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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ada effect ke?

We were at the lift lobby at L*w Y*tt Plaza the other day, waiting for the elevator doors to open. A lady came into the lobby, with a helmet still on top of her head and went to press the button to go up (I have already pressed the 'UP' button, by the way)

Both the elevators were travelling up and down, and this women started pressing the button repeatedly, until it seemed like the button could popped out. And, she continued pressing repeatedly for quite some time, until I couldn't help myself but smiled absurdly to Hubby. He was also seemed to have trouble pretending that nothing was happening.

Then, the doors for the elevator going down opened, and she quickly jumped in. And I, immediately upon seeing the doors fully closed, burst out laughing and said to Hubby, "Ada effect ke?" To which Hubby immediately replied, "Ada. For her psychology.. hehe..."


I sent my Hubby off...

Here's Hubby, trying to console Daniel who was upset because he couldn't naik eyopain (aeroplane)

I'd like to think that we had a wonderful fortnight together during his break. We were together most of the time. Although my plan for a short vacation for the 3 of us failed, we still had fun doing many other things, which also involved a lot of eating and shopping..hihi...

It feels good to have someone hugging you while sleeping at night, when most of your nights were so lonely (thank God for Daniel! Kalau tidak lagi bosan tahap cipan!)

And now, it is back to long, lonely nights.. *sigh*

And I am still wide awake at 3.50am...duh!!!


Friday, January 30, 2009

Lunch for today..

Hubby was planning to drop by his Malaysia office for a while, so I was 50-50 in whether to cook lunch or not? But seeing that the time had already nearing lunch time and my tummy was already growling, I quickly cooked a simple lunch of 'daging masak kicap and kacang panjang goreng cili'.' Then, to add some flavour, I fried the instant mexican fried chicken. I must have overheated the oil, so some parts of the chicken were a bit burnt.

After Friday prayers, we had our lunch when Hubby suddenly said,

"Ni apa ni sayang? Ooo...ni third degree burn ni...Tak dapat nak diselamatkan..." referring to my partly burnt chicken. Cheissss!!!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

How come?

I was bloghopping last night when I came across a blog by a girl that I do not know, whom was thrashing ex-MCKKians and ex-TKCians heartlessly in some of her posts. Hmmm.. I was fascinated by the fact that she 'pukul rata' that all 'budak Koleq' only want to date/marry TKCians, and all TKCians are arrogant, snobs and b*tches. And, she claimed that she was offered a place to go to TKC at some point, but she rejected the offer and thankful because she didn't join.

I was quite insulted, but these claims had been a part of us girls ever since we were in TKC. So, nothing new lah. We often got boo-ed and 'ong-ong, kedek kedek'ed during PPM debates, band competition, weekend outings in town etc etc by those boys residential schools kids (need not name any names here, you girls knew it kan?), but in the end, we were all whom they sought after for aweks/wives, especially during our senior years there and there after. Ironic? You bet!

But that's beside the point. The generalizing of 'all budak Koleq want to date/marry TKCIans' bit that I didn't quite get. During the old, old days, maybe yes. But in present days? I think hardly! I know that F*gette, and T*ntan (and maybe a few others) married Koleqian husbands, and I myself once dated a Koleqian (there you go! rahsia sudah bukak..hehe..), but that is not ALL at all! hehe...I remember way back then, when we were more interested in RMC and STAR boys rather than MCKK boys...hua hua hua! So, should the actual fact become 'all BOYS want to date/marry TKCians?' kwang kwang kwang....
*I am being cynical here, should any of you readers misunderstand this as being a snob, ok? hehe..*

And this blogger hated the fact that Koleqians and TKCians were very proud of their upbringing by the schools, and formed strong bonds even after they came out from schools. What's wrong with that? I bet if she had accepted her so-called offer from TKC, she would have been proud too! And, for a matter of fact, had she been studying in any boarding schools for 5 years, and that was during the most crucial time of your growing up phase- the time when your personalities were being shaped for the rest of your lives, and you depended on your friends so much during that time, she would have the same result!

Sudah-sudah la tu mengata/mengutuk orang...

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Birthdays today..

Today is my Dad's 57th birthday. Since we are going to spend the weekend with my in-laws at Pee Dee, we had an early celebration last night at the Port Klang's famous Muara Ikann Bakar. Huge crowd last night, though. But the service was quite efficient, so no complaints there.

