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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I wore Hubby's t-shirt yesterday. Upon seeing it, Daniel screamed, "Nani! NO! Ayah aju! Ayah aju! NO!" while tugging at the t-shirt. "Ala, Mummy pinjam je baju Ayah. Tak boleh ke? Boleh la yea? Pinjam jer.." He looked thoughtful for a second, and then nodded his head.

Phuh! Nasib baik. Baru je nak jiwang-jiwang sikit dah kene sound...hahaha!


Apehal la pulak?

So, I went to K4 Subang after picking up the stuffs that I reordered for my client (the ones which got stolen). After buying veges and stuffs at the ground floor, we checked out. Oh ya, before that, 2 men (I think they are of Middle East origins) asked me about the differences between the so many types of cooking oil available on the racks. They asked me what was the difference between the small bottle and the big bottle? Told them the differences are what they were made of, not because of the sizes of the bottles. There are sunflower oil, olive oil, palm oil yadda yadda. They can check about the nutritions on the labels. But, they seemed confused still. One of them took a bottle of sunflower oil and asked me whether it was ok. Whether it got bad smell or not. Told him that it was ok, so they walked away happily.. hehe...

So, after I checked out, I suddenly thought of buying Daniel a new aquarium and a couple of fishes. We went to the upper floor, and at the entrance, I asked the security personnel whether could we bring in all the paid goods from downstairs? Reluctantly, he took one of the plastic bags and wound it up with a tape. Then he asked me, "Akak nak masuk ni nak buat apa? Akak nak beli apa?" I was quite taken aback. So, just replied, "Ada la nak beli barang sikit." He asked again, "Akak nak beli apa? Nak jalan-jalan saja-saja ke?" Eh, macam tak puas bagi masuk pulak mamat ni. Apehal plak? Sukati aku ler nak masuk tu nak beli ke nak jalan-jalan je ker..Dah itu kerja ko, buat je la.. Banyak lak tanya.. Thank God I couldn't think of anything sarcastic to shoot back at him. Kalau tak saje je la...



'Client is always right' is not always right. How can they be right when they showed no consideration when I told them that their ordered good was stolen from me before I could deliver them and they blamed me for late in delivering them their ordered goods?

Do you think I PURPOSELY asked the effing thief to steal the goods? Huh? Don't you even think about my losses? That I need to fork out another RM1K to purchase the same goods for you! I know my responsibilities. I have placed the same order again as soon as possible and directed them to deliver as fast as they could. I am doing my part. Can't you even be a little more considerate?

Where are your brain and your heart? And to top it all, we were friends!

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Lagi satu...

Your Birthdate: January 18

You are a cohesive force - able to bring many people together for a common cause.

You tend to excel in work situations, but you also facilitate a lot of social gatherings too.

Beyond being a good leader, you are good at inspiring others.

You also keep your powerful emotions in check - you know when to emote and when to repress.

Your strength: Emotional maturity beyond your years

Your weakness: Wearing yourself down with too many responsibilities

Your power color: Crimson red

Your power symbol: Snowflake

Your power month: September

By this time, you might think that I have nothing better to do, ay? Actually I do..hehe.. I have tonnes of paperwork to do. Just nice to take my mind elsewhere some times....


Seronok pulak main benda ni time tengah takde mood...hehe...thanks Nin!

What Your Height Says About You

You are a confident, ambitious, and active person.

You are also very radiant. You have a sunny personality.

You are quite successful. You are a smart worker - not a hard worker.

At times, you can be vain and cocky. You have a lot to be proud of.

You are about as tall as the average French woman. (Ni yang tak tahan ni...hihi)


'Cilok'ed from Nina's blog (by the way I'm so jelous with her...nak ikuutttt!!!! huhu)

What Your Bathroom Habits Say About You

You are a very considerate person, but that doesn't mean you let people walk all over you.

You spend a lot on clothes, and you tend to be a very stylish dresser. However, it's hard for you to throw away trendy clothes when they go out of style.

