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Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm back!!!

Yeah! It's been quite a while since I last wrote anything here.. Have lots of things to say, but was just too lazy to type them out.

I am back at my PH house. We are slowly returning to our previous routines here, plus and minus some stuffs. I have lots of stuffs to be cleared out of the house i.e expired foodstuffs, old newspapers and magazines, Daniel's broken toys etc. In fact, that was what I have been doing for the past week and they shall continue indefinitely. My garden is quite messy, but I just couldn't bring myself to tend to that yet.. Many of my flower plants perished during my absence. Sedih...

In a blink of an eye, it has suddenly been 3 weeks since we return to the homeland. And I am sorely missing my other half who is still in the UK. His application for work permit extension has been rejected (after about 2 months waiting) because the HO said that he did not attach his photos. Duh!! If he really didn't submit the photos, his HR would have noticed and informed him earlier, man!! So, he had to resubmit the application, and now have to wait for indefinite time for the approval. Which also means that he will not be able to utilize his 3 weeks rest period to return home until the application is approved. It sucks!!!

I have been meeting my long-lost primary school friends since I returned home, thanks to FB. It feels like yesterday that we left the primary school, and strangely, we never felt odd, although we have not seen each other for the past 20 years! Must arrange a proper reunion soon. It should be a blast!!

The Little Highness is also adjusting well to the old surroundings. Clingy still, and manja more. He loves to spend time with his Atuk, Nenek, Aciks, Acu and Cousin Dhiya. But my problem now is, when we are about to leave my parents' house (or my parents are about to leave our house after visiting), he would cry like there's no tomorrow. He wants us all to be in the same place together with him. I always ask him to follow Atuk and Nenek to their house, because his Aciks and Cousin Dhiya would be there too, but he would always insists that I follow him too. Hangin jer!!!

Not only that, even if we were all going to the same place but in different cars, he would cry if he couldn't see his Atuk's or Acu's or Aciks' car in front or behind our car! I always try to be patience, but sometimes, his antics really got to my head! Geram betul!!!

My sister sat with him on a journey to a dining place last night, and she complained that Daniel talks non-stop, her head hurt... hehe... It was just a 30 minutes drive, sis! Imagine what I have to endure....wakakakakak!!! Nasib baik anak sendiri...hehe....

Right now I am watching Man U and Liverpool's clash. Esok sure fans masing-masing saling kutuk-mengutuk...Bosan...Macam pasukan negeri sendiri pulak...huhuhu....