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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Danielku sayang..

My baby is growing so fast! Daniel now throws his tantrums everytime we send him to the babysitter's house. Tak sampai hati betul tengok dia menangis beria-ia everytime we sent him there. So, now with both of us at home most of the time, kadang-kadang tu we all tak hantar dia over there and kalau hantar pun lewat from usual than when I used to work in the previous company. Babysitter pulak sekarang ni aktif direct selling. Manjang takde kat rumah. Geram pun ada jugak sebab ada times yang we really need to send Daniel over, dia takde. Ada once tu, I had a meeting with a supplier in KL but she needed to go out beli stok, I had to bring baby together. Nasib baik I had dragged Ayah earlier to drive me there. So both of them played in the car while I had that meeting. Hampeh betul la..

Daniel is also becoming very manja especially to his Ayah. Maklumlah sebelum ni Ayah asyik takde kat rumah je..Sekarang balas dendam la..hehe... He now likes to sleep on his Ayah's tummy, below Ayah's armpit (chet!) or put his head on Ayah's hand to sleep. When he wakes up in the morning, he would snuggle close to me or his Ayah. Sometimes he even put his head on my palm to sleep. Janji ada contact. So sweet and cute..

Daniel tak boleh tengok orang bentang sejadah. Mesti dia nak 'sujud' aka menonggeng atau meniarap atas sejadah..Sabar je la... If kita tengah solat, he would sit in front of us looking up tengok kita..

Another one of his favorite item apart from the handphone is TV remote. His favorite pastime is to switch off the TV when everybody is watching. Orang switch on balik, dia switch off again..Alahai...

He knows how to dance to music now..Ada gaya hip hop, gaya funky, gaya 'gitu-gitu', monkey dance...macam-macamlah..He loves TV commercial so much tak payah la nak panggil dia time iklan..Sure tak layan punya. Ada je antics dia nak ceriakan hidup everyone around him. That is why he is so loved dearly! Mmuuahh! Cayang Daniel!


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Selamat Pengantin Baru!!

Time cuti sekolah ni, biasalah ramai yang naik pelamin.. We went to 3 weddings already this time around.

So Selamat Pengantin Baru to Fiza (Hubby's cousin), Dr Rahul and Mala. Semoga berbahagia ke akhir hayat..Selamat menempuh alam perkahwinan yang penuh pancaroba!!hehehe...

We have another 2 wedding invitations. 1 in Terengganu (Hubby's cousin also) and another one in Cheras. Hubby's bestman is getting married (finally) hehe..Selamat Pengantin Baru Amir!!

Here are some photos taken during the weddings:


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Welcome Baby Nur Dhiya Irdina!!

My kid sister delivered her baby girl at about 9.30am today. She came 3 weeks early. Initially her gynae suggested inducing last Thursday because she said the baby was quite big. If they wait for the due date, the baby might be huge (like Daniel ok?). But when she came to the hospital last Thursday, the gynae said there was not enough room, so she was asked to come back on Saturday. Coming back from the hospital, she bled a little. So that night, she went back to the hospital but the Dr said it was not time yet. So, she came back. The nurse said she should come back if she bleed together with water. I don't know whether it was fate, or whether it was psychology, but on Friday, she said got water leaking already. We called our family doctor for advice and she was told to go to the hospital immediately. So, my parents together with nenek and her hubby went to the hospital. Upon arrival, the nurse checked her dilation, but while doing so, her waterbag broke. Co-incindence ke psychology wa tatau! hehe.. Anyway, we started our journey back to Melaka for hubby's cousin's wedding that night after we visited her at DEMC. So, I didn't get to be there when the baby was delivered. It was quite a long wait until she had to be induced (1/2 bottle) only the dilation went to 8cm.