I have just known yesterday that my eldest BIL is also celebrating his birthday today. I don't know his age, though. I bet my Hubby doesn't know either...hehe...So, we are all celebrating his birthday later today at Pee Dee. Hope to get a taste of some cakes later...hehe... Pity me, ever since my birthday last week, I haven't got a single bite of any cake...isk...isk... hehe... My sis bought my Dad a SR cake last night but she went to leave the cake behind in the car, so alas, still no taste of cake...huhu....

To both of them, Happy Birthday and may Allah bless you both always. To my Dad, words couldn't express how I love you and appreciate you for all the love and sacrifices for the last 31 years. I am not done loving you, so I pray to Allah for your long life so that I could still love you more and more....

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Friday, Finally...

8.30-8.45am : Assembly
8.45-9.00am : Breakfast
9.00-9.15am : Circle Time
9.15-9.45am : Physical Education (P.E.)
9.45-10.15am : Islamic Studies
10.15-10.45am : Snack Time
10.45-11.15am : P. Work
11.15-11.45am : Art & Craft
11.45-12.15pm : Computer Lesson
12.15-12.45pm : Lunch
12.45-1.15pm : Circle Time
1.15-1.30pm : Zuhur
1.30-2.30pm : Nap Time
2.30-3.30pm : Muqaddam


Thursday school

8.30-8.45am : Assembly
8.45-9.00am : Breakfast
9.00-9.15am : Circle Time
9.15-9.45am : Language
9.45-10.15am : Outdoor Science
10.15-10.45am : Snack Time
10.45-11.15am : BM
11.15-11.45am : Arabic
11.45-12.15pm : Iqra'
12.15-12.45pm : Lunch
12.45-1.15pm : Hafazan
1.15-1.30pm : Zuhur
1.30-2.30pm : Nap Time
2.30-3.30pm : Drama & Speech


Schoolday Wednesdays

8.30-8.45am : Assembly
8.45-9.00am : Breakfast
9.00-9.15am : Circle Time
9.15-9.45am : EPL
9.45-10.15am : Maths
10.15-10.45am : Snack Time
10.45-11.15am : BM
11.15-11.45am : Culture
11.45-12.15pm: Iqra'
12.15-12.45pm: Lunch
12.45-1.15pm : Circle Time
1.15-1.30pm : Zuhur
1.30-2.30pm : Nap Time
2.30-3.30pm : Muqaddam


Daniel's Tuesdays

8.30-8.45am : Assembly
8.45-9.00am : Breakfast
9.00-9.15am : Circle Time
9.15-9.45am : Language
9.45-10.15am : Music & Dance
10.15-10.45am : Snack Time
10.45-11.15am : Sensorial
11.15-11.45am : EPL (Need to check with the teacher what does EPL stand for)
11.45-12.15pm : Iqra'
12.15-12.45pm : Lunch
12.45-1.15pm : Hafazan
1.15-1.30pm : Zuhur
1.30-2.30pm : Nap Time
2.30-3.30pm : Reading Circle


Mondays for Daniel

I have just received the full time table of Daniel's K1 group at school. It goes like this:

8.30-8.45am : Assembly
8.45-9.00am : Breakfast
9.00-9.15am : Circle Time
9.15-9.45am : Language
9.45-10.15am : Maths
10.15-10.45am : Snack Time
10.45-11.15am : Sensorial
11.15-11.45am : EPL
11.45-12.15pm : Iqra'
12.15-12.45pm : Lunch
12.45-1.15pm : Circle Time
1.15-1.30pm : Zuhur
1.30-2.30pm : Nap Time
2.30-3.30pm : Story Telling


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Of Being 31

Well, I turned 31 years old today..Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah for the last 31 years and insyaAllah more years to come. Hubby, Daniel, my parents and siblings were around to celebrate. Couldn't ask for a better suiter celebration.

Like a friend pointed out, somehow, being 31 doesn't feel as old as being 30... hehe... There's truth in that, because I quite freaked out when I entered my 30's last year. Felt so old to be in the 30's. Maybe this year, my mind had already synchronized the internal memory, and had accepted the fact that I am already in my 30's, so it didn't crack just as bad as last year...hehe...

We had lunch at Korean BBQ Chicken in Taipan (myself, Hubby and Daniel just love the food there). Have yet to cut a cake, though. So sad..Nobody bought me a cake...huhu...

