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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Remembering Abang

Today is supposed to be Abang's 35th birthday had he lived.

All of us miss you so much. We all pray for your safety there, amongst the syuhada' and solihins.

Rest in peace, Abang. We will all join you, some day.

We love you, Mohd Dazrul Adleen (21/9/1974 - 11/4/2001)


Friday, September 19, 2008

Ramadhan 1429H

Today marks the 19th day of fasting for 1429H. Time flies very fast. We should be getting ready for the 10 final nights of Ramadhan already, ok?

So, how's your preparation for this Syawal? For me, just went for Raya shopping for Daniel's clothes on the eve of Nuzul Quran holiday. Kids wear memang mahal tak hengat ya? Beli 4, 5 pasang baju and seluar je dah RM300 plus ya ampun!

As customary, I bought baju rayas for my parents and parents in law. Semua dah ready. For our family pulak, this year's Raya theme color is light brown as picked by Hubby. Pun dah siap cuma I am in the middle of knitting the kopiahs for the boys. This year I have a lot of baju kurungs and a few kebayas. Not that I want to celebrate all out this year (ala Hubby pun balik seminggu je nak all out cemana?) but I was just trying to turn all those kain elas that got mounted inside the wardrobe to some bajus that can be worn. Mind you, I just made baju kurungs out of the kain elas which was given to me as engagement and wedding gifts (hantaran)! That was in 2004 and 2005! Simpan lama-lama lagi karang kena makan bubuk pulak..hihi.. Then I got those Thai and Vietnam silks bought by Hubby. Plus 2 sets of kain ela from last year given by my sister. Semua dah tempah untuk dijadikan baju raya tahun ni. Tu yang banyak tu..hehe!

Ramadhan this year is a bit sad for me because as you know, Hubby is not here to sahur and iftar with me. Can't wait for him to return insyaAllah next Saturday! yay!

Perkara yang paling mencabar masa berrpuasa pulak ialah when I have to feed Daniel his lunch. Phuh! Memang terliur, babe! Mencabar iman sungguh..hahaha!

I plan to bake a few more types of Raya cookies this year. Just to finish up all the baking stuffs that I bought earlier. Then a few days before Raya I plan to bake chocolate cakes and muffins. Hopefully menjadi la ya? hehe..

Have you all paid your Zakat Fitrah yet? I haven't. Yes, I know I am late. Patutnya kena bagi awal-awal sikit so that senang amil-amil tu nak bahagi-bahagikan kepada yang memerlukan. But, this year since Hubby is not around, and as customary all these years, Hubby would pay for the 3 of us. So, this year, we still are going to wait until he returns next week to pay the Fitrah, insyaAllah.

Plans for Raya? For us, still unsure until Hubby returns next week. To those who balik kampung early this year, hati-hati di jalan raya dan biar lambat asal selamat, ok? Ingatlah orang yang tersayang!

Selamat beramal di 10 malam terakhir Ramadhan dan selamat bersiap sedia untuk Syawal 1429H!


Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hari ni terlambat bangun for sahur. Woke up 5 minit sebelum waktu imsa'. So, apa lagi. Jadi macam ular la baham je takyah kunyah terus telan. Nasib baik sempat..huhu..

Daniel woke up just as I was about to get ready for Subuh prayers. Maklumla tidur awal last night- during iftar! He insisted on feeding himself, so I obliged. Banyak la juga makan, although banyak juga nasi yang tumpah ke lantai. Then, he asked for nasi tambah. Hairan juga, tapi dah ada selera tu ikutkan je la. Alih-alih terlentok kat high chair dia tu. Boleh tido sambil makan? Sabar je la anakku ni.

He woke up for a bit at about 11 while I was getting ready for bed. Mula lah nak air Ribena la, nak susu la, suruh tutup lampu la..Macam-macam karenahnya. Layan je la sampai he fell asleep again. Overdosed tido la tu yang bangun awal tu.

Bangun je pagi ni mood ok. Terus layan borak dengan Mummy. I was in front of the PC when I showed him his photos on my blog. Asked him, "Siapa ni?" to which he replied, "Nenyel (Daniel)!" Then I pointed to other photos of him and still he answered the same. Suddenly, out of the blue he said, "No! Apis (Hafiz)!" I was surprised! hihi...


In My Garden

The Fountain which saw the death of 3 koi fishes..huhu...

They said the flower's name is Cassandra

The vegetables section of the garden

This is how lady fingers' leaf looks like

And this is the eggplant plant

Does the purple colored flower give you any clue on what plant this is?