She looked exactly like her Ayah. Macam pakai mould yang sama..keke..Baby girl la pulak kan..Kenala ikut muka Ayah baru sejuk. Born at 3.2kg, she seemed so small! I didn't remember Daniel that small (yelah sebab dia lahir pun dah 4kg). Baju newborn semua macam jubah je..So pakai baju takyah pakai seluar. Seronok sebab Daniel dah ada kawan nak main (ke kawan nak buli?) He was quite jealous when I held Baby Dhiya. Rushed to us and tried to pat baby tapi punyala kuat sebab tak tau nak control..hehe..He kissed her softly on the head when asked to. Everybody was scared that he might hurt the baby at anytime. But I could feel that he just wanted to 'sayang' the baby. The looked so cute together!

So I got another baby to dress up and pamper..Yay!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

A day at the seaside

I had a tough time completing the proposals for my new project that it was a huge relief that I managed to submit everything on time. Hopefully all goes well and adalah rezeki kami. It was high time for me to relax, so I kinda forced Hubby to go for a picnic at the beach. Since it was an unplanned picnic, we just went to Morib because it is the nearest beach to us.

We all had a great time there although when we arrived, the sea was on low-tide. So lepak-lepak je la kat tepi pantai. Daniel punya la geli bila we all nak letak dia atas beach sand. Nak main air and pasir tapi expect we carry him while he did so. Tapi when finally dah dapat letak dia dalam lopak, happy la pulak! But it rained halfway throughout the day, so Ayah packed us up to go back. Quarter way through our way home, the rain stopped, so we decided to turn back..heheh...

Not long after that, it was high tide already. Baru la besh mandi manda...Here are a few photos which we took during the picnic:

Did you see the small crab? I bet you have seen them during low-tide kan? I had seen them before, but somehow during this picnic, seeing them in big groups heading up to the beach gave me goosebumps. Geli geleman tengok hundreds of them like an army ready for war...eeeee...geli!!!

We had a great day at the beach walaupun kat Morib je..OK la tu daripada takde.. Hubby bukannya jenis yang suka sangat nak cuti-cuti Malaysia ni.. On the way back we stopped a a restaurant to eat before heading home. Halfway, we switched place because Hubby was sleepy. Daniel awal-awal lagi dah dozed off. Dua-dua keletihan la tu main air.. Sampai rumah pun they all terus tidur tak sedar diri dah..Wish we could do this more often, InsyaAllah..


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My problems with things on TV..

There are a few things that I really can't tolerate being aired on TV..Here's some of the things:

1) Iklan L*sind*h Cafe...Hadui! Meluat giler!! Sudah-sudah la tu...

2) Cerita 'S*mb*lu K*sih.. Apesal dalam Malaysia ni semua perempuan nak goda si Fendi? Takde lelaki lain dah ker? Patu apesal plot asyik ulang-ulang je? Mula-mula adik gaduh dengan hubby...Tu makan puluh-puluh episod tu..Pastu bila adik dah baik dengan hubby, abang pulak gaduh dgn wife..Pun makan bulan punya episod gak...Hadui!!

3) Apesal tajuk cerita ke, drama Melayu kat TV sekarang ni mengarut-ngarut belaka?

4) Apesal segala macam cerita hantu dok dominate the TV and cinemas sekarang? Nak suruh orang jadi hantu ke?

Tapi yang I paling BENGANG tahap maximum exposure + fear factor is:


Bengang! Bengang! Bengang!!!!


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Grey's Anatomy update

For all GA's die-hard fans (esp Lela), the 3rd season of the series has just ended last Thursday... And I tell you, it was not good! Tak besh punya ending!! Frustrating! Semua tak berjalan lancar..Well, can't wait for season 4, which is scheduled to start in Fall 2007, around August/September..Aiyoh! Lambatnye lagi! Tak sabar nak tengok sambungan ni! And I hope Private Practice is as good.. Sementara tunggu season 4 ni bolehla layan PP ni dulu...heheh!

Towards the finale, Derek dah tak berapa hensem lagi la... Serabut semacam! Tu la antara yang tak best nya..hehe..Taknak citer lebih2 nanti spoil pulak those yang tak tengok lagi...Tapi, kesimpulannya, SAD ending for everybody...huwaaa!!!

p/s: Christina Yang's act in the finale is super superb!!!


