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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I was shocked when some people expressed their interests to buy some of my company's share. Wow! The feeling was amazing! I was stumped! Alhamdulillah. People are recognizing my effort. Alhamdulillah. He's the Greatest.

I don't know. The feeling was exhilirating! Terasa macam bermain politik bisnes lak. And I was scared also. Scared of the bad possibilities. The good thing is it might help us grow. The bad thing is, we might be toppled out from our own blood and sweat later. Takuuut!!!

And, alhamdulillah. If nothing else goes wrong, we will be getting the order that we have been working on for quite some times already. And to a company which is new like us, it is HUGE! I wouldn't want to disclose the figure, but I must say it is really, REALLY pleasantly a lot..hehe.. ALHAMDULILLAH...


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Adventure of SuperDaniel: The Story Part I

I decided to go to KL by public transports to avoid the traffic. And Nisa somehow warned me about the emerging riots and the road blocks all around KL. So, I took Daniel to the nearest commuter station (walking distance from Mak's temp home), parked my car and proceeded to take out all the things that we will be needing for the trip. Upon reaching the ticket counter, I began to think a hundred times. I needed to climb up 5 steps. I think I can drag the stroller with Daniel up. Problem solved. Another problem rose: Either I take the overhead crossing or cross the railway tracks. I am not willing to risk our lives to cross the tracks, so I needed to climb up the overhead crossing- with the BIG, BULKY stroller and Daniel.

I thought to myself: There was still quite some times until the next train arrive. I could take my time dragging everything up and down the stairs. The train going back will be stopping by this side, so no problem for me later in the evening. OK. Up we go!

I unstrapped baby, climbed up the first flight of stairs, and put him down on the first landing. Asked him to stay put, face the stair handle and hug the beam. He obliged (hehe) so I proceeded downstairs to pick up the stroller. LUCKY US! As I was just about to drag the stroller upstairs, a gentleman KTM staff offered to help me carry the stroller. Alhamdulillah. I couldn't thank him enough. He crossed the tracks carrying the stroller (dia takpela..Memang tempat kerja dia). The other waiting passengers just looked at us with smiles on their faces. I just smiled back (bukan rugi pun), drenched in sweat.

The train came, and we hopped in. I just realized that the commuter is not so disabled-friendly. The floor of the train is much higher than the platform, so it was kinda difficult to get inside if you are using a wheelchair. I never realized this before (how ignorant?). Daniel was quite edgy at first, but he soon fell asleep along the journey.

We arrived in KL Sentral about an hour later. We changed trains and it was quite packed inside the Putra LRT. Daniel was scared the first time we took the LRT a couple of weeks back and refused to sit in his stroller, but this time, he just asked me to hold his hand.

We reached Wangsa Maju Station where Nisa was waiting. Another problem: The elevator was under repair. We needed to take the staircase down. No choice. I unstrapped baby, went down the first flight of stairs, put him down, and asked him to hold a beam. He obliged again- that's Mummy's boy! As I was climbing the stairs to claim the stroller, 3 school girls came to my rescue. Alhamdulillah. They offered to bring down the stroller. Pandai cikgu dan mak bapak kamu ajar kesedaran sivik. Thank you adik-adik!

We proceeded to Melawati, where we had actually wanted to go to a particular bank but it was closed for Friday prayers. So, we had lunch at a nearby restaurant where Daniel refused to sit in the high chair. Finally, at about 1.30pm, we made our way to the Zoo.

Nisa and I were more excited than Daniel inside the Zoo. Daniel pulled off his bored look most of the time (even during the animal shows) and refused to look at the animals. Only the fishes fascinated him. Bought a Zoo t-shirt and shorts for him as a momento.

It was Nisa's and my first visit back to the zoo after a very, very long time. And we thought it lacked something. It was not as what we remembered a long time ago. Maybe it was because there were so many empty cages. We made jokes that the animals were on animal-exchange programs with overseas zoos. Maybe because it looked untidy, not well-kept. Maybe they lacked staffs and volunteers. My nose got so itchy as soon as I entered the premises. It wouldn't go away no matter how much I tried washing my nose etc. The itch diappeared as soon as we were out of the zoo. The verdict: I was allergic to something inside the zoo. But I don't remember having any itch when I visited the Chiang Mai Zoo a while back..Hmmm...

to be continued

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Adventure of SuperDaniel: The Story Part II

We went for a drink afterwards to replenish all the fluids that we lost doing the walk in the zoo..hehe.. Mind you, I and Daniel had 3 glasses and Nisa had 2. Haus sangat la tu..