I have yet to receive my present from dear Hubby. Said he wanted it to be a surprise (yooo lah tuuuu...) and he is going to buy it when he goes out alone.. hmmmphhh.. Suspence...hehe... Got a new handbag from my parents. Loved it!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tergezut aku!

A phone conversation with a guy from a courier service just now:

Guy: Hello! Is this (my company name)?
Me: Yes
Guy: Saya nak tanya. Alamat yang XXXX ni alamat rumah kan?
Me: Yes
Guy: Saya ada nak collect cek ni. Rumah ni yang ada kereta XXX kaler XXX tu kan?
Me: (Terkejut ungka) Haah! Eh, mana you tau? (Buat saspen jer ni? Ada orang stalk aku ker? hehe)
Guy: Oh! Tadi saya dah sampai kat depan rumah. Dua kali saya datang.
Me: (Phuh! Lega..) Laaa...apesal tak call?
Guy: Saya terlupa ambik nombor telefon
Me: Ooo...OK datang la ambik cek ni petang-petang sikit
Guy: OK, dalam pukul 4.30pm kang saya sampai
Me: OK

Kalau korang, korang tak terkejut ker? hehe...


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Daniel's first report from school

Today, before sending Daniel to school, I jotted a note for his teacher in his communication book:

Dear Teacher XXX,

Thank you for having the patience to educate our beloved son, Daniel.

We would appreciate it very much if you could write here Daniel's rough daily schedule. We would like to know what he is doing everyday because he still could not talk properly and tell us what he has been doing everyday.

Thank you again,

Upon his return from school, I checked the communication book. This was what the teacher has written:

Dear Mrs Hani,

Daniel is really a fast learner. Today we sang 'Old Mc Donald' together and his voice was the loudest. He seems to really enjoy learning new things. Usually he would cry before and after the short nap, but today he woke up with a huge smile. It's a joy being able to teach Daniel because he's really smart for a 2 1/2 year old (err..teacher..he's actually 2 years and 10 months old..hehe..). I'll try my best to write his progress every day.

Teacher XXX

Alhamdulillah... I am so proud of you, my beloved son..


1001 malam..

So, I'm sick. Have been breathing through my mouth for the last 2 days. Felt like zombie from the effects of the meds. I think taking meds made me worse.

And, somebody had his extravagant 3rd wedding reception last Sunday. Yeah, big deal.. It looked more like an award presenting ceremony rather than a wedding reception. All the celebs had to dress up to the theme. Life IS hard for them, aye? Nak pergi wedding pun kena pi tempah costumes and what nots..heheh! Those lavish spending would have been put to better use by MERCY or the Palestinians Fund. *Sigh*

No, I didn't watch the live telecast. Ironically, people in Hollywood, for instance, try their best to conceal their wedding from the papparazzi. Here, in Malaysia, we have live telecasts of the nikah ceremony and the 3 wedding receptions. The Sultan of Brunei's heir's wedding pun sekali je live telecast. Betapa hebatnya artis kita..heheh!

They should have made the TV stations pay them on top of the sponsored things that they got for the receptions. Just like Hollywood couples, if you want the photos of the wedding or the babies etc, you have to pay handsome amount of money to get the rights to publish/telecast. Baru lah boleh make money! Ini ASTRO jer yang make money out of the SMSes ucapan selamat pengantin baru or the WAP portals etc.Duh??

OK, I should stop here. It's already 2 am and I need to force myself to wake up in the morning to send Daniel to school. He didn't go yesterday because I was too bumped to send him. So, I sent SMS to the school teacher saying that he was down with fever..heheh! Actually he had fever the night before, and I had actually infected by his virus..hehe.. But in the morning he felt better, but since I didn't, he had to cover for Mummy..hehe...Can't wait for Hubby's return on Thursday, InsyaAllah, so that he could take care of both of us sick people...yay! Tapi dengarnya he is also down with the flu bug. So, don't really know who's going to take care of who later..hehe..


Thursday, January 08, 2009

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Selamba jer kata aku takde keje... cheh!

