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Monday, August 27, 2007


I just couldn't comprehend why shops with price tags of RMxx.x8 or RMxxx.x9 couldn't bother to stock up on 1 cent syillings? Or shops that charge us service taxes or government taxes, in that matter. And these irresponsible people managed to ask people at their cash register to pull blank or non-chalant faces when they failed to return these 1 cent syillings to us, as if it is not wrong to rob people out of their tiny change. No "Sorry, we don't have 1 cent" whatsoever. Which, should not be, in the first place. Since you buttheads have that kind of price tags or charge service taxes etc, you should have ample tiny change!

Kalau malas nak sediakan duit syiling 1 sen, letak je harga tu genap-genap or jangan gatal-gatal nak caj orang service tax.

Just imagine, if one day 1000 people kena rob out of their 1 cent, the shop owner dapat RM10 tu! Multiple that to days, months, years...Woi! Duit haram tu!!!

Yeah, too many incidents of lost 1 cents these past few weeks..Tu yang bengang tu..Ingat 1 sen tu tak laku ke? Boleh bayar McD or PizzaH*t tau! Bayar bil elektik, air, telefon, etc..Isy..Bengangnye!!!


Sunday, August 26, 2007

11 years?

Wow! That was how long a classmate in uni had a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship before they ended it with marriage 3 weeks back.

Hubby and I accidentally bumped into him a few days ago at L*w Y*tt Plaza (Hubby's never-boring-ultimate-favorite-place in town). We chatted for a while in front of one N*C booth until the seller decided to increase the volume of his MP3 music so loud to halau us from blocking his booth. Chet!

We learnt that he had just been married to long-time beau of 11 years 3 weeks ago, and he said they don't even feel like they have been married because of the long period of courting.. Sabar je la...


18SX question..

Need help from Doctor readers and experienced mommies:

What is the best position to point your son's 'little bird' when you change his diaper? Is it better to point up or down?

We seemed to have varying opinions about this, so appreciate those people above to clarify if you have the right method..hehe..


Muhammad Daniel Hafiz bin Nurhazlan

Ada hati nak pakai selipar orang besar!

A couple of months back, this baby telah mencederakan neneknya secara tidak sengaja a.k.a accident. He was playing stand up-sit down game with his Atuk on the bed where his Nenek had already fallen asleep. I was in my own room when I suddenly heard his cry, and upon reaching my parents' room, I saw Abah trying to calm him down, and Mak was sitting on the bed, with one hand covering her right eye.

Turned out that while sitting down during the game, he accidentally laid down, causing his head to bump into my Mum's eye. It was about 11pm.

The result? Mak's right eye looked exactly like Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam's eyes! Tak payah make-up ok? It turned really bad the next morning, and fearing for any complications, Mak went to the hospital the next day for checkup. People there thought my Mum kena dera..hehe.. She needed to be X-rayed and Alhamdulillah, there was no complications. But the eye remained red for a long, long time that initially she took a couple of days' leave for fear that people liaising with her at work would be scared of her eyes.

After that incident, she (and Atuk) sleep with head covered by pillows..muehehehe..

Mak has Daniel's photo on her desk at work, and people coming to her desk would comment, "Oo, inilah cucu kak Ani yang buat mata kak Ani tu ye?" hehehe...

Ayah dia yang buat ni..Teruk betul!!

He still can't utter a single word, but understand what people are saying to him. When asked to point to various parts of his body, he would do so. When we say "Harimau" he would go "Auu" ala-ala harimau jinak and manja..hehe..

He's an imitating machine. Don't do anything in front of him if you do not wish him to do the exact thing. Common things that he would do nowadays are acting as if he is:
1) putting hair gel to his hair just like his Ayah always do
2) rubbing baby talc powder to his chest like his Pokcu always do
3) spraying perfume on his body and underarms just like Ayah

Yesterday, baby Dhiya (my sister's daughter) came home for the weekend, and baby Daniel insisted to hold her in his arms! So, I held her close to him, and he hugged her while kissing her cheeks and patting her back! Just like we do when we hold him!Adus...Berangan macam dah besar sangat la tu!