You have the perfect blend of confidence and class. You're proud of who you are - but you don't broadcast it.

In relationships, you tend to be very romantic and demanding. You'll treat your partner like gold, but you expect a lot in return.


Monday, November 10, 2008

A visit to PH Police Station

Yeah! I did that yesterday. Some evil hearted dungus had broken into my dad's car which was parked in front of my gate and stole a few things, including a carton of patch cords and connectors that I ordered from Singapore and supposed to be delivered today to a client. Lucky that they didn't take the bigger carton because if they had, I would need to fork out another RM6K to buy the stuffs again. I do not know what they want to do with the patch cords and connectors. Maybe they can sell them to my client? Huh? You ba@t%*rd!

So, a detective and photographer came by not long after the report was lodged. My dad lost a briefcase containing his car's grant, a few shares certificates, cheque books and other documents. Mum lost about RM300. The car was in such a mess. It is uncommon for crimes to take place here where I live. What with the police station less than 1 metre away and also security company's guards patrolling the area. We'd suspect those patrolling might have something to do with this, but this is mere suspicion. After all, they are the ones who patrol and if they really DO patrol, they would have seen something amiss, right?

What to do? It's our share. Just hope that nothing of similar event would ever happen again in the future. Amiin...


My Raya Open House 2008

Some photos from my open house 2008, held on Deepavali holiday. More on my FB. I hosted a session of open house for my cousins just the day before. So this year, I actually hosted a 2-day, 2-night feast! Sakan betul! hehe... Not to mention a cooking and makan session before that when my Hubby was still at home for a few friends and families a week before that. Am I a kitchen goddess or what? hahahahaha!

Thanks to all who made it. On the open house day itself, my Mum was the great life saver because she actually had to recook the curry mee three times because it was such a hit amongst guests. Last2 sampai santan pun dah habis, so we had to resort to beehoon soup! haha..

Walaubagaimanapun, ada juga senarai jemputan yang telah melukakan hati saya dengan gagal hadir tanpa sebarang sebab mahu pun khabar atau ucapan maaf. Sangat mendukacitakan ok? Terutamanya yang sangat rapat dengan saya sewaktu di universiti dan di sekolah menengah dahulu, yang telah berjanji untuk datang, dan gagal hadir lalu gagal memberi sebarang alasan yang logik dan boleh diterima pakai. Dan juga mereka yang telah diundang tetapi sangat malas untuk membalas SMS dengan sebarang jawapan sama ada akan datang atau tidak (tidak mempunya rasa courtesy langsung..hihi..courtesy cakap Melayu apa ek?) dan tidak menghargai jemputan. Saya telah mengenalpasti anda semua dan nama-nama anda akan digugurkan daripada senarai jemputan untuk acara-acara kelolaan saya di masa-masa akan datang.

I mean, is it too difficult to reply to an invitation? As a courtesy to the host/hostess so that they can budget how much food to prepare? And don't tell me that you do not know what plans you will have on the day, especially if you are going to 'balik kampung'. You don't plan your balik kampung (especially the long distance ones), is it? Why must you wait until the event is over only you'd send the apology sms saying that you balik kampung?

For me, when friends invite me to a certain event, it means that they still remember me. And as a gesture of gratitude for their thoughts, I would try my best to fulfill the invitation. Especially if it's a mean of meeting old friends whom I have never met or heard about in such a long time! What is petrol or toll prices or even distance compared to once in a while meetings? It is not that you do this every single day of your life, kan?

But then again, it's just me. I just don't throw away old friends just as I get new ones..And I also do not ditch my friends when I have already got a family of my own..

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

I am missing this guy...


Monday, November 03, 2008

So, my baby has grown so big already?