Complete these sentences:

1. Bekas kekasih2 saya… ada yang sudah hilang entah ke mana, ada yang gila talak, ada yang telah meninggal dunia dan ada juga yang telah dinaikkan pangkat menjadi suami saya
2. Saya sedang mendengar… errrmmm...takde dengar apa-apa la sekarang ni..
3. Mungkin saya patut… menelefon repairman saya yang berjanji nak datang tengok kebocoran di siling saya tapi sampai sekarang masih tak datang-datang lagi
4. Saya suka belajar… bahasa asing supaya boleh maki orang dengan bahasa yang mereka tidak fahami
5. Sahabat baik saya… ada ramai di muka bumi ini
6. Saya tak faham… kenapa Israel tu pengecut sebab hanya berani mengebom orang awam dan bukannya musuh mereka iaitu Hamas
7. Saya kehilangan… duit yang banyak apabila pergi untuk shopping spree
8. Ramai yang berkata… harga minyak petrol dah turun tapi harga barang keperluan harian tak jugak turun-turun..bosannya!!
9. Makna nama saya… ‘untaian permata ketenangan'
10. Cinta itu… love
11. Disuatu tempat bernama… Ho Chi Minh ialah di mana suami saya berada sekarang
12. Saya akan cuba… mengisi masa dengan sebaik-baiknya dengan aktiviti-aktiviti best dan jalan-jalan makan-makan bila suami saya balik bercuti selama 2 minggu mulai 15hb Januari ni...yeehaaa!
13. Makna “selamanya”… ialah sampai bila-bila tapi nothing is forever kecuali Allah SWT
14. Handphone saya… yang dihadiahkan oleh suami saya pada hari lahir saya yang ke 30 tahun lepas mempunyai QWERTY keyboard yang merupakan ciri utama yang membuatkan saya memilihnya sebagai handphone..hehe..
15. Saya paling meluat… bila adik beradik atau sanak saudara bergaduh kerana tanah atau harta pusaka...BORING!!!!
16. Bila saya bangun dari tidur… saya akan kiss Daniel
17. Party adalah… tempat saya berjumpa saya berjumpa dan bersembang dengan kawan-kawan yang lama tak ditemui (READ: Birthday party anak-anak...hehe..)
18. Haiwan yang paling cute adalah… anak harimau yang tak pandai menggigit/membahayakna manusia
19. Peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan adalah… semasa zaman kanak-kanak sebab tak payah fikir pasal hutang
20. Hari ini saya rasa sangat tension… kerana baju-baju yang saya basuh tadi basah disirami hujan yang turun tiba-tiba sewaktu saya pergi jemput Daniel dari sekolah
21. Malam ini saya akan cuba… untuk pastikan Daniel tidur awal supaya senang bangun pagi esok untuk pergi sekolah
22. Saya betul2 inginkan…duit yang banyak tanpa perlu bayar income-tax
23. Bila tengok muka kat cermin pagi tadi… saya nampak Daniel pun tengah intai cermin
24. Shopping kompleks… adalah tempat saya menjalani terapi sewaktu boring atau sedih..hehe..
25. Makanan segera biasanya… sedap walaupun tak berkhasiat dan menggemukkan
26. Ayat2 terakhir pada orang… "Daniel, No!" sebab dia cuba menekan-nekan keypad pada handphone saya
27. Nak panjangkan tag ini? Buatlah kalau rajin...hehe..


Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)

I came across an advertisement in a local 'mystical' magazine about personal hygiene care products made using natural herbs. It was a one-page, small font write-ups about 'real-life' stories of people facing dangerous illnesses supposedly by using the normal, off-the-shelf products that we use everyday.

I checked the ingredients of the products we have inside our bathroom and of course, most of them (even baby products for Daniel) contain the very particular chemical that the advert said would cause the terminal illnesses (and the advise in the advert was supposedly coming from a medical doctor). I remember also receiving a mail about this chemical which was reportedly one of the causes of cancer a few years back.

So, I thought to myself, if really this chemical is dangerous, why doesn't the authority do something to prevent the manufacturers from using this chemical in their products?

Hence, I googled, and below are the results that I would like to share with you (bet some of you smart people knew this already... I am soooo SLOW...hehe)

From Wikipedia:
Sodium laureth sulfate, or sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES), is a detergent and surfactant found in many personal care products (soaps, shampoos, toothpaste etc.). It is an inexpensive and very effective foaming agent made by mixing sulfuric acid, monododecyl ester, and sodium salt

From Natural-Health-Information-Centre:

Both Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and its close relative Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are commonly used in many soaps, shampoos, detergents, toothpastes and other products that we expect to "foam up". Both chemicals are very effective foaming agents, chemically known as surfactants.

SLS and SLES are esters of Sulphuric acid - SLS is also known as "Sulfuric acid monododecyl ester sodium salt", however there are over 150 different names by which it is known. In fact, SLES is commonly contaminated with dioxane, a known carcinogen.

