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Monday, October 20, 2008

Entah apa-apa...

Normally, I listen to H*t.fm while driving. I rarely switch channels, except when the commercials are too long or too many. Speaking of which, commercials nowadays are either becoming too creative or downright dumb. Pardon me, commercial script writers, but allow me to jot down a few air commercials that came across my mind which read: WTH?

Note: Ayat-ayat mungkin tak sebijik-sebijik ikut the ads but the storylines are..

Commercial 1:

Woman: Eh Mr X (I cannot recall the names). Anak-anak awak semua menjadi ye lepas masuk Kolej XXX.

Man: Syukurlah. Si A dah jadi akauntan. B jadi bla bla.. C pulak dah bekerja di bla bla sebagai bla..bla...

Woman: Tapi saya tak mampu.. (suara sedih)

Man: Yuran pendahuluan di Kolej XXX cuma RMXXX. Ada pinjaman, komputer riba bla..bla lagi untuk yang layak.

Woman: Eh, ye ke? Jom ikut saya hantar D ke Kolej XXX sekarang!

My verdict: WTH? Apesal pulak nak ajak bapak orang lain hantar anak awak daftar kat kolej? Bapak D mana?

Commercial 2:

Woman: Tergesa-gesa nampak. Ada buah hati menunggu ke?

Man: Rumah baru lah buah hati saya. Tak sabar rasanya nak berehat di ruang tamu yang penuh gaya, ruang makan yang indah bla bla...

Woman: Eh! Saya pun nak ikut sama lah!

My verdict: WTH? Ape hal nak ikut balik rumah orang? Takde ke punch line lain yang lebih bagus dan sesuai?

Itu saja buat kali ni.. When I come across bad commercials, I will comment again here, ok? hehe..


This morning..

I was just about to start watching Grey's episode 3 & 4 of the season 5 after Subuh prayers just now when Daniel suddenly woke up.

Daniel: Nani! Noning! (While pointing to the windows)
Mummy: Oh yes. It's morning.
Daniel: Noning Nani!
Mummy: Morning Daniel!
Daniel: Noning! (Now pointing towards the night lamp) Totop!
Mummy: Oh? Morning kene tutup lampu tidur ya?
Daniel: *Smiled sheepishly*


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tyre obsession

I have mentioned before that Daniel is quite obsessed with cars and ESPECIALLY tyres. There is a tyre workshop near my house which we would pass by everytime we are going out. And everytime we pass by the shop, he would say, "Yaya!" and if it's night time, he would say "Yaya totop (kedai tayar tutup)."

There was one time when we went out with my ex-colleague from the old company and she was sending us back home. We passed by USJ and along the roadside of USJ 19 and above, there were a lot of tyre workshops. Daniel pointed to every tyre workshop and said "Yaya" everytime until my friend said "Wow! I have never realized that there are so many tyre workshops here until he pointed them out!" hehe..

The other day, Hubby, Daniel and I were having lunch at a bistro in Seksyen 27 Shah Alam when Daniel casually said out loud "Nani! Yaya!" while pointing to someone sitting in front of our table with his back turned towards us. Both Hubby and I turned to the direction Daniel was pointing, and burst out laughing at the same time. That guy was actually wearing a "BRIDGESTONE" t-shirt!


Thursday, October 16, 2008


Not much info on the net. All I know is, it is located in Nottinghamshire in England. It is a small town near Newark. Where is it? I have no idea.

From Tint:
STAYTHORPE, a township, in the parish of Averham, union of Southwell, N. division of the wapentake of Thurgarton, S. division of the county of Nottingham, 4 miles (W.) from Newark; containing 68 inhabitants. The township comprises by measurement 632 acres: the river Trent is about a mile from the village. The tithes have been commuted for £187. 9. There are some vestiges of a grange which belonged to the abbots of Rufford.

Rita should know more, issit? Have yet to contact her. Tint said Rita is in York, nearer to Staythorpe. Nins, you were in Aberdeen before, right? Have you heard about this small town? Tint said it's about 2.5 hours drive from London.

Kalau kat Malaysia tu, lebih kurang drive from my house to Hubby's hometown in Jasin lah...hihi..

This is where Hubby is going somewhere in Nov or Dec this year or Jan next year, InsyaAllah. Aduii!

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All good things must come to an end...

Yup, Hubby is going away again. We actually had longer time together than planned for the Raya holidays. Alhamdulillah for that. His passport was submitted for the visa application for his next assignment. Where to this time? Halfway across the globe! And this afternoon, we received news from his office that his visa is ready for collection, so this honeymoon need to be ended because he needs to return to HCMC to finish off his work there.

