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Monday, January 25, 2010

The passing of Bibit...

Hwaaaa!!! I just wrote an entry about them cute bunnies and just now my brother arrived at home to tell me that Bibit had passed on. It was still alive when I went up for my Maghrib prayers just now but it was quiet as usual and not active at all. In fact it has been like that since my brother brought it home late on Saturday.

Had my brother dug up a grave for him at about 9pm just now and we buried it. I actually went to a vet clinic this afternoon to bring the rabbits for check up, especially for Bibit because it was not active and responsive, but the clinic was closed. Terkilan jugak ni... Sedihnya!!!!


Bibit and Bobot

They are the latest additions to our small family. Daniel was ecstatic when his Acu brought home the two cute rabbits because he has been pestering me for 'bunny' since we were in Nottingham. I do not have a clue which is male and which is female, but I named one Bobot because it's bigger, has better appetite and more active. Bibit is the complete opposite from Bobot, and I am quite worried it.

Officially, I have more things to do now that we have those two on top of an aquarium full of new fishes that I bought with Nisa the other day. Hopefully they can occupy some of my lonely times when the loves of my life are not around me.

So, today I went to Taipan to buy rabbit's shampoo and some other accessories. Then, I stopped for a bit at one of the banks there to deposit a cheque. When I came out of the bank, I was surprised to find an officer tying something to my side mirror. Aiseh!! I actually double-parked my car in front of the bank and I was inside for less than 5 minutes to deposit the cheque at the machine. You guys know what parking is like in the Taipan area, right? The officer saw me, and he untied the side mirror, but told me "Tapi itu compound sudah ada ya?" and I saw the hated piece of paper on my windscreen. Dang!!! It has been years that I last received any sort of summons or compounds. Blurggghhhhh!!!!

Immediately after that, I went to MPSJ to settle the compound. Got a parking space outside of the building, and walked a few hundred meters to the counter to collect the queue ticket. And I was taken aback again when my number would only be up after about 300 more people!!! Grrr!!! I took my lunch at the cafeteria inside the building and then proceed for my Zuhur prayers and still after all that, I have to wait for another 200 people. Adios amigos sahajalah jawabnya....Tak kuasa nak tunggu lagi... I have never had an experience waiting for so many people at any sorts of counters or government hospital even. Strange but true.... hehe....

And Daniel and I are both down with coughs and runny noses... *sigh*

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How did I celebrate my birthday yesterday?

By spring cleaning the house... Yes...What a nice way to celebrate. I didn't feel like it was my birthday in the first place. Maybe it's the age.. Maybe it's the fact that Hubby is not here to celebrate with me... *sigh*

Anyway, thanks a lot to my friends for the wishes in FB. It brightened up the day a little. And, I hope every doa that they said for me will be granted by the Almighty Allah...Amin ya rabbal a'lamin..

My best buddy Nisa came by the house for a sleep over last night and she is buying me lunch today. Wee hooooo!!! Thanks Babe!!!!!

For my birthday present, I wish my Hubby is here with me... Enough said... isk..isk...isk...


Friday, January 15, 2010

Getting older (and wiser, I hope)

I will be 32 in a few days time, InsyaAllah. I've never really cared about getting older or ageing, and I found no reason to keep my age a secret.

However, I do really feel very old when teenagers or high school kids call me aunty or mak cik. hehe... If small children, no issue. Maybe because I don't have high school going children yet, I think the term makcik is not really suitable....nyehehehe...


Monday, January 04, 2010

The first day of school 2010..

Just came back from sending Daniel to school this morning. He was kinda hyped up to go and woke up really early today. But, as soon as we reached the school, he started acting up and 'attached' himself to me. The previous year's teachers still recognised us although we were only there for 3 months last year. And some of Daniel's classmates were still in his class. But all these didn't help at all!

As soon as I untangled myself from his hug, he started wailing very loudly. I had to 'disappear' immediately because me being there would not help him to adjust. "Nak Mummy!! Nak Mummy!!" he cried wholeheartedly... And as usual, it shattered my heart to pieces. Rasa macam nak menangis sama kat situ...isk...isk....

I waited outside of the school compound until I couldn't hear his cries any more. And then only I left the school with a heavy heart. I know he would be ok, but I just couldn't help to feel sad...

So now I am home, alone, with the emptiness inside my heart and the deafening silence. Sedih betul!! Been keeping myself busy with house chores, especially the laundry. All the travelling on every weekend in December left me totally spent and the house in a shabby mess. Yes, house chores would definitely keep me busy and not to think of my loneliness at least until it is time for me to fetch the piece of my heart which I left this morning at the school...