By Maghrib, Nisa offered to send us straight to KL Sentral. You're the best, babe! We reached KL Sentral at about 8pm. And boy! It was packed!! When we were about to walk into the commuter station, I heard the announcement saying that the train to Port Klang would be delayed for about 30 minutes. So, I thought of strolling around first. Then, suddenly another announcement came saying that the train would be arriving in another 5 minutes. Main-main kah? So, we rushed downstairs to the platform. Lucky the elevator was working fine.

But the sight that greeted us on the platform was not fine at all! It was filled to the brim! I suspected that the earlier trains were delayed, resulting in people flooding the platform. There was no way that we could board the train. When the first train arrived, a police even forbid us to join in the crowd for fear of our safety. So we passed.

But there were still hundreds of people left at the station after the first train left. The policeman was still standing next to us. Rasa selamat sikit..hihi.. Then, I saw 2 matured ladies talking to a KTM officer. Looked like they knew each other. I also saw them looking at us while they were chatting.

Then we heard the announcement that another train was coming. The officer asked the policeman to escort us to board this train. "Yahoo!" I shouted to myself. Alhamdulillah. But when the train was really approaching the station, suddenly the policeman disappeared because he was supervising the other train which was moving out to Seremban.

The officer then called out to me to follow him. The 2 ladies also escorted us. The officer asked the crowd to make way for us and asked us to stand in a place which was supposed to be where the door would be at when the train stopped. He also called another mother with her baby in her sling baby carrier. Alhamdulillah.

But alas! The train was the other type! Not the dual-door type. It was the single door at the end of the cabin type. So, we were at the wrong spot! Hahah! The crowd was already pushing and pulling at each other towards the small door. The 2 ladies dragged us to go near the officer whom was waiting at the door but failed to content the wild crowd.

The train was nearly filled already and then suddenly the officer blew his whistle and finally managed to stop the crowd. "Bagi baby lalu! Bagi baby masuk dulu!" The crown parted and we were ushered in with the 2 ladies in tow. Alhamdulillah. People inside the train also helped to pull in the stroller. Daniel freaked out because of the huge crowd inside the train, so he refused to let go of my hand.

When the train was about to move, one of the 2 kind ladies exclaimed "Alamak! Handphone I! Handphone I hilang!" Dah kecoh satu cabin. We tried dialing the phone but it was already switched off. Cepat betul dorang ni buat kerja. It was a matter of a few minutes only and it was gone. I pun cuak jugak takut I pun kena pickpocket, tapi tak dapat nak check sebab Daniel didn't want to let go of my hand and I couldn't move because of the crowd.

The KTM officer held the train and within seconds, a policeman appeared. The policeman summoned a brother standing behind the lady with a backpack. "Abang, keluar bang!" The guy looked shocked, but he obliged. Kantoi or not, I didn't know, because immediately after the guy stepped out of the train, the train moved away from the station. Drama habis! I heard the other train which was scheduled to Sentul was asked to make a turn back to Port Klang to cater for the rest of the crowd in the station.

When we finally arrived at our stop, it was about 9.30pm already. Alhamdulillah my stuffs were all intact. When I thought the action was over, I was stumped again. The train still stopped at the other side of the station! Meaning I still had to climb up the overhead crossing! Aiyoh! And nobody was in sight to help. Adui la! I tried to wave to a pakcik KTM staff on the other side of the railway tracks and asked whether anybody could help me with the stroller? He practically saw through me! Alamak..Dah la malam. So, again, no choice, I had to unstrap baby Daniel and began the slow climb up.

Suddenly, a young man wearing JTR uniform (must be from one of those IKBN or such) asked me "Kak, nak saya tolong ke?" Alhamdulillah. Allah permudahkan semua urusan hari ni. Thanks dik. Adik memang best! Semoga grad nanti dapat kerja best-best ya dik? Amiin...

The pakcik helped me to carry down the stroller for the last few steps going outside of the station. He was a bit crippled. Patutla tak dapat nak tolong. Anyway, thanks la Pakcik for your help. Allah je yang membalasnya.

Sampai rumah, terus mandi manda. And then, I caught my flu..Woohoo!

So, there you go! Adventure tak?? hehehe...