I want to follow him. I might, eventually. But, I need to settle many, many things here first before I can go with ease of mind. But then again, I might not be going after all. I don't know. Only time will tell, I think. We will definitely miss him sorely, because if I were to go also, he would go there first to survey the situation there. And during the waiting period? Hmm..

Communications will be difficult, because we would be in a totally different time zone. Haih! So many things to think about. We would be separated for 6 months until his next rest period. Lama tu! At least during his stint in HCMC, I went there after 3 months. Then he returned home 3 months later for his rest period. 3 months after that came the Raya holidays and he returned home. So, we have never really actually been separated for a whole 6 months. Aduiii....

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Belated Eidul Fitri Wishes

It is very late, I know. But I have been busy. And lazy. And sick! Salam Aidilfitri to all my friends and readers of this blog. Maaf Zahir Batin for all my wrongdoings and wrongwritings..hihi..

I had a blast this raya. Hubby returned home four days before Eid and I faced heavy traffic jam at the airport while picking him up! Seriously, the arrival lanes at the airport was jam-packed with vehicles. Rasa macam drive kat KL pulak. Maybe the traffic police bagi chance kut sempena Raya for all the cars to park at the two sides of the road outside the arrival gates. so, sempatla merasa sahur and buka puasa with Hubby for about 3,4 times. Alhamdulillah.

On the 29th day of Ramadhan, we had iftar outside. So, I planned to cook a simple menu for our last sahur the next day. Dah siap bahan-bahan semua, I tried to turn on the fire on the gas stove, sekali gas habis la pulak! Mana pulak nak cari gas pukul 12 tengah malam ni? Thank God my brother had not returned home yet, so I called him to tapau some lauk for our sahur..hihi..

On the last day of Ramadhan pulak, adik went back to my parents house, so we had iftar outside again. This time at Alamanda, Putrajaya because we did our last minute shopping there. So, still no gas to cook anything at home. Nasib baik esok raya, so boleh balik rumah Mak to makan. Mana ada kedai makan bukak hari raya pertama ni. Tanak la makan KFC pulak masa raya kan? hihi..

This was the first raya that I left KL very late in the afternoon. Went to Mak's house at noon, and after salam-salam and makan-makan sessions, we went to visit Arwah Abang's 'house' for a bit of do'a. Then we went back to our home to pickup stuffs to bring back to kampung. And, we only took off from home at about 4 pm-ish. Pit-stop at Ayer Keroh for tea because I suddenly felt the urge to eat mee soup..hehe.. Only reached Jasin at about 7pm.

We were the only ones at PIL's house on Raya this year because all Hubby's other siblings went back to their respective in-laws'. So, secara automatic, I la sign kontrak buat air and layan tetamu..heh!

Oh ya! I was sick most of the time. Since the last two weeks of Ramadhan. First, it was fever. My throat hurt like hell for more than a week. Then it was sakit mata. I didn't go for any doctor's consult or prescription. Kinda let my body to fight all it may. I tried taking a cough syrup once during sahur on one of the most painful days of the sickness, and I felt worse! I couln't even do anything the whole day but lie down. Alhamdulillah, by the eve of Raya, all the sickness was gone. But, on the second day of Syawal, my sakit mata returned! Whadda? And as soon as it got better, the flu virus attacked. Urggh! Also, I let my immune system worked overtime because I was too lazy to go to the clinic for any medicine. Still having saki-baki virus tu, but I was feeling better.

Until today. I was cleaning the house. Did some mopping and vaccuuming. Then, I rearranged some flower pots in the garden. Suddenly, a terrible pain shot up my back. Thought it was nothing serious. My PIL came for a short visit on their way back to Jasin from my SIL's house and I managed to finish the laundry and fried some beehoon for them. I also managed to cook lunch after they left.

Had lunch with Hubby, and by the time I tried to stand up from the dining table, I nearly fell off the chair from the pain in my back! I must have over strained my back by then. I really couldn't get up and actually cried at the table in pain until Hubby and Daniel panicked. Daniel sibuk datang peluk Mummy while I wailed in pain. Hubby finally managed to pull me out of the dining chair and made me lay down on the carpet in front of the telly. I couldn't move a bit! Lucky Hubby was still at home. If not, I didn't know what would happen. After rubbing some ointment, I slept in the hope that the pain would go away. It lessen a bit after a few hours of laying still. But I can still feel the pain as I am typing now. Better stop now.

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Happy Birthday, Izza!

Izza is my younger sister. She turns 26 today. This also marks the last birthday for our family this year. No more birthdays after this until someone turns 31 next January. Ouch!

Happy Birthday, sis! May all your wishes come true. Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki dan dirahmati Allah selalu.

Have yet to think of what to buy for her present. Fulus pun dah takdak ni perabis masa raya...huhu...