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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I was browsing through my FB and Hubby's when I simply asked Daniel "Who is this, Daniel?" while pointing to his Ayah's photo. "This is Ayah! (excitedly)...Mummy, I miss Ayah...I miss Ayah...I want Ayah to play car with me"

Oh, it so break my heart...isk..isk....


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kok iye punnn...

I managed to watch a Malay drama yesterday. Quite a good storyline, about a poor family whom migrated to KL and their lives changed for the worse. The Dad continued being a two-timing jerk, while the daughter became a 'kacang lupakan kulit' kinda girl. In the end, she hurt her mother's feeling, Si Tanggang-style, and her mother kinda 'cursed' her. She was constantly hot and feverish, and vomited worms (urghh!!) And, her mother didn't forgive her in the end. Sad...

While it was quite a good drama, I couldn't help but laughed while watching some of the sad scenes.. hehe.. Well, something about the actress rather than the storyline, actually. You see, the family was supposed to be poor, and the mother tailored clothes to make ends meet. Suddenly, in one scene, you could clearly see how nicely done the mother's manicure was. Kuku panjang macam eksekutif, ok? Mascara tebal lagi.... haha....Memang tak sesuai dengan watak ya? hahahaha....


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Manner Police

The other day my sister complained to me:

Sis: Tadi orang sendawa tau... Pastu Daniel cakap, "Acik! Say Alhamdulillah, echoose (excuse) me!!"

Me: (Tergelak) Memang la...He'll say that everytime other people around him burp or sneeze. Selagi orang tu tak cakap Alhamdulillah, excuse me dia akan ulang lagi suruh sampai la orang tu cakap Alhamdulillah, excuse me.. Kalau cakap Alhamdulillah saja pun not enough..Kena sambung the excuse me part..

Sis: Eee...nyampahnya!!!

Me: Hahahahaha....


Monday, November 02, 2009

The fuss...

I have never been a fan of discussing 'harta pusaka', especially when it involved greed and fighting. I really hope when the time comes, we siblings do not have to go through such ordeal, because if we really have to, I would go out of my mind!

The usual cases that I have heard about the battle of the harta pusaka thing:

1) The fights between siblings until 'putus saudara' just to claim the rights over a very small piece of land left behind by the ancestors

2) One or more of the siblings got angry because one of them took the initiative to fully utilize the piece of land by growing vegetables or fruit trees for fear that they are messing with the land, only to come back for the harvest later

3) One of the siblings never receive any part of the inheritance, just because he/she had been independent from childhood days (clever enough to find own pocket money for schooling and migrated to other states far away from home to find job and start a family). Despite that, he/she still made effort to go back home as frequently as he/she could and never forgot to give money to the parents and foot the medical bills for the parents and the other siblings when needed. And also helped when the others were facing financial problems when they needed to renovate and expand their houses or when they wanted to hold kenduris and marry off their children. When this happened, and that particular sibling took offence and never come back again to the home town, who was to be blamed? Is he/she wrong to take that step?

4) The rumah pusaka was strategically built on the piece of land which has been divided to two recipients. One of the recipients still lives in the house and the other comes back occasionally to visit. The one still living in the house, after all these years, suddenly insisted that they separate the land title properly so that one do not have anything to owe the other. And insisted that the deceased owner had promised the house to him/her, which literally means that if the other wants to come back occasionally after this, he/she has to find other accommodation. What the heck??

5) The other siblings accused the one sibling who is taking care of the elderly parents of trying to woo the parents to award him all the harta pusaka. Even accused him/her had cast evil spells to the parents so that they will give him/her the inheritance. Do you have to go THAT low??

There are many more stories which I have heard, and I really despise them all. Boleh bawak ke kubur ke nanti harta pusaka tu? I don't know about you, but I always believe in working hard to earn your own wealth, and to not concern yourselves so much about the inheritance. And for the parents, please divide your wealth (if any) properly among your children. You do not wish to flip in your graves when your children fights over their inheritance, don't you?

May Allah guide us all in the proper ways...Ameen...