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Adventures of SuperDaniel

Nisa and I had planned this for quite a while, and last Friday, we executed it. I only had my otai camera, so we had to make do with these:

Daniel inside the morning commuter train (muka cuak)

Let me introduce to you: THE BEAR

Aunty Nisa and Daniel posing with a 'friend'

What a beautiful sight

Daniel boring tunggu Aunty Nisa gi toilet

Daniel was only excited when we were in the fish section. He managed to pull off the bored look in all the other places

"Harimau? Awwwwmm" - Daniel's favorite Q&A topic

This is the closest we can get to them without being eaten

A dear waiting for us to feed them the yummy leaves, tapi Daniel buat dekk je..

Kawanan sang kancil tengah relek-relek menghirup udara petang

Elie Pocoyo in real life

The flamingoes yang jinak dan tak takut orang. Sebenarnya kitorang yang takut kat dia sebab dia buat selamba je tak nak berpecah daripada satu kumpulan sampai kitorang takut nak lalu..hehe

I love the giraffes. Looked so surreal

These two photos were of Aldabran Tortoises. They are HUGE!

Pity them. Nak bergerak pun susah. Their feet looked like the elephants'

Berposing sebelum balik

Daniel relek je dah tido..

On the commuter train back

This photo was taken by Daniel. Tak sangka jadi..hihi..

Boy! What an adventure!! Stories in the next post.. Believe me: IT WAS AN ADVENTURE..

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hubby's Update

Hubby had finally moved into the apartment, instead of staying in the hotel. There is internet connection available in the apartment, so we got to talk via ym. Daniel refused to see or 'talk' to his Ayah. I think he is still a bit sore and angry because his Ayah left him the other day at the airport although he wailed loudly..hehe..

There is housekeeping service available at the apartment, too. So, no more worries about finding a laundrette to wash his weeklong clothes. He can cook, too, if he is up to it or if emergency (i.e. food kat kedai muslim habis) occurs.

However, he got to work everyday, 7 days a week, from 7.30am to 9.30pm. Now, is that SLAVERY or what? hehe.. But according to 'working overseas taiko' Mr Kirkujang, that is very common if you chose to work outside of Malaysia. I sure hope that Hubby would bring back buckets full of fulus worth for his hard work..hehe..

Some of his colleagues in charge for other sections of the project were being allocated cars for their own selves. Hubby and other friends in the building services section had to ride the van everyday to and from work. No bicycle provided, although his site is HUGE (some other workers were given bikes). Poor Hubby..I definitely expect him to be a lot thinner when I see him the next time..hehe..

Hubby is against the idea of me and Daniel going over there for a visit. It's not convenient, not safe, difficult to eat, nowhere to go sightseeing, no transport bla..bla..bla.. I have completely the opposite ideas, though. But I don't know. We'll see about it in a week or two....


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Freedom Writers

I stumbled upon this movie by chance only. I must admit that I am guilty because I only watched it because of Dr Mc Dreamy aka Dr Derek Shepherd aka Patrick Dempsey. I looked him up in Wikipedia and found out that this movie was in his resume for year 2007. Although I must admit that I was quite disappointed with him because his part in the movie was so small and not so nice in the end pulak tu! But he still maintained his charming act and in short, HE IS SOOOOOOOOO GORGEOUS LAAAA....

The movie? It was SOOOOOOOO breathtaking. SUPERB! A1! Five star! Memang best! I don't know why it never hit our shore. Mungkin sebab the content is not Hindustani like, cintan-cintun, frust menonggeng, tahyul or seram like those films and dramas that are monopolizing our cinemas and TV airtime nowadays.

It is based on a true story of racial prejudices and war against in other in Long Beach (is it in CA? Not sure la...I left my Geography at Form 3..hehe..) It was a story about how a teacher managed to unite the whole bunch of teenagers in the same class (Room 203) at a high school who hated each other with contempt, just because they were not from the same races, colors and beliefs. She did not get any support from her head of department nor the school's principal when she asked for funds to buy books so that the students in Room 203 could read and learn. Therefore, she had to take another 2 jobs, selling bras at a boutique and becoming a concierge at a posh hotel so that she could afford to buy new books about racism for her class to read. She also organized a trip to a museum so that the students understand the evil of racial discrimination and took the underpriviledged teenagers to dinner at the hotel that she worked in so that they could have discussions with survivors or the Holocaust. These treats in return, unite the classroom and they became a family unit, no matter how bad their real family outside treated them and no matter from what race that they were born in.

