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Monday, December 21, 2009

Peace maker...not?

What is your reaction when somebody picks up a fight with another in public? Will you step in the middle of the confrontation and try to be the peace maker? Or, would you pick a side and cheer the fight on?

In a way, I am very much alike with Hubby on this aspect. When we are within sight of a fight, we glance at the scene, try to finish whatever we are doing at that moment as quickly as we could and disappear from the scene just as fast. We wouldn't bother with the details of the fight, let alone try to be the peace maker between the fighting people.

Reason: We don't like to amuse ourselves with strangers' businesses. And, we also fear for our safety, because a small fight could really become a huge unwanted incident. So, the best option for us is to elude the scene. And, though as normal human being, sometimes we just couldn't resist the juicy (or stupid) details of the fight's cause, but we always chose to back away.. hehe....

And why am I writing about this? Some couples picked up a fight at a fast food restaurant at Ayer Keroh Overhead Bridge when we came back from my MIL's house last week. We quickly finish our food and took off, and when I asked Hubby why were they fighting (since I had my back to the scene and Hubby was watching), he said "Orang tu marah sebab lawan dia tu kata ayam orang tu kecik." Suka hati dia je buat spekulasi... hahaha.....

Oh ya, I did hear some one trying to stop them from fighting saying, "Eh! Kenapa bergaduh? You orang sama bangsa pun mau bergaduh ka?" hehe.... Some peace making lines, eh?

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The end of a nice fortnight..

The best fortnight we've had for quite a long time now, indeed... Hubby returned to Nottingham on a 2 am EK flight just now, leaving Daniel and I at the airport, mourning for the loss family time yet again.

I am just not on the right mindset today. Have tonnes of work to be done, but all I can think about is just to sleep away my sorrow... Duh!!!!!


Friday, December 04, 2009

Ouch!! and Yayy!!!

Coming back from a week holiday to Johor for a friend's and a cousin's weddings on 2 consecutive weekends and Aidil Adha celebration left the 3 out of 4 of us being unwell. Abah was down with high fever and after much persuasions, he went for a treatment at a clinic near to my house and was further referred to HTAR for further observation. Found out that his platelets level was below normal and he was on drip although not warded. And he had to come for a platelet count check everyday until the doctor is satisfied that his platelets count is normal again.

My son got the conjunctivitis from one of his cousins while we stayed overnight at my PIL's house. And he also got a fever which I managed to control with the pharmacy's Nurofen and the cooling sheets. He is recovering well and surprisingly I had no problem when I needed to put the eye drops into his eyes. Such a good boy! I remember the struggles we had to endure when my sister was in primary school and my mum needed to put eye drops in her eyes. It took 3 of us (my mum, myself and my late brother) to hold her still!!! hehe....

And yesterday, I finally caught the virus. And mine was more severe than Daniel's. My head was throbbing, my eyes were blurry and swollen and when I lower my head for a bit, my eyes felt like they were about to be removed from their sockets! I was totally defeated, and got so little energy to take care of myself, let alone to take care of my little highness. Luckily, my parents dropped by the house yesterday in the late afternoon, so I packed a few of his clothes and sent him over to his Atuk and Nenek's house.

When I called him last night, I asked him whether he was enjoying his stay there. He said yes. And when I asked him "Don't you miss Mummy?" his reply was "Hmmm... How about if I go to your house tomorrow?".... heheh!!!!

Hubby's work permit problem is finally resolved and he is coming back for his holiday tomorrow!!! Yay!! His leave application for 14 days was cut down to 10 days only by the site manager, though. Bummer!!! The 14 days application would have been coincided with the Christmas and New Year break so we would have a longer time together. Urgghhh!!!

Well, at least I have something nice to look forward to apart from nurturing myself back to health.. Alhamdulillah....

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