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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fuh! Tiup habuk sket...

Lamanya tak update blog. Have so many things to write but just didn't have the mood and time. Need to jumpstart the blog again so that things stay here and I could read about them during my golden years (kalau panjang umur..hehe)

As of now, I am catching up on work, clients' requests, house spring cleaning, dan macam-macam lagi benda yang nak dibuat. And yes, only myself and Daniel came back from Ho Chi Minh City last Apr 20th, because Hubby's stint there was extended to at least until Oct 2008. That means he'll be celebrating Ramadhan and Hari Raya Aidilfitri there, man!

It was quite a dilemma actually whether we should come back to Malaysia or not. Since Hubby was not coming back with us, we definitely don't want to beraya separately from him this year. That would only mean that we would be going to HCMC again a few months down the road and terasa rugi pulak bayar return flight tickets again when we could have stayed there until Oct! But then, I have so many things to do back home, and although the world is without barriers now thanks to the internet, it was quite hard to handle business from far away. So, with heavy heart, we came home.

I want to post photos of us in HCMC and write about our short stint there, but as the time now is waaaay past my bedtime, I need to put my wants to another day. I have another long day tomorrow..huhu...