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Friday, September 28, 2007

GA Season 4 Episode 1

Yiehaaa! The season has started according to schedule, and I am now waiting for the downloaded episode to be completed...Eii...Tak sabarnya!!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hidup atau mati

I came across this article in a newspaper early one Ramadhan morning right after sahur, and ended up tergelak sorang-sorang pepagi buta..hehe...


Ada 2 perkara yang mungkin kita fahami apabila membaca iklan ini. Pertama, adakah kita masih tidak mahu membeli komputer tersebut setelah diancam sedemikian rupa? Kedua, adakah penjual komputer tersebut menjual komputer lusuh, komputer yang hidup atau mati?

Memang komputer merupakan keperluan hari ini lebih-lebih lagi dengan sistem pendidikan masa kini yang banyak menggunakan alat teknologi seperti komputer. Namun, janganlah disebabkan terlalu ghairah untuk melariskan produk mereka, penjual sanggup menggunakan bahasa yang sedemikian rupa sehingga boleh dikatakan agak keterlaluan. Seronokkah kita apabila membaca iklan berbentuk ugutan seperti ini? Apakah pincang atau terjejas kehidupan kita jika tidak membeli komputer itu?

Selain berbentuk ancaman, perkataan "hidup atau mati" hanyalah digunakan untuk benda bernyawa atau bernafas dan bukan untuk komputer, sejenis alat elektronik. Mungkin juga bahasa iklan tersebut bermaksud penjual menjual komputer terpakai, sama ada yang "hidup" (boleh digunakan) atau yang "mati" (sudah rosak).


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What is wrong with you people?

There had been a lot of tragedies happening in the country for the past few weeks. Major ones includes the bus accidents, child kidnapping, child murdered, child abused and many more. I am sure we are all well aware of these incidents and most of us share the same sentiments towards them.

Bus accidents with many people killed sure brought bad memories to me. I had a bad experience also while taking a bus down south a few month's back which has been blogged here.

And, everybody knows about the sadistic things that happened to that dear Arwah Nurin.. May Allah repay that satan in a human body here on Earth and in the Afterlife for his cruel deed. I am not going to write in length about Nurin, but I choose to elaborate more on the child that was rescued from a cage and also a retarded teenaager whom parents never visited him at a children shelter that he was placed in since 2001.

As a parent myself, no doubt that at times, my patient is tested by my baby's antics, but that is not an excuse for me to do despicable or inhuman acts! According to the tabloids, the mother of the child whom was rescued from a cage said that she did that as a punishment because her child signed her own school report card instead of showing it to her for signature. Hah? Is that the best course of action that you could think of?

I am more disgusted with the story of a mother who claimed that she didn't know where her son was placed since 2005 after she moved out from her old house where she committed the crime of locking his retarded son for about 3 years in a chicken's pen (1.3m x 1.3m in size), in 2001. The boy was 6 when he was rescued and was then placed in a children shelter. His mother served 15 days jail terms for that offence. She moved from Kuala Terengganu to Dungun (both districts are in Terengganu, if you must ask)after she was released and didn't know (or didn't care) about his son's whereabout. She sure did not search for his son! Gave the excuse that they are poor and she needs to help her labourer husband thus no time and money to search for him. According to her also, she didn't get the letters that the center where he son is staying sent her because she had moved to another house in another district and because they are poor, the last time she went to KT (where the centre is) was 10 years ago!

Asked by reporter whether she recognized her son from the caption photo in the newspaper, she said "Mestilah kenal. Eh! Dah besar dia!" What the h*ck! It is so obvious that she do not want that child because he is "abnormal" What more that the boy is now half blind because of an incident with a friend recently.

The report in the newspaper never stated that she wishes to see her son, but did record that the center will try to arrange a meeting for both mother and son. After 6 years without acknowledging his son's existence, I think she just said that she loves him because she is ashamed of the newspaper report about his son a few days back begging his mother to fetch him from the center for Hari Raya celebration.

I don't know. Reading about the matter made me disgusted with that particular mother. All the reasons for not searching for her son or acknowledging his existence were so lame and had she really repented from her offense of child abuse earlier, finding her son should be easy. It's too obvious that she is 'relieved' that her son is taken care by somebody else, so she does not hold responsibilities any more. SICK WOMAN!!!



