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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What the he**??

I came in the office today feeling quite good. Managed to finish most urgent things that I needed to settle yesterday (baby Daniel not around, so Mummy came home a tad late last night) Planned to settle more things today.

Baru je nak start buat kerja, Penang HQ called asking about some shipment from our supplier in Singapore. Told her that I received 1 package somewhere last week, and that package has been sent up to Penang by my colleague on Monday. SHE then questioned me, there were supposed to be another 5 packages together with that 1 little package that I received, meant for our semicon customers in Penang. Not sensing any problem, I told her that we had only received that 1 single package.

"The AWB stated 6 packages, you received 1 package, but you signed it anyway?" asked her. Alamak! I didn't realized that lah. Admitted my mistake, so I tracked the shipment in the courier service' (CS) website. My name as the signatory was mentioned there for the shipment, but something caught my eyes there. 'May 24, 2006 shipment delivered. May 30, 2006 shipment on hold. May 31, 2006 shipment on hold' Aiks apa ni?

Called up the CS office to get some explanation. "Oh, there are 5 packages being on hold in our PJ office because they were taxed and you need to pay" explained the girl. "How come you guys never send us any forms regarding the tax?" I questioned. "OK, I will get the PJ office to contact you in the next one hour. We will fax the documents to your office. Can we have your fax numbers?" After giving her all the required details, I hung up, thinking that the problem was solved.

WRONG!! I called up HQ to explain the situation. SHE grumbled, saying how come they never fax us the duties payable after so long? Asked me whom I spoke with in the CS office just now. I never thought of asking her name, because she is not the one responsible for the documentations. "Why you never ask her name? How to screw her like this?" Aiks, takkan customer service yang nak kena bambu pulak? SHE hung up on me. Marah sangat la tu agaknya.

Shortly after that, the CS office called me. The girl sounded angry and distressed. She said they have already faxed the relevant documents to us on May 24th, but they got a call from us, scolding them for clearing the goods without our consent. I was shocked, and told her that I did not receive any documents from them last week, let alone make any phone call to them (apa kejadah?). So, she said she'll get a girl to fax the documents again to my office. "When can you prepare the payment? Can it be today?" "Today cannot lah... We have to get our HQ to prepare the payment first" I told her. "But, just now I have spoken to Ms X in your Penang HQ. She said you can prepare the payment today, so that we can send the parcels today" Suara dia dah tinggi dah ni. Meanwhile, my cellphones are ringing non-stop. Asked the girl to fax the documents to me first, and I hung up to answer my mobile.

Ms X sounded terribly angry. "I have called DHL. The girl said she has already faxed the documents to you last week. Why you never fax the documents to us?" I remained calm at first, denying to receive any documents from the CS office. She continues "And then, you go and call the CS office, asking them why they pandai-pandai clear the shipment because these parcels are for universities use (non-taxable)" Terkujat aku! "Mana ada I receive any documents, I never call them last week. I didn't even know to whom did the parcels belong to!" She then cut me off "You cannot simply do like this, ok? Why you go and pandai-pandai tell them the shipment is for university use? You are supposed to fax us the documents first!" Eh, ini dah lebih ni! My blood rising, my voice also went up a few notches, "I didn't receive any documents! Why should I keep the documents pun? All these while we have been faxing the documents to you for approval and payment preparation. Why should we do it differently this time around? I did not make any call to the CS office. I didn't even know that the shipment was coming in, let alone to know that the shipment was for university use!" "I tak tahulah. Can you pay them the tax today? RMXXX" she finally said. "I will wait for the fax first" I said and she hung up again on me. Cis! Bedebah betul!

I then called up my officemate (there are only 2 of us working here in this office). He also denied receiving any documents from CS office- and without the documents, why the he** should he call the CS office, obviously.

Until now (after about an hour of the phone call from the CS office), I have yet to receive the documents. Ini mesti diorang belasah fax kat office lain ni....Patutlah tak sampai-sampai...

Eh, geramnya aku!!! Terus takde mood nak buat kerja dah...So, today is officially 'Hari Makan Gaji Buta' for me..hahah...padan muka diorang!!!

Nasib baik ada gambar Daniel yang menyejukkan hati...He is coming home to Mummy today, InsyaAllah. Nenek kata he has been a very good boy for this trip back to JB. I called to speak with him a few times yesterday and today, and everytime my Mum said he would pout his lips, smile and beliak-beliakkan mata dia...I could almost picture all that.. Mummy loves you so much, Darling Daniel!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Adus letihnya!!

