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Friday, February 20, 2009


I was trying to find a parking spot at T*ip*n just now when my cellphone suddenly rang. It was Hubby, all the way from up there. Chatted for a bit, and I found out that he is having the colds again..haih!

Me: Abang tak gi keje ker?
Hubby: Belum lagi..
Me: Eh? Apesal? Sekarang pukul berapa? (Glancing at the car's clock) Oo...baru pukul 5am yer?
Hubby: Haah..
Me: Abang tak rindu ayang ke?
Hubby: Rindu...Ni yang terjaga pagi-pagi dah call ayang ni sebab rindu ler....
Me: Hihi (oh! Berbunganya hatiku...kwangkwangkwang...)

Sabarlah hati...Lagi sebulan lagi insyaAllah kita jumpa ye sayang? hehe..

Warning: Jiwang alert again...Excuse me...hahah!


Mynn's Wedding

Nisa, myself and Daniel attended Dr Mynn's wedding last Valentine's Day at Dewan Banquet, Wisma MBSA, Shah Alam. We reached there at around 2.45pm and saw no familiar faces. The lines at the buffet tables were also quite long, so we decided to take our seats first at a table far, far away from the dais (but near to the buffet table..hehe..) It was quite a huge crowd and the hall was quite packed.

Suddenly, we were bombarded by Dr Fatma's entourage...hehe... She and her Hubby (my Uni-mate last time) came with their four kids and a bibik. Merry, happy family! hehe...Ha! Barulah meriah table kami..

Many types of veges in a variety of cooking styles were served.. Doktor la pulak, kan? Kenalah hidangkan makanan berkhasiat..hihi.. And, as I was getting a second helping of the drink (I seemed so thirsty that day), Murni aka Dawam called me from the buffet table line. Haven't met her since our Matrics year (that was in 1996) and she looked more beautiful and feminine than ever...yeehaa! Must be the motherhood...hehe...

And, as we were about to finish our food, Dr Farah Hani and Huwaina came over to our table. Farah came with her daughter and bibik (Hubby on-call) and I wasn't quite sure whether Aina came with someone or she was alone. Had a quick catch up session with them and off they went. By the way, Farah has such a BIG baby girl! I was still astounded by her baby's size until the next day (in fact until today...hehe..). Her baby is heavier than Daniel! She is 14kg while Daniel is 13kg. But she is only 20 months old! Daniel is turning 3 years old next week! The secret, according to the Doc Mummy, is breastmilk and lots and lots of rice...hehe....

We went off at about 4pm, after a quick photo session with the bride and groom. The bride seemed a bit distraught or maybe too excited because one second she was ready to take photo with us, then suddenly the next second she walked off to meet other guests before our photo was even snapped! hehe...Takpe Mynn..Kitorang maafkan ko...kakaka..

Here are the two photos that we managed to snap with the VIP of the day...

This was taken by one of the official photographers that day using my kamera cabuk..By the way, the photographer tu agak comel juga...kakaka....

This was taken by the unofficial photographer of the day, moi...hihi...


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Updated list of 2009 friends' babies

1) Eda
2) Dyda
3) Elly
4) Ainnal
5) Zizie
6) Widie
7) Raz (sudah selamat dapat baby girl.. Ariessa yer? congrats Raz!)
8) Rina
9) Ziah (baby Ameena yang comel...congrats Jiah!)
10) Nina (Lavenderina)
11) As(mahani)
12) Zeti Shaik
13) Farah (Camelia)
14) Am
15) Lin Haida (Kaiesa Humayra Amani...congrats Lin!!)

Hmmm...Ramai pulak girl babies tahun 2009 ni... Bagus...Bagus... Senang nak pilih calon menantu nanti...hehe....


Friends' updates

I received a SMS from a dear, old friend yesterday, and was really surprised that she reads my blog. I was quite ashamed, too because now she knew how mellow and sentimental I am..hehe...

