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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Hubby left for Melaka at about 6am, and I woke up with sealed left eye. It was red, itchy and swollen, out of the blue.. Went to a GP near my office since I have an appointment with my real estate agent there.. And yay! 2 days of sick leave aka MC!!

The meeting with the agent went smoothly and InsyaAllah if everything's OK, we will be getting a house soon. Pray that everything with go well, Amiin....

On the way home, dropped by a few banks to see what are the facilities that they can offer for SM business.. Nothing interesting came out of these tries.

By the time I got home, both eyes were red..heheh...Orang bagi MC suruh rehat/tidur, dia pergi merayau and drive around pulak!! Sempat went shopping for baby's birthday also...hihi...


Monday, February 26, 2007

Extra day!

Hubby couldn't wake up today because he stayed up late mengulit his PC..So, he called for emergency leave today...Means that Daniel and me got to spend an extra day with him..Yay!!

Even a small thing like this is considered a luxury nowadays that we are apart...


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bank lagi...

If you read my previous posts, you might have noticed that I complained a lot about a few banks in Malaysia. However, my visit to the OCBC Bank in Bandar Puteri, Puchong was hell of a good experience, and I do wish that all other banks offer the same courtesy as this particular bank.

I have never stepped inside any other OCBC banks branches, so I am really not sure whether it is the bank's policy or it is that particular branch's policy. When I first stepped in, I saw that a couple of children are playing on a playing mat placed on the floor near the banking counters. This is something that I have never seen before. Good...At least parents can do their banking needs in peace.

Shortly after I entered, a Chinese lady approached me and asked whether she could help in anyway? Told her that I need to know more about their housing loan packages, and immediately, someone came down from upstairs to entertain me. The officers were polite and humble. I immediately felt at ease, and combining with a good package that they are offering, I think you all know which bank I chose to get my home loan from..hehe..

Other banks should treat their customers like this also, you know. After all, we are giving them businesses. Doesn't matter that we loan them money first to purchase whatever we need, but this shouldn't make them arrogant and treat customers like beggars etc. With all the interests that we are all paying, it is only fair that we get good treatment and respect, kan?


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Translation? Or not?

If you have ever drove southbound towards KLIA on the EL*T* highway, you should have noticed a giant billboard of the most recently operating bank in Malaysia, originated from overseas (malas nak sebut, nanti obvious sangat pulak)

The billboard said these:




I don't know... They just don't seem to fit each other, if they were meant to translate each other.. Well, I am no Dr or what in linguistics, but with my limited vocabulary, I just think that there are better words to be used...

But then, maybe the BM words are not really the translations of the English words.. Just slogans used by the bank. But if they really are not, maybe they can put them in different ways so that people with limited English language skills like me don't get confused..heheh...


Friday, February 23, 2007

Hello Again!

Yup, I have been behind in updating this blog.. Had been very, very busy with things... Ibu Tinggal la katakan..hehe.. Bukan Ibu Tunggal ya, Tuan-Puan...Jangan silap baca pulak..

Work has been piling up...With all the unnecessary extras that I really hate to do... Takpe..Tahan sikit je lagi... Lepas company trip, Tata!! Oh yes, did I mention that we are going to Korea for this year's company trip? It's gonna be somewhere during the Labor Day holidays.. 6 days, 4 nights.. I did not want to go initially, but my colleagues were persistent (yep, I missed last year's Hong Kong trip and last 2 years' Bali trip).. Furthermore, this might be the last trip that I may join the company.. So, for the heck of it, just go lah... But, I will so miss my baby terribly.. Never been apart for more than 2 days...Sob..Sob.. And that reminds me that I have yet to renew my passport...haha...

I have also been busy hunting around for a good housing loan package...Yes, yes.. I know...Baru sekarang nak beli rumah? Just thought that I don't want it to be more hassle if I want to buy the house later (after I quit this job)... Documentations everything...That was why I was rushing to get it done..

Baby has grown very fast also...He's about to turn 1 year old already (and yet I am still with the excess fats from pregnancy! Duh!!) Have been tied with the party organizing.. Also alone, since the Ayah is not at home...Hmmmphhh...

I will try to get back the momentum again...So much I wanted to write here to express what are inside of me and let them outta my system...Bila diorang nak invent blogs that can read owner's mind and write away, huh?


Friday, February 09, 2007


I love February... It has nothing to do with the V day as we do not celebrate it (every day is a lovey dovey day maa?) But it is the month with the minimum working days with a full month salary.. Why don't we have more Februaries? hehe..


Thursday, February 01, 2007

The start of a long weekend..

Today is Thaipusam. Tomorrow I'm taking leave. So I have 4 days to clear my mind, reaccess and think carefully. Yay! 4 full days to spend with my baby.

We went to my Bangi house to collect our stuffs because my cousin sister is renting the apartment. Then, we dropped by Alamanda Shopping Centre for window shopping and dinner.

Called Hubby a few times but he did not pick up the phone. After a couple of tries, the phone went dead. Thought it was out of battery, so I just waited for Hubby to return my call.

He called when we were about to leave Alamanda using a fixed line phone. Aiks? I was surprised! Turned out that somebody in the office had stolen his IPAQ RW6828! I bought it for his last year's birthday and it was not cheap, man! Siapa yang cilok tu memang patut kena sula! hisy! Geram sungguh! Memang tak selamat la hidup dia...

So, after that, I had limited conversation and communication with Hubby. Damn pencopet!!! Terus takde mood..Boring!!

Anyway, photos of my baby darling...

Semoga jadi anak yang soleh dan taat...Amiin..