Thursday, August 23, 2007

A beautiful night

We went to see the Fireworks Competition in Putrajaya last night. It was the Autralian team putting out their show, and it was brilliant. MIL was here for her checkup, and we had dinner at BIL's house first. We took Mak and Abah along with SIL's 3 children to BIL's house. After dinner, we shoot in 2 cars to Putrajaya. Confused? BIL is Hubby's 3rd-in-the-family brother, and SIL is Hubby's 4th-in-the-family sister.

Cars were already parked on all the lanes when we arrived. The place was really packed! Rasa meriah semacam! Not to mention how colourful Putrajaya looked like with all the lightings up. Normally macam ghost town je at nights.

Found a spot for both cars to park, and the clan waited excitedly among the parked cars for the show to begin. Budak-budak excited, tapi mak and bapak budak pun terlebih excited jugak sebenarnya! hehe..

The show went on for a supposedly 20 minutes as per the rules of the competition. But, halfway through the show, the kids lost interest. They were more interested to play along the roadside, and enjoyed being in the open space at night. The place was brimming with excitement, so lagi enjoy main-main dengan cousins daripada tengok bunga api, kan? Lainlah kalau diorang sendiri yang main bunga api..Baru syok, kan?

Only the adults concentrated on the show..Cheh! Padahal budak-budak ni yang sibuk nak tengok the show in the first place..Kids..hmmmph... Daniel also concentrated on the show for a few minutes, and after that insisted to walk around the cars parked on the road. Sabar je la..

The highlight of the night was to find the route out of Putrajaya in a split second to avoid the massive traffic jam going out and also at the LDP toll plaza! heheh!

Overall, a wonderful and beautiful night..


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A dinner function..

"First of all, I would like to thank members of the jury. Special thanks to my family and friends, for whom I will not be here today to receive this award (sambil airmata berlinangan of happiness)"

Echewwah! As if...kekeke...That was supposed to be my speech when I received the award that night..hehe...

Hubby and I actually were invited to attend the Annual Dinner of UKM's Faculty of Engineering 2007 last Saturday at the Putrajaya Marriott as one of their suppliers. It was a great dinner, with some familiar faces from our good ol' days there at the Faculty. Food was nice (Chinese-style 6-course dinner) tapi services could be better la. Our table was full, and the waitress attending to us looked young, and she didn't do a very good job serving us. Whomever got the first few servings of each course would get big portions, and by the time the last person got his/her servings, they were so small, asalkan-dapat-type. And, she was so quick to clear the plates, tak sempat nak went for second servings of whatever was left on the main plates/bowl. Yang main plates/bowl tu pun punyalah cepat nak angkat there were so much leftovers! Membazir cik oii!! Bagi kat orang Darfur pun bagus!!!

We, suppliers (or outside people) paid RM150 per person for the dinner. I think it was FOC for the staffs and RM30 extra if they brought their spouses. Good deal for them, actually.

There were a few sets of cultural shows during dinner. Technically banyak berterabur during presentations macam tak pernah buat rehearsal. Lucky draws, award presentations for staff paling aktif, staff paling popular etc pun ada. King/Queen of the night pun ada. Siap ada AFUNDI nih by students for these staffs' awards... hehe.. Towards the end, ada a slide presentation in memory of one of the lecturers who passed away last year in an accident. He was one of our (mine and Hubby's) lecturer back then. Sedih sangat and some of the staffs especially who worked close with him sobbed during the presentation. Arwah actually prepared the slide presentation himself, maybe for some other presentations planned before he passed away and the faculty edited his presentation to be shown during that night. Macam tau-tau je.. Alfatihah to him..

Which brought us to the speech above. Chekonon I la yang bagi speech tu, sebab I won the main prize for the lucky draw that night! Punyala banyak dinner/functions yang I dah attended all through my life, tak pernah sekali pun my number was up during any of the lucky draws..hehe.. Actually told Hubby that during dinner and he said I was born unlucky..chet! Turned out that I was REALLY lucky that night, because my number was actually the second number called for the main prize because the first number called was a no-show! So there goes! My curse was broken! I AM INDEED LUCKY... kekekeke!

Kira berbaloi la bayar RM300 that night..hahahaha..


