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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The day that I put my foot down...

I tendered in my resignation today.. I am really pissed off.. There goes my plan to leave in a good way... Now I am leaving with hatred..

Let them think whatever they want to think..I am prepared to leave, anyway..It's just that I thought of doing so after the Korea trip... But now, I guess Korea trip will go down the drain..Not that I am sad, though.. I never wanted to go in the first place, but they pushed me to join...I guess they just have to bear my travel charges without me actually going la...Your lost, not mine!!

I see it in a positive way.. As of next Saturday, InsyaAllah, I will be my own boss... Susah, senang, rajin, malas semua atas diri sendiri... Untung, rugi, penat, lelah hak sendiri..It came sooner than I expected, but I think the sooner the better.. It's hard to juggle work for 2 organizations anyway.. Had many, many sleepless nights doing up proposals for my own company because I couldn't do it during daytime and also at home until baby Daniel sleeps.

So people, wish me luck and please help to pray for my new 'baby's' success.. Amiin...And, my previous company, beware! Your clients might be stolen soon!!

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Selamat Pengantin Baru!

I attended my bestfriend from high scool's wedding just now. The funny thing is, although we were the best of friends back in high school, we lost contact as soon as we parted ways after SPM in 1995. How that happened is beyond me.. We were actually inseparable during high school! We were dormmates cum bedmates for the 4 years there and tablemates at the dining hall during the fifth year. Everybody knows that we were best buddies, so it came out as a surprise for my other friends that I had actually lost touch and never saw her again after 1995. That is a good 12 years now, man!!

Anyway, she invited me to her wedding, and boy, she didn't even changed a bit! Teringat pulak zaman dedolu...hihi... And, if I'm not mistaken, she married her long-time beau from primary school!! Punya la long lasting diorang punya relationship...Pray to Allah that it will continue to last till the end of time...Amiiin..

Her wedding dress was so beautiful! And she LOOKED beautiful! Congratulations D! And she'll be flying off to UK soon to continue her career there.. Good luck in everything, dear! Cepat-cepatla dapat baby ok?

Her Mum's speech during the wedding was touching... The only daughter la katakan...And the most successful, the most brilliant and the most obedient one also...Echecheche...hihi... I could feel her Mum's emotion while giving out the speech... Takpela Aunty...Senang-senang boleh la pergi UK cuti-cuti tengok anak menantu (and cucu) nanti...

Anyway, I almost joined another wedding reception at a different hall tadi. Tu la, confident sangat sampai tak bawa the wedding invitation...Sekali pergi dewan lain daaa.. Siap solat Maghrib kat situ dulu tu..Punya la confident.. Sekali masa nak register kat reception tu, the girl asked me "Akak Lawyer ke?" I said no. Then she asked again, "Doktor?" To which I said no also.."Jemputan pihak perempuan ke lelaki?" "Perempuan. Saya kawan D" "Ok, free seating kat meja no sekian sekian.."

I dah rasa pelik...So, I checked the names on the wedding gifts on top of the table...Semua ada tulis 'Dr Something' Aiks! D mana ada Dr in front of her name? So, I called another friend which was attending the wedding also, and she confirmed that I was at a wrong venue! Chet! Buat malu jer...Nasib baik tak masuk makan lagi..kekeke...

Moral of the story: Make sure you read (and remember) correctly where the actual function is...Jangan main belasah jer...hahahahaha...Siapa yang malu? Mereka dan keluarga mereka la jugak!!!


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tagged by Nina..aiyoyo!!

6 Weird Things About Me

1) I used to love sucking people'e elbows... Don't know why.. This weird habit only stopped when I started Primary School...Nasib baik gak, kalau tak habis la siku orang sume kena hisap...huhu...

2) When talking to myself, I refer to myself as DIA and not AKU...As if I was talking about someone else.. Why? No explanation..hehe...

3) I keep price tags... Be it cheap or expensive... I feel guilty if I throw price tags away.. Anyway, they are not placed in special places whatsoever, which in turn, would be thrown away by someone else because they are rubbish, anyway..

4) Like Nina, I also 'read' cars' plat numbers.. And, if they made up stupid words, I tend to kutuk the driver/owner for picking stupid words as plate numbers..hehe..

5) Caffein have reverse effects on me.. I get sleepy and drowsy when I drink caffein. And I get bloated from them, too..

6) When hanging out clothes on the clothes lines, I will make sure that my hangers have equal space sizes between them. And when hanging small clothes (undies, my baby's clothes, face towels etc) on the umbrella-like plastic hanger, I will make sure that I hang the clothes evenly on all sides of the hanger. The round plastic hanger must be balanced on all sides...If not balanced due to some stuffs are heavier than the others, I will rearrange them until the round hanger is fixed at 180 degrees and is balance on all sides...


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

grey's anatomy

Thanks to the world of torrent, I am now officially a Grey's Anatomy's addict..

An I wasted many, many hours of good sleep just to watch the backdated episodes back to back... Layan dari Season 1.. It's too addictive!

Anyway, how convenient it is that every interns are having affairs with their attendings.. And all the surgeons are hot looking..And I drool over Patrick Dempsey..He's sooo yummy and cool!!

I have now khatam all episodes and very anxious to watch the new episodes as they are being uploaded. Nak tunggu Fridays memang torturous la... Dahla kekadang tu ada weeks the drama is not being aired...Nak tunggu minggu depannya la pulak...hisy...Tension sungguh!! hahaha...


Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Yes, I know I had been behind in updating this blog...Work and life were just too haywired these past few weeks. I had many, many posts incomplete and stashed in the draft section.. Too busy to complete them and publish..hihi..