Although SLES is somewhat less irritating than Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, it cannot be metabolised by the liver and its effects are therefore much longer-lasting.

A report published in the Journal of The American College of Toxicology in 1983 showed that concentrations as low as 0.5% could cause irritation and concentrations of 10-30% caused skin corrosion and severe irritation. National Institutes of Health "Household Products Directory" of chemical ingredients lists over 80 products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Some soaps have concentrations of up to 30%, which the ACT report called "highly irritating and dangerous".

Shampoos are among the most frequently reported products to the FDA. Reports include eye irritation, scalp irritation, tangled hair, swelling of the hands, face and arms and split and fuzzy hair. The main cause of these problems is sodium lauryl sulfate.

Perhaps most worryingly, SLS is also absorbed into the body from skin application. Once it has been absorbed, one of the main effects of sodium lauryl sulfate is to mimic the activity of the hormone Oestrogen. This has many health implications and may be responsible for a variety of health problems from PMS and Menopausal symptoms to dropping male fertility and increasing female cancers such as breast cancer, where oestrogen levels are known to be involved.


From UrbanLegends.about:

Q: Is sodium laureth sulfate commonly found in shampoos and toothpastes?
A: Shampoos, frequently; toothpastes, occasionally. (It's much more common to find the harsher surfactant sodium lauryl sulfate in toothpastes.)

Q: Is sodium laureth sulfate known to cause cancer?
A: No. The chemical does not appear on any official list of known or suspected carcinogens.

Q: Is sodium laureth sulfate properly abbreviated as "SLS?"
A: No. The correct abbreviation is "SLES." People tend to confuse this compound with another: sodium lauryl sulfate, which is abbreviated "SLS." The two substances are related, but not the same.

Q: Is sodium laureth sulfate used to scrub garage floors?
A: No.

Q: What about the other one – sodium lauryl sulfate – is it used to scrub garage floors?
A: No doubt! SLS is a powerful surfactant (wetting agent) and detergent. It is used in both industrial cleaning products and, in lesser concentrations, personal care products.

Q: Is sodium lauryl sulfate commonly found in shampoos and toothpastes?
A: Yes, both. It's also found in shaving creams and other lathering products.

Q: Ah. Well, then, is SLS a known carcinogen?
A: No, it is not on any official list of known or suspected carcinogens. But it is a harsher chemical than SLES, which is why SLES is typically used in baby shampoos instead. Sodium lauryl sulfate is well known to be a skin and eye irritant and can cause dermatitis with prolonged contact in high concentrations. Results of some tests on animal tissues indicate that it's mutagenic — i.e., it may be related to abnormal cell mutations — though the evidence is inconclusive. Even so, scientists familiar with the substance insist it is not dangerous in the concentrations found in personal care products.

There you go. Get your facts right! And I personally think that trying to sell your products by scarying people off other competitions' products this way is SOOOO KEJI, ok?


Age and what does it make of you

I was watching Boyzone Reunion Concert in Manchester on Channel 808 Fiesta, when suddenly an SMS came in. It was from an old client, who then became a buddy but we haven't met in quite a long time. The SMS read "Happy Birthday and many happy returns from this day" to which I quickly replied "Not yet la dude. In another 10 days time. I am not so eager to become a year older yet" hehe..

Yes, I am counting the days (not so much counting la...dreading actually..hehe..) to be a 31 years old lady (ewwah!). And how does being in the 30s changed me? For one, I definitely think now I am much more mellow than before (dulu pun mellow gak tapi not as bad as nowadays, ok? hehe...) My tears can roll down very, very much easier nowadays, even while watching concerts ok? (so now you know that I cried a bit while watching Boyzone's concert just now...hehe..) I could also cry very easily while on the phone with Hubby. And to many more simple things that used to not bother me at all before.

I am also so much fatter than I used to be..hehe.. I blame it on pregnancy... kuikuikui... No lah...I blame it on my decreased metabolism rate (I used to be very skinny in my youth days, you know!) Pregnancy is such a wonderful time, and because of it, I have my precious darling now. The only thing to remember, should I decide to get pregnant again, is to control my diet while pregnant AND during confinement...(If my Hubby knows that I admit this, he would say "I told you so!") miahahahah!