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Flu bugs..

I purposely didn't want to go to the clinic for my flu because I want nature to take its due course. I was quite confident that my immune system could make enough antibody to chomp all the bugs alive. It has been going on for about a week, and on Monday night, I just couln't bear it anymore. Starting from Sunday morning, the whole of my left face, from left head to left chin, ached and throbbed like hell! I tried to ignore it but it just got worse on Monday night that I had to go to a clinic at 11 pm Monday night.

I had to take a course of the nebulizer for the first time! Used to do it on baby Daniel during his first few months on earth. Halfway through the neb, my left hand started getting numb. And by the time I finished, both of my legs were also getting numb. Went back again to see the Doc as requested earlier, so I told him about the numbness. He seemed quite concern and asked me whether I was cold. Told him yes, and he asked me to lift both hands in front of me. Both of my hands shook and I was puzzled. Doc said it might be the side effects of the neb and it was not that serious because I was inhaling the medicine and not consuming it. Had I consumed it, the side effects might be worse! Anyway, he told me not to worry and not to think of anything bad. Just asked me to rest and drive safely home (lucky the clinic was very near to my house)

I took all the medications prescribed to me by the Doc as soon as I reached home, hoping that there would not be any other worse side effects. As soon as I put my head on the pillows and tried to close my eyes, I felt the world spinning! Wow! That was strong! Luckily I managed to fell asleep in the end, despite the spinning around action..hehe..

Could hardly wake up the next morning, and I was feeling dizzy the whole day. Alhamdulillah, the pain started to ease and I managed to do some chores related to business in the afternoon and even managed to help Hubby with the painting of the new house after that. I am feeling much better as I am typing this, and hopefully I will get better tomorrow. Should go to sleep now as it's 2 am already. Don't want to fell ill again!


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Danielku sayang..

This photo was taken during our trip down south recently. I had to attend a meeting, so his Ayah amused him with the slides at Mc D's

My baby is 17 months old already. Couldn't believe that time flies so fast! He's getting thinner now that he has started picking on food. And he burns more calories now because he walks non-stop as if to compensate for his immobility before! He can follow instructions now and can imitate people's actions. So, cannot show him what he is not supposed to see or else he will do it himself!

He will cry when anyone of us try to get out of the house without him. So, we need to bring him together and at least pusing seround in the car baru boleh tinggalkan dia without him screaming his lungs out. He will shout at you when he is angry (yet to find ways how to curb that). And most important of all, his constipation issue is now HISTORY!! Yay!!! Now everyday also can go..hehe..Alhamdulillah..


Tagged by Nina

Aiyah..Never good at answering tags. Anyway, here goes:

Complete the sentences:

1) A person is only as good as they seemed to be

2) Friendship is difficult to maintain

3) To love is to trust and honor

4) Money makes me want more money

5) I miss my childhood

6) My way of saying I care is through my actions

7) I try to spread love and happiness by showing I care

8) Pick the flowers when the owner gives permission

9) To love someone is to give the whole of your heart and soul

10) Beauty is on the eyes of the beholders

11) When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was being away from my family for the first time

12) When I was twenty one, what I remember the most was struggling to catch up in my final year of engineering degree when I have wasted the previous two years fooling around and not concentrating enough on studies

13) I am most happy when things go according to my plans

14) Nothing makes me happier than seeing my baby smiles at me

15) If I can change one thing, I will change my age

16) If smiles were gold, then I'll be smiling a lot and then pawn them for money

17) Wouldn't it be nice if I own a beemer

18) If you want to French me, I say, whaddaheck?

19) Money is not everything but you are nothing if you don't have money

20) The most touching moments I have experienced is to hold my baby for the first time

21) I smile when I thought about Daniel's antics

22) When I am happy I smile and laugh

23) If only I don't have to pay my debts

24) The best thing I did yesterday was nothing because I was too sick to do anything

25) If I ever write a book, I will give it this title: 1001 excuses married couples must have handy to save themselves from troubles

26) One thing I must do before I die is transfer all my money to my son and ask forgiveness from Allah, family and friends

27) Doing the meme, I feel like answering psychology questions during the writing exams for the post of Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik (PTD) last year


Gilmore Girls

Apart from GA, I am also nuts about GG. Never missed any episodes last time, but somehow along the time, I lost track because the station suddenly stopped airing them (or at least change the time slot which I was not aware of).