The teacher, Erin Gruwell (acted by Hillary Swank) was divorced by her husband (Mc Dreamy) because he didn't comprehend why she was so into the children whom were not even hers. But her ways of touching the lives of the teenagers were extremely superb and really should be applauded. The foundation is still around and is making progress to educate teenagers from other schools and is proven to be a successful teaching program.

I strongly recommend you to go see the movie by any means. It's worth it and it gave something for you to ponder about long after you finished watching the movie. A warning though: It's a tear-jerker. I cried, and cried watching it. How wouldn't you, when you see how those kids suffered because of hate?


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You are the music in me (Kau muzik di hatiku)

Na na na na Na na na na Yeah
Nananananananananana yeah
You are the music in me
Kau muzik di hatiku

You know the words once upon a time
Kan nanti suatu hari

Made you listen. There's a reason.
Kau kan tahu rahsianya

When you dream there's a chance you'll find
Dalam mimpi kau temui

A little laughter or happy ever after
Senyum tawa bahagia selamanya

You are harmony to my melody
Kaulah harmoni teman melodi

Is echoing inside my head
Yang bergema dalam diri

A single voice (single voice) above the noise
Ikhlas suara yang terindah

And like a common thread
Mencipta pusaran

Oooh, you're pullin' me
Oh yang menarik ku

When I hear my favorite song
Kapanku dengar laguku

I know that we belong
Pasti kau kasihku

Oh, you are the music in me
Kau muzik di hatiku

Yeah it's living in all of us
Semadi dalam kita

And it's brought us here because
Lamar kita sini

Because you are the music in me
Kau muzik di hatiku

Na na na na oh Na na na na na
Yeah yeah yeah (na na na na)
You are the music in me
Kau muzik di hatiku

It's like I knew you before we met (before we met)
Seperti kau sudah ku kenal

Can't explain
Tak perkasa

There's no name for it (no name for it)
Tak mungkin terungkap

I'm saying words I never said
Nyanyikan bisikan sukma

And it was easy (so easy)
Tersangat mudah

'cause you see the real me (I see you)
Kerana yang terlihat

As I am you understand
Diriku yang hakikat

And that's more than I've ever known
Yang tak siapa selami

To hear your voice (hear your voice) above the noise (ohh ohh)
Suaramu yang terindah

I know, I'm not alone
Terbukti setia

Oh you're singing to me (ohh yeah)
Kau nyanyi untuk ku

When I hear my favorite song
Kapanku dengar laguku

I know that we belong (yeah ohh)
Pasti kau kasihku

You are the music in me
Kau muzik di hatiku

(yeah) it's living in all of us
Semadi dalam kita

And it's brought us here because
Lamar kita sini

You are the music in me
Kau muzik di hatiku

Together we're gonna sing (yeah)
Bersama kita laung

We've got the power to sing what we feel (what we feel)
Apa yang kita rasa
Dan percaya

Connected and real
Di jalan benar

Can't keep it all inside (ohh)
Cinta yang terpancar

Na na na na (ohh yeah)Na na na na na (ohh yeah)
Yeah yeah yeah (na na na na)
You are the music in me (in me)
Kau muzik di hatiku

Na na na na (ohh yeah)Na na na na na (ohh yeah)
Na na na na
You are the music in me
Kau muzik di hatiku

When I hear my favorite song (favorite song)
Kapanku dengar laguku

I know that we belong (we belong)
Pasti kau kasihku

You are the music in me
Kau muzik di hatiku

It's living in all of us
Semadi dalam kita

It's brought us here because (here because)
Lamar kita sini

You are the music in me
Kau muzik di hatiku

Na na na na (ohh yeah)Na na na na (ohh yeah)
Na na na na
Kau lah, kau lah, kau lah, kau lah
Muzik di hatiku
You are the music in me (yeah)
Kau muzik di hatiku

Don't know why we are trying so hard to translate foreign language songs to Malay song..Dahla banyak yang tak sama meaning. Janji boleh masuk dalam lagu cukup. Don't get me started on "Kau di hatiku (You are in my heart)"- Tarzan's theme song.