Financially? More stable now that I am off most of my debts (study loans, credit cards bla..bla...) But I need to tune down on my spending (yeah, rite?) now that the economy is so gloomy yada yada yada..hehe.. OK, let's make that my 2009 resolution (cheh dah seminggu lebih 2009 baru nak ada azam..hehe)

Family and friends? I think I do not change in this matter. I have always been close to family and friends since way back when and I do not intend to change any of that.

Apa lagi ya? I couldn't think of anything else at the moment. So, YAY ME! I am turning 31! uhuk! uhuk! (dalam hati..hehe..)


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Second day and going strong..hehe...

This morning was not so much drama on waking up for school. Only cried a bit when I brushed his teeth (he hates teeth brushing so much!) Still prefer to sit on the backseat and said "Nani, bu bum car," to which I said "OK"

Reached school, the teacher asked me, "Dia tidur kat rumah dengan siapa?" "Dengan I'" I replied to which she said, "O, patutlah... Time nak tidur dia sensitif sikit" Hah????

So, I went to the car and stayed for a while until the morning assembly finished. Daniel was in front of one of the lines. A boy behind him put both his hands on Daniel's shoulders but he seemed unperturbed.

After assembly, I came out of the car, and went back inside the school compound. I just wanted to peek at what he was doing before going off. Suddenly, I saw him watching me with a smile from the grilled sliding door. Walked towards him and asked him to go play with his friends and teachers. He signalled me for a kiss (bibir muncung ala Angelina Jolie..hehe)

So I pun muncungkan bibir ala Angelina Jolie at one of the holes of the door grill and he kissed me goodbye. I said "Mummy balik ok?" to which he nodded his head with a smile. Then, he signalled me again for a kiss. This time he said "Nose!" while pointing to my nose. "Nak kiss nose Mummy?" I asked and he nodded his head. Then, he kissed me on the nose while I fought really, really hard not to cry in front of him. Tapi memang dah water ponding la mata... hehe...


Monday, January 05, 2009

Daniel's first day of school

It was quite difficult to wake him up this morning. Maybe because he slept quite late last night since his cousin Dhiya, Atuk and Nenek were still in the house. I was lucky that I do not have to report to work or I would have lost my patience while getting him ready to go to school...hehe... I just needed to concentrate my positive chi to control my temper and coax him to get ready for school...kekeke...

It didn't help that he said that he wanted to 'bu bum' after I dressed him up in his school uniform. Still feeling sleepy, I guess. It break my heart, actually, to 'torture' him like this. Sorry baby!

He insisted to sit on the backseat of the car instead of in front as what he normally would. With his bottled water he played quietly but when I glanced upon him, I saw him already lying on the seat. Poor, sleepy baby!

He asked me to 'angkung' (dukung - carry) him to the front door where all the other kids were getting ready for assembly. His teacher took him and his bag from me and I kissed him goodbye. He didn't flinch a bit. That's Mummy's brave boy. There were still kids wailing to go home and it seemed like the number of children had increased a bit. There were new teachers as well. There were also other Mummies like me, who were wiping away tears (but I didn't cry la..hehe...just felt a bit sad to part with my son jer...)

His group was placed in a room near to the dining area, which I couldn't really see from the windows. The teacher told me it was okay to leave when Daniel was having his cereal for breakfast. Maybe because there were still other kids crying for their parents who were leaving for work. Understandingly, I had to take my leave and went home.

Hubby was not very keen on the idea of me sending him to school so soon when Daniel is still so young and unable to speak properly yet. I pity him too, but I want him to have friends of his age to play around and develop his skills that I do not have any idea how to help him. It is a difficult decision, but I think my smart boy will love it and he will sure get the benefit from his Mummy's 'cruel' decision...

For now, I just have to take my mind off my beloved son, because I couldn't seem to. Keep wondering how is he doing and what is he doing now and how are the teachers taking care of him.. Aduii... It's only 11.30 am and I could only pick him up at 3.30pm... Lambatnya lagi...hihi....


Saturday, January 03, 2009

More bibiks stories

I was never raised by any bibik. It had always been babysitters outside of the house when my parents went working. And by the time my late brother was in primary one, I only went to babysitter's house for half a day because the other few hours till my parents came back from work, I was taken care by my late brother. I was only 3 years old at that time.

My younger sister and brother however, were taken care by the babysitter until they were schooling. Maybe because I started having full day of school (both primary school and sekolah agama) since primary one, so I got no free time to take care of them..hehe.. My late brother went to Terengganu for his secondary school, so yes, nobody could take care of them..hehe..