Anyway, just came to know that my 'tough cookie' friend who had to share the love of her husband with another woman, (those who read my previous entry would know about this) had switched job. Got a better offer as an engineer with a big corporate..Good for her..But, the new place is so far from her house! Easily an hour's journey on good days.. What with the 2 babies, part time study (in another place about 45 mins from her workplace also)...Makin kurus ler jawabnya..

Actually I am quite worried for her..And I pity her very much... And I respect her for the courage and toughness.. Memang tabik spring..

Y, all the best to you.. Please take care of yourself and try your best not to neglect the babies... They need you, especially now...May Allah help you in all ways possible..Amiin...


Monday, March 05, 2007

Down memory lane

Tiba-tiba teringat zaman remaja dulu-dulu...

I went to an all-girls boarding school in Negeri Sembilan during high school. Lots and lots of sweet and bitter memories there, but I strongly believed that it was there that I found myself and started developing my true characters until I became what I am today.

There are so many rules that we needed to follow, which I sometimes still do until today. One of it was we were not allowed to step on the grass in the school and also hostel compounds, except during litter picking sessions. Rumput yang boleh dipijak hanyalah di padang dan di tempat menjemur pakaian belakang dining hall and belakang blok G. I still avoided grassy areas as much as I could until today..hehe..

Popular phrases among the girls:
1) Finishing? (While knocking on shower curtains/doors)
2) After you (To book the usage of public phones
3) *Dorm name* (most of the time juniors')! Someone!!
4) Assalamualaikum kak!
5) Sickening nya!
6) Sarcastic nya!!
7) Goody-goody!
8) Mendada (hahahaha)

Emm....Dah tak ingat dah yang lain-lain...So, tagging the other 'girls' to add on the list..hihi...

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Daniel's birthday party (Part II)

It was a great celebration.. Pakcik & Makcik's family came early to help us with the preparation.. Mak went all out with her cooking...Menu for the day was:

1) Mee Hong Kong
2) Nasi Himpit
3) Pulut Kuning
4) Rendang Daging
5) Kuah Kacang
6) Chicken Nuggets
7) Banana amd Butter Cake
8) Watermelon
9) Blackcurrent Juice
10) Daniel's Barney Mocca Cheese Cake

I only managed to prepare item 6..muehehehe...

By the time the party was over, there were only a bit of leftovers.. Alhamdulillah.. Hope the guests enjoyed the party as much as we did and we thank you all for coming and also thanks for the presents which Daniel loves so much!

Highlights of the day:
1) Daniel kena buli dengan Abang Afif
2) Aunty Aty misplaced her Rav4 keys, which turned out to be inside Daniel's birthday present's bag... Wow! Daniel was supposed to get the Rav4 for the birthday!! Muahahaha..
3) The cake was smashed on one side by Daniel even before we started singing the birthday song
4) After the party was over, most of our neighbour's children came to ask for balloons and leftover party packs over and over again
5) Daniel fell while on board of the toy jeep...Poor baby..



Alhamdulillah we managed to pull off baby Daniel's party on Saturday, March 3rd 2007. Thanks to all who made it to the party. We really appreciate it so much. And thanks for the gifts, too! Daniel had so much fun with all of you and later, with all his treasured gifts!

Some of the photos that we took during the party. There was a video, but I am technically challenged and I do not know how to upload the video here..Sorry!

Daniel getting prepped for the party

Pertandingan Wajah Serupa Ibu dan Anak

The toy in Daniel's hand was meant to create damage to the birthday cake..huhu!

Birthday Cake Daniel

Let's nyanyi and potong kek! See the wreckage on the side of the cake? Tuan punya kek yang caused it..hehe..

Yay! Dapat makan kepala Barney!!

Daniel dengan Ayah getting some air from the BIG fan

Daniel post-party. Enjoying one of his many toy gifts... Thanks all Uncles and Aunties!!


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Apa punya kawan daa?


You received a phone call from a long-distance friend, who used to be your housemate during Uni years. You haven't seen her in almost 2 years, and have been bad at keeping in touch. She said she is having a business-related matter nearby your place. She would like to meet up with you after she finishes her meeting. You:

1) Jumped at the opportunity to meet her. After all, it has been a while since you last saw her and it's not for you to come over to visit her at her place since she lives far away. You are not sure when would you meet her ever again

2) Shrugged her off. You have other more important matters to attend to, e.g your children and you are too lazy to go out and meet her

I would always choose option 1, unless option 2 is related to matter of life and death. Although I have a family and my life is revolved around them, I still need my friends to be around me. If not everytime, I need them sometimes. Especially when I am having a bad time with my family, I need my friends to talk to. And especially if they have the courtesy to contact me while they are coming to town, I would feel like a moron if I toss them aside.

Sometimes, I get invited to attend parties/kenduri of my friends far, far away.. Well, not as far as I got no other means to get there unless I travel by plane la, kan? Maybe somewhere in Kedah, JB, Penang etc... I have always made it a point to attend, when Allah permits it. Distance is not an issue, really, because it is not like you go there everyday or everyweek. Sekali setahun ke, sekali seumur hidup ke...Apa la salahnya kan? I think, some of us really need to change our mindsets about not meeting friends or attending their invitations because the friend lives far, far away...

Why the sudden ramblings about this scenario? Siapa makan cili, dia lah rasa pedas, kan? Anyway, I think she is not reading this blog, but S, you really hurt me with what you did...So, no more calling you up for meetings la when I come to your town..If you are not that excited to meet me, then I am less than excited to see you, either! Duh!!