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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Babies of 2009

I realized that a lot of my friends are expecting new babies in 2009. Just for fun and to make a list of future daughter-in-law (kwang 3x), I want to make a list of these friends who will be receiving their bundles of joy in 2009, insyaAllah. In random order:

1) Eda
2) Dyda
3) Elly
4) Ainnal
5) Zizie
6) Widie
7) Raz (sudah selamat dapat baby girl.. Ariessa yer? congrats Raz!)
8) Rina
9) Ziah
10) Nina (not Nahlah, in case you are wondering..hehe..)
11) As(mahani)
12) Zeti

Sapa lagi ek? Couldn't think of anybody else la pulak. List ni nanti kena update pulak on the gender of the babies..hehe...


Points to ponder

Received this recently and would like to share it you, my readers. I sympathized to all effected by the incident, but due to some of them who thought that they were a class higher than anybody else in God's eyes made a lot of outsiders (me included) felt less sympahtetic and more disgusted. Even some of them effected by the incident declared that they were not in the same league as 'the other group!' I think the local media stopped news about this incident after a few days. Maybe the media also couldn't stand their ego? hehe..

Assalamualaikum.. Ape pun gua minta maaf kalau kat sini ada yang terasa dengan ape yang gua nak luahkan.. Bukan niat gua nak kutuk ape pun..cume gua rasa terpanggil dengan sikap ORANG-ORANG KAYA kat BUKIT ANTARABANGSA tu!

Wah!!! Bukan main lagi lu orang...rumah juta-juta...Harta juta-juta...buat rumah pun atas bukit..Kenapa buat rumah atas bukit?..Konon-konon darjat tinggi la...sama tinggi dengan malaikat?..sama tinggi dengan Nabi?..Ke nak privacy?..Atau memang taknak campur dengan masyarakat?...Gua tengok kebanyakkan orang meLAYU..tapi gua heran jugak...rumah juta-juta...harta juta-juta...tapi tempat nak mengadap Ilahi kecil je?...Sebab apa?...


Bukan main dasyat lagi bantuan makanan pun dari hotel 5 bintang...sebab nak bagi MANGSA-MANGSA yang KAYA makan!.Kalau kawasan runtuh tu jadi pada rumah setinggan...ada dapat ke makanan dari hotel 5 bintang ni???... Nasi bungkus lu orang buang bagi babi makan?..nasi bungkus ape standard...Sebab apa?...


Gua lagi tambah sakit hati bila ada pemimpin datang nak jenguk...nak tengok-tengok lu orang...tapi lu maki apehal?...Lu dah bagus sangat ke nak maki orang?..Pemimpin atau wakil rakyat nak datang nak tengok rakyat...tapi lu maki sebab tak tolong kerabat lu angkat barang!..Lu sibuk pasal lu punya barang...ada lu pikir pasal TUHAN???...Sebab apa lu jadi macam ni??


Lagi satu hal yang pemimpin dok bagi sumbangan..bukan sikit..tapi puluh ribu..!!...nak cakap b**doh tapi jadi menteri...tapi pikir balik memang b**doh pun!..lu dah tau yang duduk atas bukit tu bukan orang miskin!..duit ada berjuta...lu ada pikir rakyat yang tak ada rumah?..yang tak makan?...Rakyat yang ada rumah macam dah nak roboh??..Sebab apa???


Lu orang boleh terpekik terlolong macam hilang akal sebab rumah juta-juta ranap!...ada lu orang nak beristighfar?..Gua jadi heran ada makhluk macam lu orang!..Pasukan penyelamat nak tolong pun dah cukup bagus!..tapi yang lu nak maki dorang apehal?..Lu nak saman apehal?..Sebab apa??


Lagi gua tambah heran bila lu orang nak saman PBT...yang lu buat rumah atas bukit tu sapa suruh??..Nak pampasan???..JANGAN HARAP!..cukup baik la MB Selangor bagi penginapan kat hotel..Tak bersyukur lagi???...Itu tanah persendirian...lantak lu la nak buat rumah...tapi bile dah ranap lu sibuk nak saman??..Sebab apa?..


Gua bukan dengki pasal lu kaya..peduli ape lu kaya!..lantak lu la..tapi lu kene ingat...ada yang lagi Maha Kaya...ada yang lagi Maha Besar...



Our recent 'Jalan-jalan, Makan-makan' session

Myself, Nisajay and Daniel went for our jalan-jalan makan-makan session when she bunked at my house recently.. Tapi yang ni jer sempat snap gambar..hehe..