But I remember the chores that we (both my late brother and I) had to do after morning schools before we went to afternoon schools. Stuffs like clean the dishes, hang the clothes to dry, fold the dried clothes, throw out the garbage, clean up the house and so on. My Mum would write our schedules on a piece of masking tape and paste it next to the main door so that we could always refer to what we were supposed to do at what time.

Now that I come to think of it, no wonder both my late brother and I were so disciplined and independent compared to the other two siblings..hahahaha!

Back to bibiks' stories. I came to know recently that my cousin's bibik would lock the door to the house, leaving her youngest daughter, whom is the same age as Daniel, in the house while she went for a chit-chat with the neighbour's bibiks. And, my cousin didn't know about this until one day, her parents came down from JB for a visit and found out that the daughter was alone and locked in the house! Kantoi big time lah!

My cousin said, when she came here a few years back, she was all alone and suddenly now, she has a lot of relatives here in Malaysia whom she met all the time on her off days, which caused her to come back late at night or some times only the next day! Luckily her permit ends soon, and my cousin couldn't wait to send her back.

A friend's bibik ran away while she was at work, leaving her son (also same age as Daniel) crying alone in the house last year. Luckily her Chinese neighbour found out and called her at work!

I mean, don't these people have hearts or brains? How could you do that to small human beings? These people just don't care about others but themselves. And they were paid to take care of these children!


Bibiks of the world

Cheh! Macam happening jer post title tu..hehe..

Recently, my MIL lost her handphone. Being a good DIL that I am (chewwah! hahaha...masuk bakul sat), I went and bought her a new one. Nothing fancy, just enough for her to make and receive calls.

I visited MIL and the rest of the family during Eidul Adha. My SIL's bibik (whom we all called bibik) suddenly stopped me and asked about the handphone that I bought for MIL. She said she had always wanted to buy a handphone because it would make it easier for her to be reached by her children and also for her to call them up. I remembered during the first few times that I visited my SIL's place when she had just started working there, she had asked me about handphones.

My mind quickly went to a YM session that I had with Melly about her bibik and the handphone. A classic case of maid with handphones that made her oblivious to the chores that she needed to do while hogging on to the handphone.

Told my SIL's bibik that she should ask my SIL to buy her the phone instead of me. She asked me not to tell her about her plan. Aiks! I wouldn't want to be her accomplice! Kang apa-apa jadi aku pulak yang disalahkan! So, I basically ignored her although I felt a bit bad for her. Discussed about this with Hubby, and he said that we would tell my SIL, which I forbid, because I was afraid that the bibik might get into trouble if my SIL found out about her plan. And of course the bibik would know that I leak the secret because she only told me!

I remember that my last SIL's bibik had her own handphone and my SIL had no problem with that. But then again, the last bibik was an angel of a bibik! So small she was, but she took her responsibilities in stride! She was the bibik that all of us dreamed of in a bibik. I would take her anytime should she wish to come back and work here..hehe..

This one, though not half as good as her, but she is not too bad compared to some other bad bibiks stories that I have heard before.

Aisehh! Sungguh complicated...hehe...


Friday, January 02, 2009


2008 year end was filled with activities, travels and vacations. For vacations, the key was: SHORT DISTANCE TRAVEL...hihi.. Nevertheless, we had great times as those were the only times that we enjoyed quality time together as a big family. The only regret was that Hubby was not around to join in the fun.

Air Terjun sungai Kroh, FRIM, Kepong

Air Panas Pedas Wet World, Negeri Sembilan

A' Famosa Resort, Melaka

More photos in my FB.. And looking forward to trips while Hubby's home and also the PD trip with Hubby's family during CNY long weekend.


Friends and and their marriages

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been informed by friends who were having some sort of problems in their marriage lives. Strange enough, all of them were the husbands. There was this friend from long, long ago, who had divorced the same wife for the second time and was contemplating reconcilliation but stopped halfway because he was not totally sure that he wanted to go down the road again with the same ex-wife. And along the way, came a long-lost lover, whom has also recently got divorced with 3 kids, and he was seriously considering a marriage with this woman albeit the 'package'

Another friend, whom I see as happily married with a kid, was recently being hunted by a long-lost, still single, lover. I didn't really understand the equation here. What's the ex-lover's motive? Why did this friend obliged to the conquest? What would happen if the wife knows of the situation? (By the way, I am acquainted with his wife)

The third friend, who ditched a woman he said he loved and married another, with whom he got a few kids, came back to hunt the ditched woman (whom by now had already married another guy), requesting her to become his secret lover. Complicated? You bet! Understanding the situation had already make my head went spinning...hehe..