Anyway, I must congratulate her for the arrival of her second baby girl on Feb 11th. I didn't know she was expecting (okay, we have been out of touch for quite some time but we always SMS each other during festivities or on special occassions). Hence my list of 2009 babies should be updated and shall be posted in the next post..hehe...

Congrats again, Lin Haida and my prayers are with you and your family always. It should be really nice to meet and catch up one of these days, right? It has been more than 10 years, eh? Most importantly, since you have 2 girls, I have more choices of future daughter-in-law, kan? hahahaha...

Also, to my best buddy, whom I have shared my ups and downs (and more awkward moments than I would like to remember), Nisa.. Congrats on your success in the apprentice program (a la The Apprentice Donald Trump nih..hehe...) You still have got time to treat me (and Daniel) to a nice meal using your first huge paycheck with the new company before we take off to UK, kan? hahaha...


In the spirit of 'kiasu'ness..hehe....

This morning while on the way to send Daniel to school, I saw banners that announced that the PH interchange is finally opening. It stated Februari 19th, at 6pm. And just to be a kiasu person, I actually used the interchange at 5.55pm just now! kakaka... Talk about the spirit of 'kiasu' in its highest glory...

So, it would cost you RM1.70 from PH interchange to Batu Tiga, Shah Alam's interchange, ok? hihi...

And the fact that the toll booth is just 5 minutes away from my house makes me soooo excited. This means shorter distance to KLIA and to the usual southern places that we go oh so often! hihi...


Thursday, February 12, 2009

I was so close....

...from being hit by a motorbike just now! Just came out of a client's office in one of the local universities and was about to collect my car, which I parked at an open parking area beside the road. About a meter more before I reached my car, another car stopped in front of me and was about to turn left into an empty parking slot. So, I stopped walking and gave way so that she (yes, it was a lady driver) could go in. She hesitated for a moment, before turning ever so slowly into the slot. It was then, out of nowhere, a motorbike zoomed from behind the car, and the mat rempit stupidly chose to squeeze in between the incoming car and the other parked car. Why he did that was beyond me, because the next lane was definitely empty!

The dungu crashed the left side of car and in his hasty attempt not to fall tergolek-golek from his bike, he managed to maneuver his bike from the stumped me barely by a few inches, and without turning back, he rammed his engine and poofed into the distance! I jumped out of his way a little bit, else I would have been knocked by him already.

The car's driver must be shaken quite a bit, because she just stopped the car, dumbfounded, for many, many minutes. I then continued walking towards my car, thanking Allah that I managed to escape the near accident.

Wei, nak merempit pegi litar la beng%#*@! It was inside a university, ok? Mahasiswa rempit???


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Daniel at school

Last Wednesday this little king refused to go to school. He slept late the night before, so I was guessing that he was still sleepy. So, I let him ponteng that day. He did cry when I woke him up for school, saying "Nak gi umah atuk, umah nenek!" Hadoi, pagi-pagi nak gi rumah nenek macamana la pulak? Nenek kerja daaa....

The next day, he woke up by himself. And, very early too. So, I prepped him and send him to school. On the way, he said, "Mummy schhol?" Oh by the way, he has started calling me 'Mummy' already (no more Nani, ok?). Told him, "No, Mummy's not going to school. You are going to school."

The other children were at assembly when we reached the school. Daniel insisted that I carry him, so I did. When I wanted to hand him over to his teacher, he began crying! And I was stumped! He had never cried since orientation! Of course I was taken aback by this development after more than a month of schooling!

Standing outside the school compound, I began SMSing his teacher to see whether he had stopped crying. No reply. I was exasperated. Drove off and immediately SMSed the owner of the school as soon as I reached home.

Immediately the owner replied my SMS saying that my baby was fine. And later on, his teacher replied my SMS saying that he stopped crying when she gave him blocks to play with.