I was on leave yesterday... babysitter not around. Spent half of the day at home with Daniel. Went to SACC at about 4pm with Daniel and kid sis. Mana boleh jalan-jalan dengan Daniel tak bawak assistant. The little angel's mood tu bukannya boleh dijangka! He was such a sweet darling troughout first half of the trip. Sat contentedly in his pram. He likes to play with his hands nowadays. Macam amazed sangat when he scrutinized his own hands. Seronok sangat tengok dia with the facial expressions yang pelbagai masa dia belek-belek tangan dia tu.

Went to my parents' house to meet the new 'babysitter' Thought of going to her house to do some 'inspection' Ye lah...nak tinggalkan anak with someone whom we don't know. At least we should know how the babysitter manages her house. At about 8pm we called her. She said she had just came home from aerobics. She didn't allow us to come to her house, instead said she will come to ours to see Daniel. Hmm?? After a short discussion she went off, leaving my Mum dissatisfied. Banyak sangat demands... Must bring that, bring this bla...bla...bla... Cannot fetch Daniel later than 5.30pm everyday because she has lots of other activities everyday. Prefer baby girls than boys la...She is now also taking care of another baby boy about 1 year old. Macam tak best je...

Daniel went into his fits during Maghrib yesterday at my parents'. Very inconsollable. Cried and screamed until the voice jadi serak. When he finally calmed down, he was too tired to open up his eyes and slept throughout the journey back home. I immediately fell asleep when we reached home at about 10pm and woke up at about 1am. Fell back to sleep at around 2am. Daniel woke up at about 3.30am for his feed. Pastu taknak tido, but I was too sleepy to play with him. He gurgled, 'talked' and giggled with me until about 5.30am. I went downstairs- Daniel's atuk and nenek were not up yet. So, put him in his rocking chair and tried to get him to sleep. Failed, I lay down, and immediately fell to sleep. Sedar-sedar je Daniel was already asleep in his chair. Boring agaknya Mummy tak layan dia borak hehe...

About 6.30am, he did it again.... Screamed like nobody's business. Pastu tertidur kejap, and while I was disinfecting his feeding bottles, he screamed again. Inconsollable jugak sampai the voice went hoarse again. Maybe he was having a bad dream, pastu bila bukak mata I was nowhere in sight pulak. Tu yang takut sangat agaknya kut..hehe...Pandai-pandai je buat teori.

Anyway, I won't be seeing Daniel tonight. Atuk and Nenek with Acik are going back to JB this afternoon, and bringing Daniel together with them. Esok baru balik sini... Mummy is going to miss you terribly, my darling!

Am now at the office with a terrible workload, but no mood to start. Lethargic and sleepy yang amat sebenarnya. Sorethroat about to start. Kaki dah start lenguh-lenguh.. Biasanya these simptoms would lead to high fever for me. Let's wait and see lah.

Alamak, another enquiry came in already- menambahkan lagi workload yang dah sedia berlambak... I better start trying to lessen them now.

Friday, May 26, 2006


Just a short one today....Have been running around doing errands, meeting clients, finishing paperwork etc. Super tired and my back is really aching now...

Why are there people who think they can boss you around, scold you and force you to entertain their requests when you have only met them once? Just because your are my client, do you think you are super big? There's this saying, 'Customer is always right'...Well, for me, not always...Normally it will depend on my patience and also my temper...Kalau lebih-lebih, boleh jalan lah wei!!! Setakat client baru, tak pernah bagi aku business, cakap je besar (my company is multi-millon la, have super big factory in so-and-so place bla...bla...bla....), malas la wa nak layan... Hello!!! You are not the only client that I have lah...

Having doing this for the past 6 years, masak dah dengan perangai manusia ni....Macam-macam....Fascinating pun ada!!! So, if you want me to treat you nicely, please treat me nicely, too. Kalau nak berlagak, you can go to h*#l....Tak kisahlah kalau aku tak dapat your contract whatsoever.... Rezeki ada di mana-mana lah...

Sekian post untuk hari ni....

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Babysitter, anyone?