If everything goes as planned, ABC is scheduled to air the first episode of Grey's Anatomy season 4 tomorrow, Sept 27, 2007. Can't hardly wait! Excitednya nak follow the new season!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Baby Daniel is ill

He's down with fever, flu and cough.. Today is the second day already. He has been refusing food and only took sips of his milk when he was really hungry. I am worried because his ribs are getting more visible each day although his tummy is a still bulging. Had thought of bringing him to see his paed for consultation and also his 18th month's immunization, but since he's having the virus, any jab would be a waste of money.

I hope he gets better soon because it pains me to see him not active, always whining and crying for no apparent reasons. And from the looks of it, Hubby's been caught with the flu, too!


Mintak mahap, Encik!!!

I went to ***, a government research body to deliver the items that they have ordered. My small car was filled to the brim with all the items in big carton boxes. Nasib baik muat. Dah lah bulan puasa..Letih betul loading barang-barang ke dalam kereta.

When I reached there, I called the user and he instructed me to park my car at a spot near to his building so that he could help me unload the stuffs and bring them up to his office. I then followed him up, innocently thinking that I did not do anything wrong.

The acceptance procedure took longer than I expected (banyak sangat procedures) and by the time I got back into my car, it was almost 5pm. Suddenly, I saw a paper stashed under my wiper that read "Pemilik kereta ini sila berjumpa pengawal di blok XX"

What the heck? I went down to the main security post to get out, secretly hoping nobody recalled putting the notice there. There were 3 security officer's there, and two of them asked me to open up the boot of my car. I obliged, and after checking, there found nothing amiss. The officer who was holding my IC asked me nicely "Cik, tadi ada tak dapat notis apa-apa kat kereta ni?" I said, "Ah! Ada..Dia suruh saya pergi blok **. Ni blok ** kan?" The officer replied, a puzzled look on his face, "Tu lah, saya pun tak tau apa masalahnya, tapi Cik tunggu la kejap ye.. Nanti security yang tulis notis ni datang. Ada buat apa-apa salah ke tadi?" "Entahlah, saya rasa mungkin sebab parking kut? Sebab tadi hantar barang officer tu suruh letak kereta kat situ. Saya tak tau lah, mungkin tak boleh parking kat situ tapi officer tadi tak cakap apa-apa pulak," I told the nice guard. He then replied, "Alah! MAsalah kecik je pun nak bagi notis...Sabar je la Cik ya?"

A short while later, the officer who wrote the notice reached my car. He immediately berated me for parking in a spot which disturb the flow of traffic bla..bla..That because someone complained, he got no choice but to put the notice. And started to tell me that I was lucky that his boss was not around..If not matters would get worse. I explained my situation (that was not the first time I went there, but it was the first time that I delivered goods and parked at that spot without knowing that it was used by vehiles to pass by- spot bawah building ok? And there were many motorbikes parked at both sides of the building walls) but he chose to continue blabbering. I just listened, apologized and promise not to do it again. "Lain kali kalau datang tempat orang, kenalah pandai-pandai parking kereta jangan menyusahkan orang bla..bla..bla.." Dalam hati I kata, "Nasib baik puasa..Dah lah letih angkat barang..Tak pasal-pasal kena hempuk pulak ni kang?" Yelah, I mengaku salah..Walaupun I tak tau I salah tempat parking...Kalau tau, takkan nak buat kan?

Tapi security kat *** ni memang kerek sikit. I remember last time, I used to 'kena bahasa' when I tried to get the visitor pass using my driving license. I normally use my driving license to trade for passes to anywhere that I must go in to meet client, but that particular time at ***, a certain security officer said "Bagi IC. Lesen tak laku. Tempat lain nak benarkan guna lesen tu diorang punya pasal. Tapi kat sini kena guna IC untuk dapatkan pass" Woops! OK..

Takpelah (berbaik sangka). They are just doing their job. Tempat tu under their control, kan? So have to follow their way lah..Sekali-sekala dapat tunjuk kuasa..Bukannya selalu kan? So, kita ikut kan je laaaa...


Monday, September 24, 2007

Daniel's new photos

Amacam? Ada gaya Beckham tak?

Pokcu's remarks when he first say Baby in this jersey was: "Ooo! Rival!" He's a Liverpool's ardent fan, just like me.. Liverpool's jersey at that particular shop didn't have Baby's size, hence the MU jersey!