Venue terakhir jalan-jalan makan-makan session

Tengah tunggu food from Aunty Nisa

Mummy and Daniel

Nyum nyum... Sodap la... hehe..

Mr Prawn and Mr Crab tengah berenang dalam jacuzzi

Siap sedia untuk diratah... yeehaaa!


Pengantin di sana sini

We attended all these weddings during this current school holidays..


I hate to see this happens

This is quite a recent photo of my beloved darling baby. He has been asleep since about 6.30pm yesterday and never woke up for dinner. I had let him drink his milk in his half asleep state just now so that he wouldn't be so hungry throughout the night or get a bloated tummy.

He was actually quite sleepy when he threw his tantrums right before going to sleep just now. My parents were going back to their pad after spending the long weekend here at my house with my niece whom they temporarily took care while my sister was working for these past few days because my Mum took the long year end holiday. Mum told me that Daniel wanted to 'go Nenek house' and although reluctantly at first to let him leave me all alone in the house, I obliged in the end because he repeatedly said that he wanted to go.

So, I packed his stuffs: formula can, ribena concentrate, milk bottles, diapers, a few pairs of clothing and he was all set to go. Except that he wanted ME to go with him to my Mum's house. I was actually not in the mood to go anywhere but lay in bed the whole day (I even cancelled my needed trip to the bank to transfer some payment to my supplier) because I was just feeling lazy to do anything but lazy around.

Daniel, on the other hand, had started wailing and saying "Nani go! Go Nani" which meant that he wanted me to follow him to Nenek's house. We even took a round trip around the neighborhood in my Dad's car to calm him down, but as soon as we reached my house to drop me off, he started wailing again. When I wanted to pull him out of the car, he insisted that he wanted to follow my Dad! I finally managed to calm him down by giving him his drink, but as soon as the car moved out of my front gate, his screams got louder. It was a classic case of "Diluah mati mak, ditelan mati bapa" ok?

I just hate to watch him had to choose between all the people that he loves. Sometimes he does this at bedtime, when in a second he want to "Sleep Atuk" but the next moment, he would jump out of the bed he shares with my parents and say he wants to "Sleep Nani." But most of the time, he gets really smart by asking my parents to "Sleep Nani" as well. So, he gets to sleep with us all!

I just wish that he doesn't have to choose to be with which people he loves. But, we were on our own now and he has got to learn somehow that he couldn't always get what he wants in life. It's just that he is still too small to learn about it. And as long as we are able to accommodate to what he needs, we shall do our best to oblige...


Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New Year 1430H!

Let me wish you all Salam Maal Hijrah 1430H. Yes, I know that I have been ignoring this blog for a long, long time. I have so many things to share, yet I was so busy (and lazy) to update this blog. Blame it on everything else but me...heheh!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank a special soul, whom I have never met and yet to get to know with, who was kind enough to acknowledge that she follows my humble (and boring) blog. And took her time to write to me and reminded me that I have been lagging on updating my blog because she likes reading my humble (and boring) life story. So, this post after a loooong hiatus, is specially dedicated to you, dik! And I hope someday, our paths will cross in our real lives..

To me, 2008 passed by in a jiffy. I have never really felt like I have gone through a whole year living separately with dearest Hubby. Could it be the reason why I felt that 2008 passed by so quickly? I am not so sure. A lot of things happened in 2008; a lot of happy moments, a lot of sad moments, a whole lot of problems- some of them resolved and some still hanging in the air, waiting to be solved. Most of the time I would like to think that I managed to get through everything on my own. But there were too many times that I broke down silently on my bed, contemplating on what to do to solve the heart-wrenching problems that I couldn't share with the ones close to me. There is still a particular problem that I have not managed to solve, and as much as I want to forget it, it will come and haunt me from time to time, making me want to go far, far away where nobody could find me so that I can pretend that nothing is wrong.

Through it all, I am feeling really blessed that I have a special someone, who is always there for me even when he doesn't even realize it. When my parents were not around, and Hubby was so far away, he has always been the one to keep me going on. I am really grateful to Allah for His special gift to me, this special little person. Sometimes, when I couldn't control myself, and broke down in tears with him in the room, he would always come to me, ACTUALLY wiped my tears away without even knowing or understanding what he was doing or why I cried in the first place!

Aiseh! I have not intended the first post after my long absence to be a mushy-mushy one, but I guess my heart is not in the right place at the moment..hehe... Let's hope my next post will be a little brighter than this one!

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