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Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Down Memory Lane

I invited Nis@ for a sleepover at my house yesterday, and since today she got something to do @ Seremban, I decided to accompany her. After she finished her thing, we had a quick lunch and then went straight to TKC, which we have left for 13 years already.

The last time I stepped into college was for the English Drama somewhere in 2004 (was it?) Ly-D masa tu tengah preggie with kakak Kya. Betul ke 2004 Ly-D? Tapi masa tu tak sempat rendezvous ke mana-mana sebab dah malam and budak2 kolej pun ada so mana boleh kacau kan?

But this time, it was the school holidays. The security guard was kind enough to let us in when I told her that we want to visit. Stumbled upon Pn Hawa, our chemistry teacher during form 5 (was it form 4 also? Couldn't recall lah) The best thing was, I forgot her name! And the subject that she tought us? Sungguh kurang ajar rasanya..hehe.. After some time and a few minutes chat with her, baru lah ingat. and she also remembers my name (mungkin sebab nama pelik) and also the other star students during our time (not that I was a star student la kan..huhu...). According to her, this year's SPM results was bad, although TKC was still among the top 10 schools, but it was still bad. And she was clearly disappointed. Cian cikgu. And was surprised that Cikgu Ahmad is still teaching there, along with Ustazah Habibah, Pn Yusma, Mr Tan and a few others yang we could still recall.

And since no students were around, we took the time to explore college and what happened to it after we were long gone..hehe.. Paling significant, ampaian dah ada bumbung and berlantai marble, so takde la baju2 kotor kalau terjatuh and tak lah basah kalau hujan. Showers semua dah berpintu and ada cabinet dlm shower utk letak toiletries masa mandi. No more curtains, ok? I don't know where 2K and 2N were relocated. Yang pastinya there were no longer at the form 2 block. Public phones pun dah bersepah-sepah so takde la nak beratur panjang untuk bergayuts..hehe..

In block G, no more compartments kat katil. Lantai pun semua marble, takde la hanya cement macam masa dolu2. All lockers kayu dah berganti dengan lockers besi. Wardrobe yang besar kat depan dorm tempat menyorok masa prefects datang check pun dah takde. And ada new dorm nama Heliconia ka block G Siti Zawiah. Surau pun fully air-conditioned (kalau tak gi surau gak tak tau la ek? hehe...) Kat dining hall pun takde table leaders dah..Maybe sebab semua sekarang takde kasta kut..hehe..

Oh ya..Kolam kat Taman Sains yang penuh algae tu dah takde..keke..

Leave you with some photos which we took while reminiscing the past. Missed college life and how easy it was back then... huhu...


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

For My Beloved Hubby

Once in a blue moon, di saat hati dirobek-robek oleh kerinduan yang amat sangat dan mood jiwang/fehlong melampaui batasan tahap dewa-dewa, this happens..hehe..

(Originally sung by the Indonesian band, Jikustik)

Apa pun yang terjadi
Berjalan lah tanpa henti
Air mata tertahan
Waktu untuk dijatuhkan

Nanti kita kan tahu
Betapa bijaknya hidup
Sepahit apa pun ini
Pelajaran yang bererti

Semoga pemergianmu
Tak akan merubah apa pun
Semoga mampu ku lawan

Apa pun yang terjadi
Berjalan lah tanpa henti

Tangkah leleh woo...sob..sob...

I reached home at about 11pm from a day trip to Melaka and on the way back, I heard this song on the radio (actually dah dengar a few times dah), and suddenly it brought tears to my eyes.. Nasib baik penglihatan tak kabur hehe...Bahaya drive malam-malam gelap dengan penglihatan yang kabur ni...

B, there is a great emptiness inside my heart without you here...


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Post Election

I was overwhelmed by the election results as much as everybody else. Stayed up till about 4am, switching from RTM1, TV3 and Astro Awani for the results and political discussions (some panels were rather enjoyable but some were obviously tukang ampu..duh?). Actually enjoyed some of the panels' insights.

And what could I say? Both persons whom I voted won their DUN and Parliament seats. Yeahaa! And Selangor for once, fell to the Oppositions! Let's hope and pray that they stick to their manifesto and deliver their promises to the rakyat. I am excited to see the changes under the new state government.

For the sore losers, who didn't even want to hold press conference admitting defeat, come on lah! Be a gentleman like the former Penang CM. Mana Selangor, Kedah and Perak punya former MBs?

And, this morning, my sister called to inform that Datuk Z had died of heart attack (one of his daughters were supposed to report for duty at her company so she got the scoop..hehe..). Albeit all the controversies, Innalillahiwainnailaihirajiuun and al-Fatihah to him and condolences to his family. And yes, his DIL didn't win the DUN seat. It went to Badrul Hisyam of PKR with big majority (gila lah kalau the DIL menang- means something IS wrong with the people of Port Klang..hehe..)

So all the newly elected people, wake up and start working FOR the rakyat. We will be waiting and observing. Your fate will be destined in 4 years time..


Saturday, March 08, 2008

Election Fever

I casted my vote at about 12 noon last Saturday. Shook hands with 2 of the 'perayu undi' from the party that I supported, and they reminded me "Jangan lupa, ya?" dengan senyuman meleret dan penuh erti...hehe...