It's kinda hard to find good babysitters today.... My baby is now being day-cared by my neighbour, who has one baby boy slightly older than mine. She's really good, and helped us a lot. She treated my baby as her own- she's Ummi to her baby and mine, while I am Mummy to my baby and hers. Nampak macam best and no problem je kan?

Now that she is about to undergo some treatment in a hospital, whereby she'll be spending almost half a day everyday there, I have to find a new babysitter. I don't want to send Daniel to a nursery, for personally I don't like nurseries, where they normally take care of many children, regardless of age. I don't feel that proper care and attention are being given to each and everyone of the children, especially if the nurseries do not have sufficient staffs. Then, there are always health issues. Kalau sorang down with flu or fever, jawabnya semua budak kat situ kenalah jawabnya...Especially when your baby is still very young and the immune system is not very well-developed yet...Tu belum masalah kutu kepala ke, kudis ke....alamak risau betul!!

My aunt and grandma are willing to take care of Daniel. Even my mum-in-law is willing to help. The problem is, they all are soooo far away- in Melaka and JB. That means, we have to leave Daniel totally with them, and maybe visit him every weekends. Ala, kesian la pulak anak Mummy, kecik-kecik lagi dah kena duduk 'asrama' la pulak.... I have never been separated with him since his birth... Rasanya tak mampu la kalau sehari tak tengok muka dia yang cute tu...Masa first day start keja lepas habis maternity leave pun rasa sedih je nak tinggalkan dia dengan my neighbor tu...Inikan pulak nak berpisah jauh and jumpa seminggu sekali...Eyy tak sanggup la.

My parents are both still working... At least InsyaAllah for another couple of years. So, they cannot take care of him during the day (and they also cannot bear to not being able to see him every single day- maklumlah cucu sulung)