This is how Ayah and Baby killed the time when I was in a meeting with a lecturer in UTM during our last visit there recently. J*sco Taman U, JB

Apparently this is the new posing style for Baby everytime Ayah wanted to take his photos


Thursday, September 13, 2007


Ramadhan is here again and alhamdulillah Allah panjangkan umur kita untuk berpeluang lagi beribadat di dalam bulan yang mulia ni..

Things have been in turmoil for the past few weeks, and alhamdulillah this Ramadhan and its barakah has managed to calm things down. No doubts that the future is still unknown and there are bound to be hurdles and trials along the way. But I subject everything back to His Almighty because He knows what's best. As of now, things are back to normal (if not better) and sure hope this will last as long as it can.

Business has been great will orders coming in. Great in a way that we are spreading our wings and getting the support we so badly needed. But in another way, these brought their own challenges, as we are now short of funds to make the projects roll. I am slowing down my pace and keeping it low now, until at least some clients pay us their debts, so that we can use that fund to fund other projects. The thing is, I am slowing down, but I kept getting new enquiries and potential projects that kept me on my heels by word of mouth from former clients to new clients. Alhamdulillah for that and I sure hope that we can get our money soon to keep the company growing. And without realizing it, our company is already 1 year old! How time flies!!


Monday, September 10, 2007

Jom Jalan-Jalan!

Ewwah! Macam best je bunyi.. Actually I had something to deliver to a client in Perlis, so I decided to take Abah, Mak and Daniel along for the trip. Actually, I could just courier the stuff there, but I decided to go as a courtesy visit. Furthermore, I have never met the User, and I got the order pun secara tak sengaja sebab recommendation from manufacturer. Alhamdulillah lah..So kenalah tunjuk muka sikit and hope next time ada la lagi order from them.

Since Ramadhan will start in another 3 days, we started our journey Monday the 10th. It was such a loooooong journey..Jauhnya dari Klang nak ke Perlis. Penat lah.. We reached there at about 3.30pm, but the lecturer asked me to drop by the next day because the lab which I was supposed to install the software was not completely ready yet.

So, we went to find a hotel, checked in and rest for a while before going out again, in the hope of shopping in Padang Besar. We arrived there quite late, and since we hadn't had our lucnh yet (dah pukul 6pm dah ni), we ordered food from a stall there. Makan tomyam dengan nasi goreng..Oklah kira untuk dinner sekali. Punya lah slow and steady masak, sampai by the time we finished eating, kedai-kedai kat situ semua nak tutup dah. Sabar je la.. Daniel pulak fell from the bench that he stood on, tergolek ke lantai and meraung sekuat-kuat hati. Macam-macam hal!!

On the way back to hotel, we stopped by Gern's house. Lama gila tak jumpa minah ni sejak dia pindak duduk Perlis ni (kampung Hubby dia). The last time I saw her was during my 'Cuti-Cuti Malaysia" trip to North dengan Nisa, my sister, my brother and my sister's friend back in 2004. She has got 3 askar dah, semua lasak-lasak belaka. The youngest one was born a few weeks later than Daniel in 2006. We stopped for a while only as it was already dusk.

Then, malam tu my cousin brother came with a tapau'ed sate..Nyum, nyum.. We had a long talk, and at about midnight, he left and we all pengsan kepenatan..hehe..

The next day, we checked out from the hotel before having breakfast in Kangar Town.. Delicious food and kind restaurant owner. Then, I proceeded to do the installation of the software while Abah, Mak and Daniel waited outside of the University. Took me around 2 hours to finish the installation. The people there were nice and we borak-borak as if dah kenal lama..Padahal baru first time jumpa.

After Zuhur prayer and lunch of nasi ayam (with beras tanam sendiri- bau dia lain from the ones that we are used to consume), we headed back to Padang Besar for our real shopping time. Nasib baik la kereta kecik, kalau tak, we would have bought more! We shot back for KL at about 7pm. I had suggested to Abah that we spend another night in Perlis, Kedah or Penang, but Abah wanted to go straight home. We reached home at about 2am and pengsan again...


Sunday, September 09, 2007


Hubby and I came back one night after doing some retouching work at our house in P*tra H*ights, and were shocked to find that Baby's hair were all gone! Punya lah tergezut! Rupanya Atuk brought him for a shave at a barber near our house that afternoon.

While he still looks adorable when bald, I still prefer his long straight hair. Berangan nak simpankan rambut dia panjang2 sikit, tapi Baby selalu kena rashes because of his long hair...Apo nak buek..hehe.. Hopefully by Raya, his hair would be of the original length..