Monday, November 19, 2007

The Birthday Party

We went to Batrisyia's birthday party yesterday. Had a wonderful time there with ol' friends from Uni. Found out that As is counting the days to deliver her second baby. Intan is expecting. Macam pakat-pakat je semua. Next year ramai la juniors yang Daniel boleh bully...kekeke...Oh ya..Cikgu Fara kita pun dengar khabar nak kena hitched very soon. Family arrangement lagi! Congrats, babe! She sure had all of us laughing most of the time during the party- just like good ol' days.

We stayed until after Maghrib because Cikgu Fara had to catch her bus back to Penang because she is supervising a session of STPM paper today. I came with Ling, so she dropped me off at Carr*four Subang where Daniel and I continued with our shopping. Overall tiring but enjoyable day.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

This is the best that they can get..

I had to bring him 2 times inside the photo studio. The first girl failed miserably to take his photo. He was crying and grabbing me when I tried to ask him to sit or stand on the stool in front of the blue backdrop. I tried distracting him with a balloon and my handphone, but still he wouldn't stay still.

So, we went inside Gi*nt to buy some stuffs and his favourite, Vit*gen. I tried talking and convincing him to go for the shoot. He smiled and giggled all the way. After our checkout, we went again to the studio. We had to wait for quite some times because the girls are busy. Until Baby got restless. I had to surpress my anger.

Again, we went inside the studio. Another girl tried her luck with Baby. He was less edgy this time, but he still wouldn't sit or stand on the stool. I finally had to hold him at arm's length while pinning his hands down with my other hand. We had to shoot 3 times because he was looking down, his head was not straight bla..bla..

My right shoulder is still hurting from his weight. Sabar je laaaa...

I had foreseen this to come. That was why I didn't want to chance taking the photo at the Immigration office. Mau satu office tu dengar suara dia je...


Hubby's update

Hubby's in a province called Saraburi, in central Thailand, about 108km from Bangkok. That is about the distance of KL to Melaka, eh? The district (amphoe) is called Kaeng Khoi, which is in the northeastern of Saraburi. His friend describe it as something like Pekan Tangkak..hehe..It's like a kampung area but the population density is quite high. Hubby said there is a 11-7 and also Tesco. So, not that bad lah kan?

We have been keeping in touch via phone and msn. OK lah..Takde la terasa jauh sangat. Until today, he is still staying at the hotel because no apartment has been given to him yet. Food is the immediate problem because there are not much halal restaurants around and he couldn't cook at the hotel. They also don't allocate any kettle at the hotel (?) Bad, isn't is? The food at the halal restaurant would also finish very fast because permintaan melebihi bekalan..hehe...

And since transportation is also a problem, problem 1 became worse. He had to rely on the company driver to bring him to and fro the hotel. If he is lucky, the driver would stop by any restaurant along the way so that the workers could tapau some food for dinner. If not, I wouldn't know how would he survive.

Poor Hubby...Rasa macam nak kurierkan makanan je..hehe..He is beginning to paint bad images of the place to me so that I would change my mind to go there..Haisyyy!!!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Angkasawan Negara

I have been meaning to post this entry since the day he went to outerspace tapi asyik la terlupa. I followed the live telecast when he shot to outerspace and couldn't help feeling a bit of jealousy. Don't you?

Doesn't matter whether he is an astronout, cosmonout or simply space ship participant or whatever. The most important thing is, during next year's Hari Raya, he could tell people "Last year I beraya kat luar dunia (bukannya luar negara, ok?)" Ahh..So jealous...

Anyway, takziah to him too for his loss.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

He is finally gone


I had a half-day seminar in the morning @ KL Hilton. He had to go to his office and then the embassy to collect the visa. Daniel had to stay with his Nenek for a few hours of the morning until Atuk came home from the market, sent Nenek to her office and took Daniel along with him back to the market to make some deliveries to his customers.

We all rushed home so that we could be at the airport by 4pm because the flight was scheduled at 6.05pm. By about 3.20pm, we sped off for the airport. Lucky Abah volunteered to drive us there, so at least we didn't need to park the car at the airport.

I thought that I wouldn't feel anything. But as he walked passed the immigration posts @ KLIA, I felt a part of my heart went numb. Then, I began to feel the emptiness. I thought that I would cry that instant, but I didn't, thanks to baby Daniel's wailing at seeing his Ayah walking away from us. And I was so tired of carrying him all the way back to the car because he refused to walk that I didn't feel the urge to shed a tear a two. Drenched I was, but with sweat, not tears..hehe..

