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Friday, June 06, 2008


It is not that easy..

In about 3 days time, InsyaAllah we will be heading to Jeddah, Madinah and Mekah to perform the Umrah. This will be our second time performing Umrah, being the first time when my late brother was still around in 1998. The troop this time will consists of my dad, my mum, myself and my son, my sister, her husband and daughter and also her parents in law. I am a bit sad because Hubby couldn't tag along because of his work schedule. So does my youngest brother who had just started work and couldn't take leave.

I would like to take this opportunity to seek forgiveness from all of you whom I might have wronged. Maaf Zahir Batin and halalkan segalanya, ok?

When you have decided to go, it is not like when you plan to go for overseas holidays where you can plan, pack and leave. This is a journey to become Allah's guest, and He decides whether He wants to welcome you or not. You got to have strong will power, and mental and physical preparation for this journey. It is not THAT easy.

There were a few hurdles that I had to overcome as it grew closer to the planned date. Alhamdulillah all were solved although I did rigorous running around all over the places for the past one month and at times I just wished i could give up. I must also mention that I have lost my 3 years old watch (received as wedding gift from Hubby) and my sister lost her handphone on the same day after we stopped for Asar prayer at a mosque in Muar the other day. Co-incidence? Maybe. But He knows the best.

Note to myself: Must do more Solat Taubat and istighfar

And to top everything, yesterday Hubby informed me that he will come home on the 12th, just 3 days after our departure for umrah. We will miss about a week to be together before I am scheduled to return on the 20th, InsyaAllah. And he will have to return to Ho Chi Minh on July 2nd. I am sad. Dugaan Allah, I have got to be strong.

For the mean time, kena kuatkan semangat, tabahkan iman. Fokus untuk jadi tetamu Allah. Semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan di sana, dan semoga kami semua selamat pergi dan selamat kembali ke tanahair. Amiiinnn...

Friends, please pray for us!

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Update: Muhammad Daniel Hafiz at 27 months

A recent photo of Daniel with his Pak Su at Cameron Highlands. Kena terrible rashes, so that explains the tepung gomak look

Lama tak update pasal anak Mummy yang sorang nih:

1) Still coudn't speak comprehensibly although he babbles non-stop
2) Very active and couldn't stay still in one place long enough
3) Loves Play House Disney Channel so much, he often conquers the TV remote day and night. His favourites are Mickey, Noddy and Pocoyo. We can sing Noddy's theme song together, but he will say "Hayee" instead of Noddy and will do the sound "Po Po Po" for the horn sound while I say the rest of the words (yang ni mak-mak yang selalu tengok Noddy je yang tau hehe)
4) Loves "Ijen" to the max (that's Vitagen to you and me)
5) Also loves Kooooo Tak! (that's air kotak)
6) Can call everybody in the family perfectly now, EXCEPT for Mummy. He calls me NANI. Budak bertuah!
7) Loves TAYAR/TYRES so much. I don't know where this comes from
8) Always complain of irritation in his left eyes. "Dih! Dih!," (for pedih) he would always say. I have brought him for check up but the Dr couldn't find anything wrong with the eye
9) Can differentiate types of car based on the cars that we own. He would go Atuk car, Nani car or Acu car when he sees similar types of cars on the road
10) His toys are filling up the house bit by bit
11) Is getting more comfortable with other people besides family members. He used to be TERRIFIED by non-family members
12) Weighs more than 12.5kg and stands up to 89cm
13) Sleeps very late everyday. Normally past midnight
14) Very MANJA (especially with his Atuk) and can be very stubborn at times
15) Knows how to demand something, but if we refuse, he wouldn't go ballistic. That's a good boy!
16) We have travelled far (just the 2 of us) i.e flights to meet Ayah, and recently driving down south to JB. So far, he has been a great companion and a hassle free travelling mate
17) Doesn't really favor swimming pools and such, but loves park a.k.a playground (tapi takut jugak nak main sebenarnya)
18) Says "Ta ciu" for "Thank you" and "Bai, ciyu cun" for "Bye! See you soon!"
19) Can count from one to ten but will surely avoid to say one and seven. Don't know why?
One = ??
Two = Two
Three = Ti
Four = Pour
Five = Pai
Six = Cik
Seven = ??
Eight = Eat
Nine = Nine
Ten = Ten
20) Can hum and sing bits of songs from the radio. Usually only the last word of the sentence but will head bang and dance at the same time
21) Loves balls and toy cars so much
22) Says 'pee' for plane

Dah tak ingat lagi list yang lain. Yang penting, I couldn't imagine my life without him. Mummy loves you SOOOOO MUCH!


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sad news

I was driving back from JB last Sunday night and was stuck in a massive traffice jam near Senawang when Eda rang. She sounded as if she was crying. "Dura, aku ada berita tak baik. Mak Ling meninggal petang tadi," she sobbed. I could feel the blood drained from my face and my hands started to shake on the steering. "Kenapa? Sakit ke?" I've never heard Ling said anything about her mum's illness. She was relatively young. "Accident. Kena langgar lori." Astaghfirullah! "Ko tolong la inform kawan-kawan lain ok?" Eda ended the phone call.The rest of the journey home seemed hazy.

Ling has been quite close to me throughout matriculation and university years until today. Although we have drifted apart a bit because of our own commitments for the past couple of years, we have always managed to meet and talk over the phone once in a while. Her dad is also my dad's colleague back in the office years ago. I have met her mum a couple of times and even had a few sleepovers at her mum's house.

The next morning, me and Ina went to ziarah the family. I invited my mum to accompany me and asked my dad to take care of Daniel at the house. Managed to speak to Ling over the phone when she was on the way to pick up the body from Serdang Hospital which conducted the post-mortem since it was a police case and classified as hit-and-run case.Met her there at about 8.30am, accompanied by her dad and a younger sister. It was such a sad day.

When we arrived at the bilik mayat, they haven't done the post mortem yet because they were waiting for the cops to arrive before beginning the procedure. While waiting for the cops to arrive, the Doc let the family to look at the body. Her mum looked just like she was sleeping. It was such a tearful scene. I decided to stay for moral support, although I know nothing that I do will ever be any comfort to the family. It was just as painful when we lost my brother in 2001.

The procedure was completed at about 11.30am, and we followed the kenderaan jenazah of Serdang Hospital back to her kampung in Beranang.

When we arrived there, many people had already gathered in the house to wait for the body. They proceeded with mandi mayat and so on. I had to take a leave shortly after reaching the house as I had to send my mum to her office in Port Klang. But not before hugging and consoling my dear friend whom had just lost someone very dear to her. Couldn't imagine if I was in her place. I am not ready for that yet.

Makcik Maimunah. May Allah bless your soul. May you be placed amongst the faithful people. And may all your good deeds and sacrifices in rising all your 10 children be rewarded by Allah with the greatest rewards. Amiin....


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Today marks the third year of our marriage and we are celebrating it by being separated from each other... Waaa! Waaa! Hubby's still in Vietnam developing other country while his wife and baby are being left out here! Sedih! Sedih!

Anyway, hoping for more years to come.. Semoga Allah panjangkan jodoh kami sehingga ke akhir hayat... Amiiin...

Happy anniversary, B.. I love and miss you so much!

Footnote: And I accidentally broke my glasses today. The screw holding the frame of the specs suddenly popped out and the right lense dropped to the floor. Arggh!