So, I'm in a dilemma now. Most probably, Daniel will be taken care by my parents' neighbour after this. I do not know this new babysitter, but we will be taking Daniel to her house this weekend to see whether there is chemistry between them (hehe). Kalau ada, most probably Daniel will be staying with his grandparents during weekdays and Ayah and Mummy will only get to see Daniel during weekends.... Sedihnya...Sama lah macam duduk 'asrama' jugak kan like the above scenario? Tapi at least the new babysitters house is still within the same state. Tak lah jauh sangat. About 45 minutes drive from where we are currently staying. Tapi weekdays without Daniel?? Sedihnya!!!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Am going to start the post today with my labor experience. Takut nanti terlupa pulak betapa seksanya nak melahirkan seorang zuriat ke dunia ni (and my mum delivered 4!!).
My due date was supposedly March 4, 2006, but the little angel has decided to come out early...Yela, dia kesian kut tengok Mummy dia sungguh tak larat nak carry dia lagi dah....Sampai nak jalan pun sakit (but I did walk a lot back then, right until it was time to deliver). Naik tangga 6 tingkat hari-hari lagi... (but that sure helped during labor-kalau tak lagi lah seksa kut?).
It was before Subuh of March 2nd, 2006. Sakit perut sangat, tapi never suspected it was time. About 8am that morning, the contraction started. I have always asked people (including Hubby), how does a contraction feel like? Normally the answer would always be the same, rasa macam nak berak (excuse the pun). But experiencing them contractions myself, believe me, NOTHING same at all compared to rasa nak berak tu... Sakitnya hanya Allah yang tahu. I hated them at that time (and I still do today, kut?) So I started timing the contractions; exactly 10 minutes once and lasted for about 5 minutes each. Eh, bila pulak contractions yang time dia tak kerap tu? Tak rasa pun tetiba terus contractions yang kerap punya? Start panik dah ni, so informed Hubby that I think it was about time. Hubby pun agak panik jugak so he quickly informed Nenek and Tok Mok (nenek sedara). So semua orang kelam kabut asked us to go to hospital. I called up Abah, and I thought that Abah will pick up Mak and come home to fetch Nenek and Tok Mok to the hospital. Wrong!! We were supposed to bring Nenek together to the hospital lah, since Nenek tu bidan kampung yang terlatih, in case something happen on the way. Tak terfikir pun masa tu. Only both of us went to the hospital at about 12 noon. Alhamdulillah nothing happened, cuma ada road block jer on the way- nasib baik tak panjang jem.
I was immediately examined by the midwife. Dilated about 4cm already. Was told that my gynae was on leave (how could you go on leave when in your record stated that your patient is about to deliver her baby?) Went into labor room at about 1pm and the agony began. Kat bilik sebelah dengar pulak ada orang lain tengah deliver her baby, packaged with screams and cries. Lagi lah seram. Hubby was on my side all the time. Abah and Mak tunggu kat luar- diorang tak sempat pun pickup Nenek and Tok Mok. Dah la tak breakfast/lunch pun...By the time I have dilated to 7cm, energy pun dah takde. Contractions were REALLY painful, and I puked all over the place once (Hubby said dia pun rasa nak muntah jugak tengok I puked).
Since my gynae was on leave, I have requested for another lady gynae to assist me with my delivery. Tunggu punya tunggu, dia tak jugak datang-datang (the on-call gynae was a guy). When we asked the staff nurse about the lady gynae, she said "Doktor belum habis klinik (outpatient) lagi. Saya dah panggil. Kejap lagi dia datanglah. Kalau sakit panggil saya ya?" Is outpatient clinic more important than someone who is about to deliver? You doctors out there care to explain?
The nurse tried to help me to push the baby out. Taught me how to push correctly- but by that time, I was too longlai already. Pushed with all my might, but the baby didn't seem to want to come out. Nurse cakap "Push kuat-kuat. Jangan malas. Sikit je lagi!" Hubby cheered me up- saying he could see the baby's hair already. Tried as I might, at last I gave up because I was beginning to get an asthma attack. Asked the nurse to immediately call for the on-call guy gynae. He came in no time at all, bringing with him the necessary equipment to 'help' me with the delivery. He assisted me using vacuum method. Failed at the first attempt- the instrument fell off my baby's head. I could actually feel the baby slide back inside- macam you sedut cincau pakai straw. Pastu tak berjaya, you let go of your lips from the straw. Cincau tu turun balik dari straw kan? Can you imagine how it felt? Macam tu lah rasanya during the failed first attempt. Hubby said the gynae increased the vacuum power to max. Second attempt, the baby's head and one arms came out. Episiotomy came next-banyak woo (as my hubby witnessed). By this time, I was semi-conscious already. I didn't push, I didn't open my eyes. I just let the gynae do what he needed to do. Suddenly I heard the gynae shout "Bagi kat mak dia!" and I felt something slimy being put on my tummy. Bukak mata tengok dah ada baby atas perut (bukan dalam perut lagi dah), terus I cried tears of joy. Alhamdulillah, at 5.15pm that day, Muhammad Daniel Hafiz bin Nurhazlan was safely brought to Earth, sihat dan cukup sifat. I was forced to inhale the gas, while the gynae stitched me up after asking Hubby to go out for wudhu' and azan to the baby. Chatted with the gynae while I was about to doze off because of the gas. Didn't dare to ask how many stitches were needed, but the process was sure very long! I could actually feel the needle being stitched into me when he was about to finish. Maybe bius dah habis kut sebab lama sangat! The nurse came back, saying my baby weighed 4kg!! "Oh, patutlah susah nak keluar. Besar rupanya!!" they said. Rasa macam nak baham kepala semua orang. Ingat I saja-saja tak nak push kuat-kuat nak keluarkan baby ke? I tried ok...tapi tak boleh!!! The gynae said I was lucky because the process went smoothly. If not, for that size, they would have to do a C-section already. Dah lah first-born pulak tu! I think he didn't manage to see my checkup records kut. That's why he didn't know that my baby was big. And he didn't know that I have asthma!! Alhamdulillah sangat nothing bad happened.
I was too excited to feel lethargic. I couldn't sleep right after the whole ordeal and I couldn't sleep throughout the night. The baby was put in the nursery right after birth. Malam baru dapat jumpa balik...Tu pun kejap je... Lepas tu hantar balik ke nursery. I didn't get to breastfeed him. The next day pun tak dapat breastfeed. We left the hospital at about 3pm that day, because both mummy and baby were fine. No jaundice whatsoever. Alhamdulillah. The new chapter has begun...

Friday, May 19, 2006

Testing 1,2,3.....

Yay...Finally I have my own blog to rant about my life and the people inside it. Of course, what I write inside the blog is my own thought and feelings, which may always differ with other people reading this blog (as if anybody is reading lah). Thus, kalau ada yang tak puas hati dengan apa yang I tulis, you guys can either comment nicely or dipersilakan dengan segala hormatnya untuk blah daripada blog ni...hehe...