A short MSN session with his friend who has been there since Ramadhan shed some lights to Hubby's soon to be whereabouts. I waited for his call, and finally, the call came at about 11.30pm. I was never so excited to receive his call (well at least not after marriage..hehe..) He was put at a hotel first before going to the site tomorrow.

I think the days are just going to be longer and longer. Well, it is indeed true that absence make the heart grow fonder...ewwah!!!

I am thinking of making a passport for Daniel in these few days. So, who knows? We might go there any time soon, InsyaAllah..


Monday, November 12, 2007

So soon?

Hubby went to his office this morning with his passport as requested by his boss. I was supposed to meet up with a friend today but had to cancel because I was busy preparing stacks of documents for my company. Hubby went to apply for his visa around 11am and by lunch time, he got his flight details already. He is to fly TOMORROW afternoon! WHAT????

And there I was, struggling with my work, Daniel's tantrums and packing his stuffs. Went to a nearby supermarket to buy some packed food for him to bring along. Not much choice, so he would have to make do.

SMS session with Aty:
Me: Lan nak gi Thailand dah esok at least sampai ujung bulan depan
Aty: Ye ke? Gersang lah ko...


And I slept in front of the telly that night. Tak sedar langsung sampai about 4.30am, when I went inside the bedroom and found out that Hubby was still packing his stuffs. Poor thing...


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Final Raya do

I had to babysit for my niece, Nur Dhiya Irdina today because my sister is working. Although I had done it a few times before, believe me, it was not that easy. That is why I am not thinking of having another baby for the time being...hehe... Dhiya requires so much attention that everytime I had to babysit for her, Daniel would be left on the mercy of anybody else around the house. And if there was nobody around, he would have to play on his own. Poor baby! But he would demand for my attention, too! And since he is not used to share his toys and stuffs with other babies, he would demand for whatever Dhiya touches. And when I rock baby Dhiya in his swing, he would climb into my laps. Macam-macam lagi la dia punya antics. Memang pandai nak jealous..hehe..

When my sister and parents finally came back, it was too late to attend to Melly's invitation already. Sorry Melly! Didn't know that the time was extended. Hubby segan nak pergi sebab dah past the schedule informed by Melly.

But we managed to go to the 2 final open houses on the last day of Syawal that night. First, we went to my SIL's house in Puchong. And I discovered that she was 5 months pregnant with her 5th child (but her first child passed away after a few months years ago because of some mishaps, I think). Bertambah lagilah cucu Nek Jah..hehe.. So, Daniel will be a taiko for his another 2 juniors whenever the family gathers in Jasin..keke..

After that, we went to Art's house in Semenyih. Beriya-ia betul memasak ni and there were so many leftovers that she packed some for us to bring home. We were among the last few guests who left her house. Daniel enjoyed walking around the house and manja-manja with Art and his brother- which was something very unusual...hehe..

Turned out that Art discovered of her pregnancy 2 days later, after expecting for quite some times. Congrats Art & Yaser.. Take care betul-betul and may the journey be smooth sailing. Amiiin....


Saturday, November 10, 2007

The news finally arrived

Hubby got a call from his office yesterday. Since Vietnam site is not ready yet, he would be stationed temporarily in Thailand. Was informed that he would be going there somewhere next week. *Sigh*


Friday, November 09, 2007

Crash course

I spent most of the Deepavali holiday learning... accounting! It was HARD! The last time I did ledgers and balance sheets was waaaay back in 1993 during third former's Kemahiran Hidup's Accounting sessions. And now, I need to do management account and balance sheet for my own company. I know engineering language, but accounting language: totally blank, totally zero knowledge.

Alhamdulillah, help was around. I attended a crash course by my cousin brother at his house in Semenyih yesterday. Thanks bro! Spent most of the day day, trying to update my accounts and trying even harder to grasp the concept and everything that I needed to know for my management account. We are due for audit soon, and I am very lucky that somebody was willing to help me all the way, alhamdulillah.

And I spent the whole of Friday night until the wee hour of 5am the next morning balancing my sheets. And I must say, I am quite proud of my achievement..hehehe...


Thursday, November 08, 2007

(The wizard of) Daniel

Entah bila Ayah dia captured this photo. Dah letih sangat la tu!


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A walk in the park

Daniel hates walking on his own when there are people around. Usually we had to carry him (well, most of the carrying would be done by his Ayah lah..Mummy dia tak larat) So it came to our surprise that he wanted to walk on his own that day @ KLCC.