Can you guess which plant has this flower? Pat yourself on the back if you get it right..hehe...

Flowers and leafy plants section

Reflexology, anyone?

Hanging plants with the wind chimes

Cactus section. I bought these at Cameron Highlands

This cactus was a gift from my MIL when I raided her garden the last time I went back..hehe..

I have no idea what is the name of this flower but I love the color

These flowers do not need to be watered everyday. They would die with excess water. See the dark pink flowers? That is the 4th pot that I got. All the other 3 died of excess water. It took 3 pots for me to learn..hehe..

Orchid section. I love them

There are various colors of orchids in my garden

The freshly cleaned fountain. It took me about 3 hours to clean up because needed to brush off all the lumut from the white pebbles

I love this rose. Nice color and smell. This is what the called "Rose Kampung." The other roses plants I have are from Cameron Highlands which do not have any smell and their petals are a bit different from this rose kampung plant


Wednesday, September 17, 2008



Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Menghitung Hari

Ku menghitung hari
Dengan debaran di hati
Saat-saat berjauhan
Teramat menyeksakan

Sejak engkau pergi
Waktu seakan terhenti
Dalam rindu ku bisikkan
Lagi namamu

Belum pernah ku alami
Keresahan yang begini
Siang malamku
Bagai tiada berbeza

Dalam hatiku bertanya
Apa kau juga gelisah
Menghitung hari
Untuk segera kembali

Dalam perpisahan
Terlalu banyak godaan
Demi kejujuran ini
Tidak ku hiraukan

Bila berjauhan
Ku diburu kebimbangan
Apakah aku berdosa
Merasa curiga?

Current state of mind
Tak sabar nak tunggu Sept 27, 2008. InsyaAllah B will be home again...


My son

I asked him to take a bath the other day, and this was what he did:


Monday, September 15, 2008

Taktik Jahat..

This happened a few weeks ago (before Ramadhan) at Alamanda, Putrajaya. I was on the way out of the shopping centre when i was stopped by a young Chinese chap trying to persuade me to apply for credit cards with him. As usual, I just waived my hand in disagreement. but he continued to ask me questions, such as "Kak sudah ada credit card kah?" Hoping that he would stop bothering me (he was blocking my path), I told him that I own credit cards from 2 banks. "Boleh tak saya tengok kad kakak? Saya just nak tau bila kad expire?" Annoyed, but unsuspecting, I just showed him the card. He took it from me and persuaded me to follow him to his booth. I disagreed, all the while asking for my card back to I could walk away. He refused to hand me back the card, while begging for me to follow him and at least apply for another credit card, stating that he needed to fulfill his quota to pay for his booth rental etc. I was mad at this time but he was more persistent. At last I followed, and he proceeded to ask me to sign up with this bank and that bank. I finally agreed to sign up with Alliance Bank's credit card just for the heck of it. I forced him to cross my IC copy for Allaince Bank's use only. He was a bit disappointed, and reluctantly cross the copy. I suspected that he wanted to use it to apply cards from other banks as well, failing which, he askeed me to sign another form from another bank. At this point, I was ready to scream my lungs out already. He finally backed out and handed me back my credit card.

I left with sebakul sumpah seranah for the guy and whoever he works for. I didn't expect to be trapped like that. It was a mean tactic! I should have screamed earlier and never handed him my card! Couldn't believe I fell for the trick and felt sympathy for the guy's begging. Memang kurang ajar!

I got a call from Alliance Bank a few weeks after the incident confirming that 'my application' was being processed and evaluated. Sampai hari ni hatiku menyumpah budak itu...

Moral of the story: Sentiasa berhati-hati dan jangan mudah kasihan kepada orang. Ingat tu!!! (peringatan kepada diri sendiri yang senang sangat percaya and kesian kat orang lain)



I have been lazy to update this blog. So many things happened but I was just plain lazy to wite. Anyway, just to note that due to unexpected overwhelming response, the order for the Raya cookies was closed during the first week of Ramadhan sebab tokey takut tak sempat siapkan order, ok? Alhamdulillah berjaya juga mission impossible tu..hihi...
Happenings in random order:

1) I got crazy over plants and gardening. My small compund now has lots of flowers and leafy plants in vases, veges including lady's fingers, ulam raja and chillies (already harvested) and eggplants. I also have a mango tree outside my front gate, which had already bear her first two fruits. I also have a small water fountain in the garden. There were initially 3 koi fishes inside, but all three had died.