Anyway, thanks (again) to the world of torrent, I have downloaded the complete episodes of the final season (season 7) of GG. Yes, they have stopped the show since late May 2007. And I have just managed to find the time to see them all very recently.

I cried, and cried during the last 4 episodes of the final season. Sedihnya!! Especially the part when both of them have to be apart. Terbayang myself nanti bila Daniel dah besar, dah habis study kat university, pastu nak kerja millions of miles away from me, nak kahwin...Ah..Sedih sungguh! Tersentuh naluri keibuanku membayangkan that time which will come somehow or other..tsk..tsk..heheh..But, hope I am still around to witness all that, InsyaAllah no matter how sad I would be..

Now nak habiskan Desperate Housewives pulak! And tak sabarnya nak tunggu GA season 4..Heard that it will start airing somewhere next month..Yahoo!!


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ek elleh!! Entah apa-apa laaa!!!

I was at a bank yesterday for a counter service. When my number was up, I went to the counter and greeted by a nice lady, whom I assumed was the manager of the bank. Suddenly, an Indian guy came up to the lady and stated complaining:

Indian Man (IM): Excuse me. I would like to place a complaint here. I think your security guard is very rude!

Nice lady (NL): I am sorry?

IM: I was sitting there with my fiance. Then your security came and asked me to keep my hands to myself. Come on lah! She's my wife ok? I have been here for many, many years now and I had always conduct myself in a proper way. I think she's really rude.

NL: (Smiling) I am sorry, I am sorry..

When I left the counter, I saw the IM with his hands over the shoulders of his fiance/wife (yang mana satu ni dey?) with an arrogant look as if saying "Look! I am still doing it and don't you dare prohibit me or I will report you to your boss again"

My 2 cents worth:

Both parties are wrong in a way or two. First, the security lady might have sincere intention so that proper conducts are being practised in a common area. She might have witnessed something bad, thus she reprimanded the couple. It was Friday, anyway. Tapi, yang security ni pun satu gak..Dah tau mamat tu non-Muslim, abaikan je la..Maybe it's not wrong in their society to do such thing. Macam la kalau kita gi overseas and nampak couples kissing on the roadside..Takkan kita nak pergi marah orang tu pulakkan?

Yang mamat IM tu pulak, benda macam tu pun rude ke? Takkan sampai nak report ke manager kut? I thought she was rude because she didn't answer questions regarding the bank's services properly ke etc. Dah tau kat tempat orang, behave la sikit cik abang oi! Leave your groping actions at the privacy of your own area/home la..Dah kena tegur nak marah-marah pulak..Diam-diam sudah la...

I remember once me and Hubby was reprimanded by somebody working at one of the LRT stations. That time we were still engaged and we were sitting quite close to each other because of the limited seats. We realized that we might have gone a bit overboard in a public area, and we obliged, but we didn't go and marah back at him for his teguran. And, we certainly didn't even think of reporting him to his superior!

Ala..Leceh la lu mat!!!


I'm back (Part II)

Hubby got a job offer which may need him to be based overseas. The pay is good, the job security is better with all the deductions for retirement allocated. Alhamdulillah. But we still don't know where will he be based, and he need to report to work middle of next month. Kalau kena based overseas, entah-entah tak dapat balik raya kut? Tsk! I don't know. If it permits, I might want to follow, but it all depends on many factors. Guess we will have to wait until he knows where to be based only can we make the decision.

Meanwhile, I have started paiting my feature wall at the new house. It's blotchy here and there, and the paint may not be sufficient, but until I get to buy a new can of paint, it will remain blotchy as it is.. hehe.. I have purchased cloth for my curtains, too! And I plan to sew them all by myself. Caya tak?? hehe.. I pun tak caya sebenarnya, but we have to start somewhere, eh?

