so Daniel's Atuk got no choice but to oblige. They went back to JB on Sunday afternoon, and brought back my cayang busyuk Daniel along.

So, I made up a hasty plan to go to Tanjung Balau on Monday. We planned to pick up Daniel from Nenek's house and head straight to the beach for a relaxing holiday (on weekdays..hehe) That's the priveledge of being your own boss, no? We get to do whatever we want to do whenever we want without taking annual leave whatsoever..ahaq!

Since I had something to do on Monday morning, we were a bit delayed to reach JB on time. Lagipun kitorang nak main redah je cari hotel kat sana..Dah la tak pernah sampai. So, we had a last minute change of plan..Mak and Abah pun started early from JB to Melaka for some errands in Mak's hometown. We finally decided to go to PD only. Tanjung Balau will have to wait for another day lah..

In PD, we scout around to a number of hotels and resort to stay. Lama jugak searched around and we finally decided to stay in the C*rus Paradise. We got Abah to come down to the hotel with us and since Abah and Mak would be free the next day, we invited them to stay along with us for the night.

The hotel was quite a disappointment. Macam rundown sikit and the facilities were not very well taken after. Rate mahal jugak compared to other hotels that I had stayed in before. Menyesal pun ada tapi nak buat camne kan? The first room that we got had leakage from the air-conditioner. With no carpet to absorb the wetness, the floor was slippery and I immediately asked for a room substitute. The rooms were small compared to the price that we paid for it, but again, belasah jelah! Lampu pun ala-ala lilin je cahaya dia and 1 bedside lamp was out of order. Dah la takde *STRO!

We went to the swimming pool shortly after settling down. There we saw hundreds and hundreds of FLIES!! Hadui laaa... Rasa macam kat pasar pulak! They put strips of papers with glue, I think, and they were filled with flies! It was in the dining area of their cafe. Macam mana nak jawab tu? Nasib baik the room rate was without meals..Urggh!!!

Anyway, we had a great time at the pool. The sea was just starting to be on the high tide, and the waves were really fierce. Nobody went for a swim at the sea. Instead the swimming pool was full.

Daniel was afraid of the pool! The only thing that he liked there was the slides in the pool. Bila masuk dalam air, meraung-raung nak keluar. Sabar je la.. Abah, Mak and me didn't swim. After swimming, Daniel and his Ayah went for a shower at the side of the pool. Punyala seronok Daniel sampai tak nak stop showering. Alahai!!

That night we went to a ikan bakar place near to the hotel. Nampak macam best, tapi service, YA AMPUN!!! punya la slow! Harga OK, rasa pun boleh la tahan, tapi tak la sedap mana pun. By the time drinks were served, Daniel was crying loudly from thirst! Dia asyik nak mintak drinks from the other tables. And by the time food was served, Daniel looks like he was going to faint from hunger. Cian anak Mummy!

The next day, Abah and Mak departed to go home. We then went to Pantai Teluk Kemang for a real beach experience. But alas! Daniel was terrified of the sea! Tak macam masa we went to Morib hari tu. We tried to coax him to stand in the water, tapi dia meraung-raung macam kena rotan. His Ayah pun kena sakit gigi, so takde mood nak play around at the beach. Mummy jugak yang boring..hmmphh!!

We drove around the area and stopped by Teluk Pelanduk. Daniel was about to sleep, so his Ayah stopped the car near the beach and let the wind blew him to sleep. After that, we drove again to look for place to have lunch. We passed by this resort called E*gle Ranch Resort and I was amazed by the design of their resort. Macam kat kawasan penempatan Red Indians la pulak with the tents whatsoever. Nice! Next time must try there.

After lunch at Teluk Kemang, we went back to the hotel. Ayah bought Daniel a float. He was so excited to see the float and we were eager to get back to the hotel to give it a try. After a short nap at the room, we went downstairs to have a quick swim at the pool. This time, Mummy yang mandi dengan Daniel. Again, float or no float, Daniel was terrified to be inside the pool. Tapi OK sikit berbanding masa dengan Ayah semalam. We spent about half an hour at the pool before getting ready for dinner.

Dinner was at another restaurant, also close to the hotel. Food was nicer, service was better, and I ate like there was no tomorrow..hehe.. After that we drove around town some more, in the hope to find St*rbucks to get online. Tapi tak jumpa. The business centre at the hotel had problems with their PCs, and I was told to dial up if I wish to connect to the Internet. Whaddah*ck?!