He did it again on Friday. No problem waking him up, bathing him etc but as soon as I wanted to hand him over to his teacher, he screamed and wailed "Mummy! Nak Mummy!" And I broke in tears, too! I was confused. Again, I SMSed the owner, expressing my concern. Maybe some other kids were picking on him? The owner replied my SMS saying that Daniel was ok and was in his PE class. But she assured me that she will get Daniel's class teacher to monitor the situation closely.

Oh, I do hope nothing is wrong.

On other development, my baby is more chattier and less afraid of unfamiliar people nowadays. This was one of my goals, and I am happy that he has progressed. He seemed to absorb what he was learning at school quite well. The songs, the counting, the alphabets. I couldn't be more happier. The other day, while I was doing some paperwork for business, he sat on the floor next to my chair and suddenly began, "Ayif, ayif. Ba ba. Ta ta." It took me quite some time to realize that he was actually reciting the Jawi alphabets.. hehe..

One thing that I don't quite like is he has started picking up on the bad habits i.e kicking, throwing things. Oh! It is driving me nuts! And he now has less interest with his used to be Playhouse Disney's favourite shows. More interested in Cartoon Network shows. Now, I don't really like him to watch the show on CN because I think they are more suited to bigger kids. I hate that they have fighting or mean scenes and people in their series. That was why I never introduce him to CN and the likes. Only PHDC. I guess they show CN at school. *sigh*

Let's see whether he will cry again on Monday. Kalau tau cakap, senang sikit nak tanya apa masalah, kan?


British jobs for British workers

I couldn't help but wonder whether Malaysians would ever do this. We instead are welcoming all those Indonesians, Bangladeshis, Myamarians, Filipinos etc. I can't imagine Malaysians walk out on their respective factories or such, bringing banners stating 'Malaysia jobs for Malaysians!" This I think is necessary, since a lot of Malaysians have been put out of jobs recently. Many of those who didn't have to lose their jobs have been beginning to receive paycuts, unpaid leave etc. This is really bad. I think it is worse than the last slum.

For now, I am praying that this disaster will pass by immediately, without anymore sufferings. Amiiinnnnn!


How's my Hubs doing up there?

It has been a week since he went away. We only managed to speak on the phone twice since. YM a few times. Short time only. It has been difficult. Not being able to communicate for a long strecth of time- up to 5 days direct. I was going crazy over here. We just couldn't find the right time to communicate. What with him adjusting to the new place and bad weather, starting anew at the workplace. When it was time for me to sleep, he would still be at the site (which strangely doesn't have phone coverage). And by the time he came back from work, I am already a few hours exploring La-La-Land. When I woke up, he would be sleeping. So how?

Anyway, it is such a pity that on the first day of his work at the new site at Staythorpe, British workers there decided to walk-out and launch a strike against other nationals working in the UK. "British jobs for British workers" they say. What a perfect timing!

And, the snow hit UK the worst since more than 2 decades ago, on the second day he was there. Poor Hubby! I hope he is maintaining well and take good care of his health.

This current living condition really sucks! I am missing him terribly...


Saturday, February 07, 2009

*Jiwang alert* hehe...


Monday, February 02, 2009

Congrats also to Mynn..

Juga ingin mengkongratulasi Cik Mazmin Manaf yang bakal menaiktaraf dirinya daripada seorang (doktor) wanita bujang kepada seorang (doktor) wanita bersuami...hihi...

Congrats Mynn!

Dengan ini juga, saya menyampaikan amanah bakal pengantin untuk menjemput kawan-kawan semua ke majlis resepsi beliau di Dewan Banquet, Wisma MBSA, Shah Alam pada Hari Valentine's ini (14 Feb 2009) jam 12 tghari sehingga 4 ptg. Beliau mengatakan bahawa tunangnya yang memilih tarikh tersebut kerana tunang beliau itu adalah seorang yang jiwang karat. (ala, Mynn tak nak mengaku yang dia pun jiwang karat gak kan...kuang kuang kuang)

Jadi, sesiapa yang tiada aral melintang dan menegak pada hari tersebut, marilah kita beramai-ramai memeriahkan majlis walimatul urus Dr Mynn...jommm!!!!! Majlis adalah tidak formal dan boleh membawa famili dan suku sakat sekiranya mahu...hehe....