2) Mum had finished with my new Raya curtains (I don't know how to sew lar...)

3) My fridge refused to be closed properly causing my last month's electrical bill to skyrocket. Already called the repairman (fridge still under warranty) but his work was hampeh. Problem was not solved. I thought it was because of the fridge location (mana la tau lantai tak sama tinggi causing the front legs to be placed lower than the hind legs). Rearranged the kitchen but still couldn't resolve the problem. Even made it worse. Frustrated, I laid on the kitchen floor, looking for clues. Turned out that the rubber on the lower part of the fridge door was loose. Pushed it back in, and walla! The door looked as if it was sealed! Grrr!

4) Went to Kiko Warehouse Sale in the hope to find some clothes for Daniel. Turned out that clothes for boys from age 1 to 3 were scarce! Frustnya!!!

5) I have yet to set foot at any Params (Pasar Ramadhan)

6) Have managed to bake two types of cookies for Raya.

7) Have yet to lose weight from the fasting..urggh!

8) Have cancelled tickets to HCMC for after Raya which costed RM3.2K. Was charged RM400 for cancellation penalty, but have to wait 3 MONTHS for the refund! Giler ape? Bengang gile ok?

9) Am waiting for Daniel's medical claims from Pr*d*nt**l. Lambatnyaaa!!!!

10) The house next to mine is up for rent. Anybody interested to become my neighbour? Jom arrr.. Boleh kita buat Persatuan Ahli Mesyuarat Tingkap..haha...

11) My son has understood the usage of the word PLEASE. He would go "Nani! Nak air! Piiisssh????" So goes when he wants toys or junk food from the marts. "Nani, toys! Piiish????" to which i would always reply, "No! Apa please, please?" heheh!

12) He also now knows how to order his meals from me. "Nani, mamam! Nak mee! Nani, mee! Mee!" and wouldn't stop until I actually get up to cook him the mee. *sigh*

13) I am missing my husband terribly, especially during this Ramadhan. Kadang-kadang rasa macam nak meroyan pun ada tau! sob! sob!

14) I got a hair cut. I hate it but my Mum said it looked better than the last time I had my hair cut. Daniel got his hair cut, too. My sis and bro said Daniel's hair looked like orang Penan's. Pity him. It costed us both RM39.

15) I recently bought a mini drum set for Daniel. He is as happy as a lark! It was his second musical instrument after a mini guitar. I am planning to buy a mini organ for him next..hehe...


At Wetland and Alamanda, Putrajaya

Taken a few weeks back (before Ramadhan 1429H)


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Muhammad Daniel Hafiz at 30 months

He is 2.5 years today. How time flies! His vocab is improving by the day and he just couldn't stop talking! The other day while I was driving with him sitting next to me, he said "Nani, mash!" while squinting his eyes towards the sun. So, I said, "Not mash! PANAS." "Mash!" he said again. "PAAA NAS," I corrected him again. "PAAAAA MASH!" Oh well! heheh...

I have yet to toilet train him. Just don't have the patience to do it yet. He's growing very attached to me since his Ayah is not around. Every night I would read him story books before bedtime, and when he is ready to sleep, he would ask me to hug him until he doze off or he would request to sleep on my arms or my tummy. After bath and while dressing him up, he would call out "Nani,Nani" in his smallest possible voice, and with his eyes and face in pleading look, he would ask me to hug him and he would hug me back. Ala-ala manja la tu....hehe..

Everytime he sees a mosque (or any other building which has domes for that matter), he would say "Nani! Allah abai!" (Mummy! Allahuakbar!). He also knows how to give 'salam' "Aaakuuumm!" When given something and I would ask, "Cakap apa?" he would say "Taciu Nani!" (Thank you Mummy) and then straightaway "Angkam!" (Welcome)

But there were times that I really thought that I would beat him senseless. Memang mencabar kesabaran especially when he keeps doing exactly what I ask him not to do over and over again, just to test my temper. Usually he would get my cubit but usually my cubits didn't have any effect to deter him. Geram ok? When I couldn't take it already, usually I would call his Ayah to mengadu..huhu...Sedih tak? haha...

He has also developed some passion for music. He can sing to the correct rhythm on many songs on the radio and tv, especially theme songs from cartoon shows on PHDC. Among the radio songs that he knows are "Ketahuan" by MATTA, "Buronan Cinta" by The Lima, (ok banyak lagu Indon ya? hehe) "Bila nak Saksi" by Spider, "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz. He also loves to dance, much to the enjoyment of all family members.

I love you my darling son!