We checked out the day after at around 11am. We plan to drop by Hubby's hometown before heading back home the day after. We stopped again at Teluk Kemang for lunch and I bought a couple of T-shirts to be brought home as souvenirs. Koyak gak about RM200 for them T-shirts. Takpe la kan? Bukannya selalu.

We reached Hubby's hometown at about 4pm. Sempat lagi pergi Pasar Malam kat sana. I bought night pants for RM10 sebab baju dah habis semua pakai kat PD. Bukan RM10 sehelai tau! RM10 dapat 3 helai!! Was that a bargain or what? Tapi Hubby said I looked like an Ah Soh when I wear them pants. Chet!!

The long sleeve T-shirt that I bought for myself at PD proved to be a bit small on my hips. Adus..Boring! Boring! Rasa nak buang je hips ni!

We head home the next day. Singgah rumah my bro-in-law for some business matter and we finally reached home at about 9pm. Letihnya!!!!

Dapat upload satu je photo sebab there's something wrong with the connection..


Friday, June 15, 2007

GA Update

It has been confirmed that Dr Preston Xavier Burke aka Isaiah Washington won't be appearing in the new season of Grey's Anatomy.hmmm...Alamak..Kurang cast..Tak besh la ini macam kan? The reason being, Dr Burke's attitude outside of the series is bad, and could disrupt the harmony of the other casts of the drama. Aiyoyo...Tu la..Awat perangai tu tak jaga? Kan dah kena buang?

He did disappear on the final episode of last season.. Sungguh sadis.. What happened? Tunggu la kat NTV7 ya? kekeke...


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Daniel lagi..

I brought Daniel to Klinik Ad*k for his 15th month immunization yesterday. Chicken pox punya.. As usual, he only cried briefly during the shot. That's Mummy's boy! hehe..Hopefully he won't get any fever this time around.

We went there with Daniel's Pokcu and Noyang. Saja bawak Noyang dia jalan-jalan sebab asyik terperap kat rumah nanti dia boring pulak. After clinic, we dropped by J*sco Bukit Raja to pick up Pokcu's specs from F*cus P*int. Lepas tu kitorang jalan-jalan and makan McD*n*lds. Punya la seronok baby kita sorang ni makan pastu jalan-jalan! First time jalan sendiri, and tak naik trolley or stroller. Maklumla baru 'dapat' kaki. Nak pimpin dia pun dia tepis tangan kita ni! Jalan terkedek-kedek pastu semua orang lalu (especially guys) semua dia nak tegur and senyum. Makanya, habislah pipi Encik Daniel kita ni dicubit dan disental oleh total strangers. Sabar je la..

Masuk dalam departmental store lagi dia mengganas. Semua barang kat racks and baju-baju bergantung semua dia nak capai..Aiyoyo! My nightmare has started! Tak pasal-pasal kena menbayar ganti rugi pulak kang? Hadui laaa...

The good thing is, I have started my 'exercise' mengejar Daniel! So need the exercise for all the extra bulges and lemak tepu yang tak hilang-hilang ni..Good boy, my darling! Kita exercise sama-sama ya? hakhak!

Masuk je kereta, Daniel terus tersadai kat Pokcu dia, tidur sampai we reached home..hehe..


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Highways and Byways

Lanjutan daripada cerita SMART tunnel semalam, I nak cerita pasal PL*S highway pulak.. I jarang ke utara, tapi sangat selalu ke selatan..Really hope the construction work can be completed on time because driving south on the highway feels like racing in a rally..Kejap kena himpit ke kiri pastu a few km after that kena himpit ke kanan pulak.. Lepas tu jalan straight luas sampai 3 lanes, pastu a few km after that kena himpit balik ke kiri or kanan. Tak macam rally ke tu? Tak boleh ke buat one side at a time? Maybe tak boleh la kut..Sekarang ni tengah tar balik pulak..Hari tu nampak macam dah nak siap! Sabar je la.. Dah la selalu sangat accident sebab construction ni sejak it started. I read that the completion schedule should be in August 2007. That is another 2 months down the road. Hopefully they will stick to that schedule lah ya?

Pastu, kenapa SmartTag punya lanes kat L*P highways, card reader dia lembab nak recognise the card huh? Dah sampai dekat sangat dengan the barrier baru lah nak angkat. Kalau terlaju sikit sure terlanggar barrier tu.. I tak experience the problem dekat other operators' SmartTag lanes pun? Dah la kalau stuck kat situ punya lah lambat orang nak assist! In fact most of the operators except PL*S ada problem ni..Sabar je la..You guys have just recently increased the toll rates, so I think it is high time that you increase the facilities and the services as well, right? Baru lah adil!