This is where our beloved son is going to school insyaAllah in January 2009:


Fees are as follows:

First Quarter: RM1,050 (less RM100 if we register now). To be paid during registration

2nd Quarter: RM950 (Fixed for material and 3 months fees of RM300 per month). To be paid by March 1st, 2009

3rd Quarter: RM950 (Fixed for material and 3 months fees of RM300 per month). To be paid by May 1st, 2009

4th Quarter: RM950 (Fixed for material and 3 months fees of RM300 per month). To be paid by August 1st, 2009

Uniform: 2 pasang (RM50 sepasang).

1 pasang baju PE (RM20 sepasang)

Total: RM120 to be paid during registration

So Ayah and Mummy are going to work very, very hard so that we would be able to pay for your school fees..huhu...

About Montessori Teaching Method:


Curriculum of the IIUM Montessori (K1- age group 3-4 years old):

Introduction to reading by phonics

Language: Bahasa Melayu, English (medium of teaching) and Arabic

Exercises of Practical Life (e.g how to pour nuts, rice, water from one beaker to another, how to divide them into 2 containers and so on, how to carry chair correctly, how to handle pencils, how to write, how to trace shapes blabla… ) I also requested the teacher to toilet-train our beloved son..hehe..

Sensorial Exercises



Pendidikan Islam




Ibadah (they will bring the children to the nearby Surau for Zuhur prayers to teach them how to pray and to behave in mosques/surau)

Doa recital/hafazan

Arts and Craft

Iqra / Al-Furqan

Music and Movement

Outside playground (but no swimming or wading pool)

Class time is everyday from Monday to Friday beginning at 8.30am till 3.30pm. School terms follow government school’s terms. Insurance included in the fees.

Basically 8.30am breakfast, then do’a hafazan and recital, class and activities. Then snack at about 10am. Lunch at 12 noon. Then another session of activity or prayers teaching. 2-3 pm: Nap time

I think it’s good. But I, like Izy, am also concerned of the long class hours. Takut Daniel boring when it's time to go to real school later sebab dari kecik asyik pergi sekolah aje..Any other thoughts from other parents?

But when I asked him, Daniel go to school? He said NO, NO, NO….

Our son is growing up so fast! Pretty soon he will be my protector, just as what his name means, InsyaAllah...


I am missing us...

*This year's Raya clothing theme color was chosen by my dearest Hubby


Tagged by Nina

Since I am in her blogroll, here's the 7 facts of me:

1) I love shopping (who doesn't, eh?) I am also an impulse buyer. I don't really mark my calender for sales dates, because usually I would splurge just after the sales ended. However, this does not imply that I have a lot of loots to spend..haha!

2) I don't like mismatched things. For example, I hate it when anybody else in the family match my son's milk bottles with different tops from other milk bottles (although they fit perfectly). I also get upset when the bottle cover went missing. I mean, REAL upset..

3) I used to weigh 55kg at 164cm. However, while being pregnant with my son, Daniel, my weight increased unbelievably to 80kg. And now, after two years and eight months of delivering my beloved son, I weighed 70kg. Why oh why did I only lost 10kg? *sigh*

4) I think many women driver drive like #*%@. They just don't care about other drivers! They don't give way even when you signal and is close to hit a pole or something. They just turn into your lane from a junction, hoping that you would stop and give way, just because they are women. They drive slowly on the fast lane..and the list goes on and on. Although I am a lady driver, I am confident to say that I don't do these hateful things...hehe..

5) I am very friendly. I love to observe people. But I don't understand why some people are afraid to make friends with me. Maybe because my face somewhat looks fierce. I am also very trustworthy. Ask my close friends...hehe...

6) I carry many things in my handbag. Purse, card wallet, digital camera, notepad, facial cleanser, two-way powder, pens, business card holder. When Daniel was little, I also used to carry his nappies and milk bottle inside my handbag. My mum always said that my handbag weighs like 'batu'

7) I usually carry grudge. It can be for many, many long years. But, it only takes a simple 'sorry' for me to forgive people. I am very easy to forgive, but I never forget. Watch out! hehe....

And now I tag Nisa and Fiteri...