Congrats Jiah..

Mengkongratulasi Puan Naziah di atas kelahiran bayi perempuan kedua yang tersangat comel, Baby Ameena semalam... Baby Hari Wilayah.. Seb baik sempat makan macam-macam semalam sebelum melahirkan yer? hehe... Sekarang makan ubat periuk je la ko yer? kui kui...


Hypermarts berhampiran rumahku..hihi...

A new G*@nt Hypermart was opened very near to my home recently. I had planned to become one of the first 100 customers during their opening day, but "harapanku kuchiwaaa." Who would have thought that by 10am, the cars had been parked alongside the main road as far as about 1 km from the Hypermart! I managed to get into the actual roofed parking area, but that was it. It was jammed inside the parking area, and it took more than half an hour for me to just turn back and leave! I had no idea PH has sooooooo many residences! Ini misti ada pengundi hantu ni...hihi....

At about the same time, C#rr*f*&r opened up a new outlet in USJ19. So much nearer to us than the Subang one. I didn't even try to go during its opening day. Taubat mak, nyah!

I went to the G*@nt during one of the nights Hubby was here. Just to look and see what was in store for us. Not so happening la...Maybe still new and it needs more tenants to occupy the spaces to uplift the atmosphere. Medan selera pun takde lagi ok? But, it is so nice and convenient to have such a hypermart so close to home that I can actually cycle if I need to buy some groceries there.

Now I am anxiously waiting for the PH's Elite Highway interchange to open so that it would be easier for us to hit the highway to balik kampung or anywhere else for that matter. Itu interchange pun cuma 5 minutes drive from my house, ok? hehe...

I also like the new C@rr#f*&r in USJ19. Went there twice last week while Hubby was around, too. What I like most about it was the travellator went directly to the parking area. It was not located inside a lobby like anywhere else. You can practically park your car at the end of the travellator, so that you can jump directly inside your car with your purchases from the travellator...hehe...Idea itu sungguhla menarik kalau betul-betul berupaya dilakukan...hehehe...

Tapi, price-wise, agak pricey berbanding hypermarts lain...


Sunday, February 01, 2009

And the new chapter begins...

Yes, the chapter where we are separated by thousands and thousands of miles, and the chapter where we don't share the same time zone anymore. Hubby called yesterday after almost 24 hours he departed for Staythorpe, near Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire, England, UK (just so you know that he is now in some ulu banat in UK...hehe...). It was 2am Malaysian time and he forgot that we didn't share the same day and night anymore (it was Vietnam the last time, remember?) since it was merely 7pm there.

We talked for about 8 minutes, and he said it costed him about RM45. Dang! Then, he tried the SMS, and it costed him RM1 per SMS (he got a new UK phone number already). So, there you go! Future telephone conversations are not to be expected as frequent as they should. But, what choice do we have? YM la kut??

As he has yet to get his own apartment, he is now staying at the Millgate House Hotel & Restaurant. I can see that it is a nice hotel from the photos at the website. English countryside la pulak kan? I loike!!!!! It took him about 1.5 cab hours to reach the hotel from his stop at Birmingham.

Weather wise, no snow but it was damn cold according to Hubby. Must be the strong and dry wind. The temperature there according to BBC is -1 to 2 deg Celcius today with cloudy sky and the wind is blowing at 18 mph. Poor Hubby...

I am still hammering the idea of this separation into my head. As of now, I'm feeling very numb inside. I have been in front of the laptop the whole day and night yesterday on my bed and I plan to continue the ritual today...hehe...Lucky that my parents are here to entertain the little king.

Talked to an old colleague yesterday via FB, and she said that I am strong. Another friend told me that I am an iron lady. I may appear strong outside, but inside I am dying bit by bit. There are many, many times that I broke down before I went to sleep, but this is the sacrifice that I am willing to endure. And hopefully it won't last very long now..