Checked my name and IC at the SPR booth outside, and strangely the scribbled something on my 'saluran mengundi' paper. It was actually the page of the registered voters' booklet which my name was in and my number in the list. Aiks! There wasn't any scribbling during the 2004 voting so I naturally became suspicious. Manalah tau diorang ada link the numbers with the serial numbers of the voting papers ke..hehe.. So, I queried at the policeman stationed outside the voting room. Dia pun cuak sebab I banyak tanya soalan. About seminit jugak le baru lah I masuk dalam. Sampai orang kat dalam pun cuak sebab apesal I tanya banyak soalan kat polis tu?

Anyway, voted dengan jayanya dan keluar daripada pusat mengundi feeling satisfied for having a say in the forming of the next term's government..


Thursday, March 06, 2008

Election, election...

I didn't really follow up on election news or campaigns this time around (I did go to a 'ceramah politik' during the 2004 election..heheh!). I didn't even watch the news eversince the dissolvement of Malaysian Parliament 2 weeks ago. Particularly because I have so many things to do, and especially because I've already known which candidates that I am going to vote for my DUN and Parliament seats. And I feel really 'meluat' of the media for keeping on polluting unsinful minds (literally translated from 'minda yang tidak berdosa' muehehehe..). Nampak sangat one sided campaign. Come on! As the media, rightfully, you should not be biased on any party. Let all parties use the media to channel their manifesto whatsoever. Then let the people decide. Ingat orang Malaysia ni tak boleh berfikir ke?
Or, if you are scared if all the parties using the media to reach to the people might cause havoc etc, then don't let ANY party use the media. Everybody must do all the campaigning etc the hard way, just like anybody else. Barulah ADIL! (pun intended..hehe.. But then, don't be misjudged. That isn't necessarily the party that I am going to vote this Saturday)
When you can watch and hear the advert "Inilah suara hati rakyat Malaysia bla bla..Saya rasa kerajaan BN umpama payung bla..bla..Pendidikan percuma (ye ke?) bla..bla..Subsidi..bla..bla.. Rakyat Malaysia masih boleh hidup dalam keadaan selesa (my foot) bla..bla.. Apa yang anda benar2 mahukan? Peluang pekerjaan bla..bla.. Undilah untuk Malaysia. Undilah Barisan Nasional" every 5 minutes on the national TV and all radio stations, young people (ekhem) like you and me tend to become very bored and menyampah. Silap-silap people might just turn to the other parties just because they are bored with this kind of propaganda.
Seriously, don't you think every government would do what our government is (or has been) doing now? Setakat pembangunan pendidikan, ekonomi, keselamatan and all other aspects of kehidupan rakyat ni, of course every elected government HAS to do it! Kalau tak buat, bukannya susah sangat. Next election, pilih je kerajaan lain. Tak payahla nak dibangga-banggakan dan diungkit-ungkitkan sangat. THAT IS YOUR JOB AS ELECTED GOVERNMENT.
By the way, if you are like me, who are bored with the advert (heheh!) please click here: http://www.malaysiakini.com/ for a refreshing views pulak. Asyik kena siram toksik je, sekali-sekala kena lah siram baja pulak kat our minds ni..hehe...
Just as footnote: I am currently residing in Port Klang. That's N46 with the current DUN (drumroll) Datuk Zakaria Md Deros of the famous MPK saga (if you don't know who this Datuk is, WHERE WERE YOU? Ala..yang ada ISTANA kat Pandamaran tu haa... Bukan setakat rakyat Klang kena tipu, Sultan pun dia berani tipu daaa...Sekarang dah kena lucut jawatan dah..) Kalau tak tau jugak, refer to this: http://the-malaysian.blogspot.com/2006/10/port-klang-state-assemblyman-zakaria.html But seriously, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? heheh!
And now (drumroll lagi), the new candidate of BN is Roselinda Abdul Jamil. Siapakah ini Roselinda? Jeng jeng jeng! None other than Datuk Z's DAUGHTER-IN-LAW! Boleh? Nak buat kesinambungan ke hapa? Alahai.....
Nasib baik I bukan mengundi kat Port Klang..hahaha...(eh! Ada kena mengena ke? keke)


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Daniel oh Daniel

We were at the PH house for the night, after a scrumptious dinner with Nisa @ P*d Thai, Plaza Damas (by the way, for those who didn't already know, my official office is @Block M, Plaza Damas...Iklan sekejap..heheh!), when I suddenly caught a glimpse of Daniel holding something tiny and brownish, very near to his mouth. I was not sure whether he pulled it out from his mouth, or he was just about to put it into his mouth. So, I inspected it quickly, and I nearly fainted because it was a MILLIPEDE (aka ulat gonggok!) It had already curled up, so I was not sure whether it's head or tail was still intact. Mana datang pulak ulat gonggok ni? Muka Daniel selamba aje, and he was still holding the thing, while muka Mummy dah pucat lesi..hehe.. I frantically swept it outside of the house (dalam kegelian yang teramat sangat) and asked Daniel to open his mouth wide for many, many times to check whether there was any unwanted particle inside his mouth.. Aduh anak Mummy ni bikin panik ajer...


Sunday, March 02, 2008

Muhammad Daniel Hafiz bin Nurhazlan is TWO!

He turned two today and we had a small family gathering for a makan-makan session at my new home. The party that I had planned earlier would have to be postponed until Hubby comes home later (Allah knows when) because we had planned to do a housewarming party as well.

Kesian baby sambut birthday Ayah takde..isk..isk...

To my darling son, may Allah bless you always. And may He bestowed upon you great health and intelligence and keep you away from harm. And may you become anak yang soleh. Semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki. Amiin...

Mummy love you sooooooooooo much!