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Friday, November 19, 2010


Last Saturday was Parent-Teacher Meeting at Daniel's school. Went there to meet with his teacher to discuss his progress this year and what he has learnt in school.

As he is only 4 years old, there was no exam yet. Only five and six year old kids have examinations at the school. His progress was basically determined on how well has he mastered the social and life skills, how well he follows instructions, do'a recitations, introductions to science, maths, geology (wow!), history, biology, zoology, botany, solar system, islamic studies and arabic language among other things. He was also judged from his interactions with friends, attitude towards school work and other activities including crafts, writing, coloring and many more.

His teacher's comments:

1) Smart
2) Loves physical activities rather than writing
3) Short span of focus
4) Very mature for his age
5) Loves being praised when he did anything right
6) Matured vocabulary and expressions
7) Good communication skills and loves to talk and tell stories
8) Out spoken
9) Demands that his friends be quiet during learning time
10) Good attitude towards his friends
11) Cries easily when somebody accidentally hurt him while playing a.k.a manja sangat..
12) Very sensitive
13) Good at maths
14) Good manners
15) Kurang makan and kurang ke toilet

Now, how do we tackle his short span of focus problem eh? Kalau tengok TV or main PS tu boleh pulak concentrate....Hai lah anakku....

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