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Monday, January 10, 2011

Quality vs quantity

I'm back after hibernating hehe..

Been too pre-occupied with life that I had to abandon the blog although many a time, I have pictured myself blogging my thoughts inside my mind.

Aaaanyways, saja nak share my thoughts in the recent reports about a wife's complaint that her husband wanted a divorce just because he wanted to marry a foreign housemaid, citing the reason that he wanted out of the marriage was because her b@@bs were no longer attractive. She reasoned that she needed to BF all her children, tu pasal jadi camtu...

Lepas tu hari2 ada follow-up reports about wives yang banyak anak but can still maintain body bergetah sampai ke usia emas dan perkahwinan kekal bahagia sebab pandai jaga body, makan jamu, cakar harimau blabla... And they called these wives, 'Super wives'

What crap was all that about?

1) Alasan b@@bs dah tak kenyal dan mantap tu cuma sebab tak ada sebab lain dah agaknya. Orang kalau dah nak sangat sesuatu, memang ada je alasannya. Kalau body mantap macam primadona sekalipun, kalau suami nak menggatal kat orang lain pun tak boleh nak buat apa..

2) What makes a wife 'super?' Adakah the ability to breed like rabbits makes you super? And kalau anak berderet dan body masih mantap tapi anak2 tak berapa nak menjadi, should people label you super?

3) Dah tak ada berita lain ke nak sensasikan? Duh!




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