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Friday, November 19, 2010

Aidil Adha 1431H

Since Hubby was not around, (tahun ni both raya were celebrated apart...huhu sedihnya!!) and my parents-in-law are also doing their Hajj, we went back to my parents house for Aidil Adha. Not so much of a celebration, but at least my siblings were all there, and as usual we got our doses of nasi himpits, lemangs and rendangs. We did a bit of qurban this year, so we got a lot of 'daging qurban', hence the sup tulang, nasi daging, daging kicap, daging bakar etc etc heheh!

I went to see the process of qurban at my parents' house's surau. There were 12 cows altogether for this year's qurban, and all 12 were 'down' before Zuhur prayers. I brought the 2 boys along to watch.

Me: (Trying to wake Daniel up that morning) Daniel, wake up. Mummy want to see cows. Do you want to follow? (And I went straight into the bathroom)

Daniel: Mummy!!!!

Me: Yes?


Me: (Surprised that he even remembered) Selamat Hari Raya, sayang...

During the qurban process, he asked a lot of questions, and I tried to explain in the simplest way on why we slaughtered the cow, the process, why the cows' body shook on their few last breaths etc.. And before we went back, he waved goodbye to the cows and said, "Bye bye cow!!!"

Later that afternoon, while I was coaching him with a little bit of pre-school maths..

Daniel: Mummy! Today kan hari raya?

Me: Yup. Today is hari raya...

Daniel: Then, why are we not going anywhere?

Me: (Terdiam kejap...ehehe...) OK lah...Let's go hari raya to Wawan's house. Go and ask Nenek to get ready to go to Wawan's house.

Daniel: Yay!!!

* Wawan is my sister's mum-in-law :)

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