Baju raya for the whole family dah tempah but it will only be ready next month, Nasib baik sempat and tempahan belum ditutup. Kalau tak, beli baju siap la jawabnya. Speaking of which, cloth from my engagement and wedding hantaran from Hubby pun belum jadi baju lagi. Boleh?? hehe..



You guys have just got to bear with me. More entries coming as I had so much to tell!

Nins, the meeting with the Tan Sri went so well! We arrived at 9.30am as instructed, and found a group of people from other companies already waiting for the meeting as well! Turned out that they asked us to come at the same time, but we will be called in one company at a time. From what I heard, the meeting was scheduled with the company that has the biggest amount of $$$ project will be call in first and so on. My company was among the last few groups that were called up, so kira project kitorang ni kecik je la (and we were worried that they will slash our price because we thought that ours were already quite expensive! pheww!) I was the only lady among the group (which is actually quite normal from my past experiences). Managed to have small talks with some of them, and I was actually approached by a guy which I have never met but talked on the phone several times, but he heard somebody called my name, so he began like "Oh! So you are the famous D*ra. Everywhere I went, people kept mentioning your name!" I was like, "Err!!" hehe..

Alhamdulillah our proposals were accepted without any other competition, and we heard that the quantity of each products might be increased (and that means more $$$..yeehaa!!!). Alhamdulillah. And the Tan Sri was very kind, considering that my company is very new and unknown. He was supportive, and after some negotiation, our meeting ended. It took less than 30 minutes, but we waited for 2 hours!!

After the meeting, I rushed to another client's office. Also, very promising and quite a big project. I am thankful because my old clients have been very supportive and willing to open up opportunities for me although as I said earlier, we are very, very fresh. Alhamdulillah. But that means more hard work and sleepless nights lah!

Hoping that this deal can be closed really soon. Then, it will be our big break into the world of business, InsyaAllah..


I'm Back!

Wow! A complete whole month without blogging.. Life has been a bit topsy-turvy for the last couple of weeks. I had desperately need to b*tch about stuffs in this blog so that at least I could flush them out of my system. But, time and moodswings were the limitations..hehe..

Anyway, I am down with flu for about 3 days now. It has been terrible, with bloodied coughs sometimes, blocked nose and the feeling that my throat could be ripped off at any moment because of my terrible coughs. I couldn't smell anything and everything I ate or drink seemed tasteless. Must have been bitten by the bugs the day most of the Md Salam clan went to Tanjung Malim to visit Hubby's uncle who has been sick for quite some time. Hubby got it first, but somehow his was not as serious as mine. Baby showed some signs of catching it, too but Alhamdulillah so far he is still active and seemed not bothered by any sickness.

I have been wasting the whole of last two weeks leisuring around. I went to meetings when the clients called, and I was a bit slow at responding to enquiries by clients. But, Alhamdulillah most of them are settled already, and I am looking forward to a couple of potential projects next week.

Spent last Saturday with L*ng and *ty. Picked up L*ng first and together with the Vogue Mummy and Daughter, we went to M*nterez to have a dip at the pools. I brought baby along, and at first, he was very hesitant to go inside the pools, but after he got the hang of it, he refused to be brought out of the pools! And, showering him proved to be very difficult because he cried like nobody's business when I tried to clean him from the chlorinated pool water!

We then lepak at *ty's cozy house until about 9pm and then went back to L*ng's apartment. I had planned to stay overnight at hers, but last minute Hubby informed me about the Tanjung Malim trip the next day and asked me to return home that night. But since it was quite late already, told him that we will be back first thing the next morning, so we got to sleep over. Went to the Old Town Kopitiam there for dinner, and before I manage to finish my Hor Fun, Daniel fell of the bench and voila! The whole Kopitiam shook with his scream.

Baby refused to sleep despite being very tired and sleepy when we reached L*ng's. He kept walking in and out of the rooms to the hall, then to the kitchen and the route continued non-stop. It was about 2.30am already and we had dimmed all the lights, and he still refused to shut his eyes! When he finally fell asleep, I cleaned up our stuffs, and just as I was about to doze off, he woke up suddenly and started crying until L*ng was jarred from her sleep. Took a while to get him back to sleep. Guess no more sleepovers for the time being, at least not when I am alone with him! hehe..

To be continued