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Update on Muhammad Daniel Hafiz

At 14 months plus, Daniel:

- Has 9 teeths (4 depan atas, 3 depan bawah, 1 geraham bawah kanan and satu taring atas kiri)
-Weigh 10+ kgs
-Babbles non-stop
-A late sleeper
-Demands for a stroll, a ride on motorbike with Atuk, a round drive in the car or just be outside the house every petang..Normally Atuk is the one who fulfills these demands
-Drinks less milk, but loves coffee and 100plus
-Has sensitive skin
-Communication with him is better now that he can point at what he wants. And he would nod or shake his head in response to what people are asking. If he wants to get things that are beyond his reach, he would take peoples' hands, and directs the hand to where the things are (tangan orang jadi pancing dia pulak!)
-Raise both his hands to his head and then claps his hands when people say "Allahuakbar!" And when a sejadah is available, he would 'menonggeng' on it
-Knows how to "Amin"
-Has yet to master the art of shaking hands
-Waves goodbye and gives flying kiss
-Can show his teeth when asked
-Constipation is still a major problem
-Has a thing for the fridge, remote, handphones and computers
-Beginning to shy around new people for the few initial minutes
-Stands quite firmly on his own
-Took his first few steps on the day he turned 14 months, but still unable to walk unaided yet
-When a tasbih is placed on his hand, his finger would work around the beads as if berzikir...Achekonon je sebab the tasbih never moves as it is supposed to be pun..Gaya je lebih..hihi..

So much development, so much joy.. I'll leave you with some of his recent photos:

With his blue hippo

Potty training for the first time

With his favourite jeep

He can climb up and down Atuk's lazy chair by himself to lepak and watch the TV

During recent outing, tengah lepak minum frappuchino @ St*rb*cks

See the hand?

Pose manja

@ Klinik Ad*k while waiting for his 1 yr old jab

He loves PCs!


Friday, May 04, 2007

Sape follow AF5?

I am...Not because it is such a superb program not to be missed, but I followed it just for the sake of watching a singing competition.. Not that this year's AF is outstanding in that field, either.. Took them very long to be polished.. The first few concerts were horrible, and I just saw a positive turn on the 6th concert..I personally like Syawal's voice...Manly gitu..hahah... My first few week's thinkingg were: Why are the girls so mengenyam (bak kata Cikgu Kalsom from my fifth year in primary school) aka gedik or ngada-ngada...Was that their way to attract attention or what? If it was, they had failed miserably la...Buat orang meluat lagi ada la..

I followed AF1 to AF5.. But I never voted..Buang duit jer... Lemme list down my favorites for each season:

AF1 : Shaari and Rosma
AF2 : Zahid
AF3 : Bob, Amelia and Idayu
AF4 : Faizal and Farhan
AF5 : Shawal, Aizat and Mila

Yes, Mawi is not on my list because I hate hypocrites..hahah! Mesti die-hard Mawi fans marah with my statement... Maklumlah, dia kan tak boleh kena kutuk? Mesti ada je yang nak mempertahankan dia..Boo hoo!

I hope they AFMASUK Aizat because he is talented and he could really deliver his songs..And please lah..I hope Dafi won't enter the finals, but i think that is not possible since his votes are high...Hmm..We all know life is not fair, huh?

Anyway, I really didn't like Mila at first..Because she was so gedik la.. I didn't realize about her powerful voice initially because I was so blinded by her gedikness.. So, aspiring singers/actors/actresses, please hide your gedikness or loratness if you want to go far..heheh..

Which reminds me of AI07.. I think the 'Idol gives back' show was awesome...Sedih yo, sampai termenitik gak la air mata tengok budak-budak yang tak berdosa tu... And also the mummies yang died because of AIDS..Tapi, while watching it, my bad thinking asyik la terfikir yang those popular artistes yang dok hug and kiss them tu tengah berpura-pura je.. Just for show bak kata omputeh....haha...My bad, tapi who knows that it was the actual truth kan?

Hmm...Can't wait to see tonight's AF...Lagu-lagu semua best so I really hope they don't screw up.. But, what's with 'Joget Lambak' as the bonus song? Euww!!