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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Have you written yours yet?

I haven't.

Though lately, the idea keeps toying in my head. I mean, life is so short and uncertain, eh? Not that I have a lot of assets and money, though...hehe..

I have named my beneficiaries for my KWSP (what was left inside it, anyway because I kept transferring it to UT) and insurance policies. But the rest of what I have, no.

What will happen to the house, car, cash, company assets and cash when I'm called upon by Allah The Almighty? I would certainly want them to benefit my son for his future. Hubby? Nanti dia kawen lagi susah la....haha....

I recently received a form from Amanah Raya offering the service at RM200 (since I am a Bank Islam credit card holder). I think it is a good offer and came just in time when I was thinking about the whole thing. Might just going to grab the opportunity but then I am not sure whether they can make it in time (I mean the processing and the will writing would surely take time, right?) before I take off to UK. Furthermore, I have not yet finalize all that I have and who should have them when I die into a proper list on paper. Or would they do this on behalf of me? Hmm...

Have you written yours yet?

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