I've heard of middle age crisis. But my friend are all in their 30s. What causes all these complications? Is there really a quarter life crisis as well?

For now, I can only be their ears. Offered some of my thoughts, but not going to do more than that. Will just look and see what will happen and hope for the best for all of them.


Interesting news that I came across while bloghopping

Nombor Satu (From mckk.edu.my):

Students of Malay College Kuala Kangsar and Tunku Kurshiah College may soon choose if they want to sit for the International Baccalaureate (IB) or the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia.

The IB diploma programme can be used for entry into major universities around the world.

Education Minister Datuk Seri Hisham­muddin Tun Hussein announced that both schools would be offering the IB from 2011.

Nombor 2 (From MatSBP):

Pada pilihan raya kecil diadakan Ogos setiap tahun, pelajar Tingkatan Empat akan mengambil alih teraju kepemimpinan pelajar sekolah menggantikan senior mereka di Tingkatan lima yang menghadapi Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).

Jika sebelum ini proses pemilihan hanya melalui cadangan, ucapan umum dan undian rahsia seperti pilihan raya sebenar, bermula tahun ini, senarai calon bakal menjawat ketua pelajar, timbalan dan sebagainya disenarai pendek untuk ditemu ramah wakil guru, Persatuan Ibu Bapa dan Guru (PIBG) serta Persatuan Pelajar Tua.

Temu ramah seumpama adalah yang pertama dijalankan untuk pemilihan pemimpin peringkat sekolah di negara ini. Pelaksanaannya dibuat selepas Pengetua TKC, Che Kamaliah Endud, mendapat idea ketika melawat dua sekolah di London bersama pengetua sekolah kluster, Februari lalu.

Dalam bidang R&D pula, Che Kamaliah berkata, pelajar TKC berjaya menghasilkan ubat pencegah ulser perut menggunakan akar pokok kadok, yang turut memenangi pertandingan Inovasi Sains peringkat kebangsaan pada 2007 dan ketiga kategori berkumpulan Pertandingan Kejuruteraan Sains Antarabangsa Intel di Atlanta, Amerika Syarikat.

“Kami juga banyak memenangi pertandingan lain sama ada peringkat negeri mahupun kebangsaan, antaranya mereka laman web bertajuk Penyu; Spesies yang Terancam anjuran Think.com, Formula 1 dan perangkap tikus tanpa menggunakan umpan.

Info Kolej Tunku Kurshiah

a. Nama asalnya Malay Girls College ditubuhkan pada 1947 yang terkenal dengan penguasaan bahasa Inggerisnya, adalah sekolah berasrama penuh pertama khusus untuk perempuan dan kedua tertua di negara ini.
b. Terkenal dengan prestasi cemerlang dalam pelbagai bidang disertai pelajar sama ada secara individu atau berkumpulan.
c. Menukar nama kepada TKC sempena nama Raja Permaisuri Agong pertama, Almarhum Tunku Puan Besar Kurshiah selepas berpindah dari kampus asalnya di Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, ke Seremban pada 1962.
d. Dipilih sebagai sekolah berasrama penuh terbaik kokurikulum untuk tempoh lima tahun berturut-turut hingga 2007.
e. Sekolah nombor satu dalam keputusan PMR 2007 dengan tiga subjek semua A iaitu Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Inggeris dan Sejarah.

I was actually looking up for the school's standing in the 2008 PMR Exams. Anybody has any clue/info? hehe..

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Wishing all of you another prosperous and happy year of 2009. May all your wishes and resolutions come true..

As for myself, I am very much looking forward to these dates in January 2009:

Jan 5th: Daniel starts school

Jan 15th: Hubby schedule to return home from HCMC- FOR GOOD!

Jan 18th: My 31st year on earth at exactly 12.06pm

Jan 24th: My Dad's 57th birthday

Jan 24th-27th: PD trip with Hubby's family

Jan 27th: CNY celebration with my Chinese family

I am still trying to fit in more short vacations during the 2 weeks that Hubby is scheduled to be home before going off again. REALLY, REALLY hope that my plan to accompany him on his stint in UK to become a reality. Aaamiiinnnn...