I was once stuck at one of KES*S' SmartTag lanes. Tunggu dekat 3 minit jugak la takde siapa yang datang. So, I honked la, sebab belakang I banyak kereta dah 'Q'. Sekali ada satu mamat ni datang from the opposite lane shouted "SABARLAH!!!" punyala kuat. Kurang ajar sungguh! Rasa macam nak jerit balik, "Woi! Gaji ko aku yang bayar tau!" It was supposed to be the fastest lane, so kalau ada yang stuck and tak diberi assistance yang mantap dan cekap, dah jadi NOT-SO-SMARTTag dah la, kan?


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


A day after the chaos in KL because of the flash floods, yours-truly got a chance to experience the SMART tunnel.. Actually nak rasa je sebab lusa kalau masuk tunnel tu dah kena bayar RM2 per way...hihi..

The verdict? Ok la..We are paying for the technology..Hopefully it lives up through its specifications la kan? Kat dalam tu, I felt like I was playing a PS2 arcade racing games..hihi..Tatau la kenapa..Maybe the surrounding tu rasa macam dalam game punya pemandangan kut..Tapi kalau it doesn't do what it is supposed to do and katalah banjir ke kebakaran ke kat dalam tunnel tu, I pun tak tau la apa nak jadi..Kinda scary gak..Sebab kalau terowong kat utara tu kan straight je and you can actually see the end of the tunnel. Yang ni banyak selekoh-selekoh..Macam kat dalam PS2 punya games tu..hihi..

So, siapa yang tak try lagi, go and try la sebelum midnight this Thursday!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I need an IT graduate

Anybody? Anybody? Diploma ke degree ke doesn't matter.. Not for hire (sebab belum mampu, but InsyaAllah in the near future), but I need a favor (with small token of appreciation, of course)

So, anybody interested to help, please email me at the link kat sebelah tu ya?


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ulasan cerita TV

I managed to catch a few good movies on TV a few weeks back.

1) Berbagi Suami- An Indonesian movie about polygamy. About a cameraman who has 3+1 wives who stayed together and very good to each other. The last wife was wed during his documentary filming tsunami wreckage at Acheh. All the wives stayed together. Then, there are 2 other polygamous (ada ke word ni? belasah je lah..hehe..) families and how their lives interconnected with each other just amazed me..Really good storytelling. Enjoyed it till the end.

2) Strange Relation- Paul Reiser acted in this movie as a dying psychiatrist suffering from leukimia. Nice movie, cruel and selfish characters at times (but that's life, right?) and a tear-jerker, too. Ending tergantung, but I guess they survived la kut?

What else? Nothing came to mind at the moment..Not that I always watch TV pun.. Those are movies yang 'tertengok' je..

Tapi, I have a question about a new reality TV that is currently being aired on Ria. Ikon Malaysia? What the heck is that show for? Tengok siapa artis yang paling popular kat Malaysia? Tak cukup ke awards yang bersepah-sepah tiap-tiap tahun tu? From the looks of it, yang I nampak cumalah keinginan sesetengah pihak untuk mengutip seberapa banyak wang rakyat yang diorang boleh kaut. Apa tu? Apa tu? Apa faedahnya show tu untuk masyarakat marhain? Ada educational or good moral values ke? Pelik tapi benar betullah TV stations sekarang ni.. Semua nak buat reality shows tapi entah apa2 entah..

Eh, 'ter'emotional pulak..kekekeke...


Sunday, June 03, 2007

What? 2 years already?

Yup! It has been 2 years already.. Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary.. No celebration because we have to attend baby Dhiya's kenduri aqiqah tonight.. Tak kisah la tu..

But then, 2 years have passed..Kadang-kadang macam tak percaya we surpassed 2 years.. Kadang-kadang rasa macam dah 20 years pulak..Is 2 years long enough for us to really know our life partners? I don't know.. Kadang-kadang rasa macam dah faham sangat perangai dia, tapi kadang-kadang I am just clueless..

Anyway, I hope we could do our honeymoon anytime soon.. Yes people...We have yet to honeymoon from our marriage 2 years ago..Sadis tak? It has always been postponed sebab busy dengan careers la..Pastu dapat baby la.. Macam-macam hal lain lagi la..So, I hope sekarang ni boleh la pergi...Tengah survey2 tempat nak pergi ni..Any suggestions? Nak domestic je lah sebab tahun ni kan Visit Malaysia Year? hehe..

So, Hubby..Happy 2nd Anniversary.. We couldn't guarantee that we would be together forever, kan? Itu Allah punya percaturan.. Tapi, while we are together, let's make the best of it, OK?

I Love You..