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Monday, March 30, 2009

Tagged by Ida (thanks Ida!)

Tag adakah anda rasa anda hot?

Kadang2 hot, kadang2 suam2 kuku...Tapi yang selalu hot ialah temper ku...kekeke....

Upload gambar kegemaran anda?

Kenapa anda suka gambar ini?
Kerana ini adalah gambar anak kesayangan hamba... Tanpanya, sunyi sepi hidup hamba..

Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?
Semalam...Pizza beli kat La Boheme, Jusco Bukit Tinggi. Lembut, gebu, sedap dan menggemukkan...hahaha!

Lagu terakhir yg anda dengar?
Lagu tema cerita "Make Way For Noddy" from the TV just now..

Apa yg sedang anda buat selain dari selesaikan tag ini?
Buat quotations, layan Daniel, tengok Grey's Anatomy...eh...macam2 buat dalam satu masa..hehe...

Selain nama sendiri, anda suka dipanggil dgn panggilan apa?
Mummy, Honey, Ayang, Baby...awww!! Malu I...kekeke....

Tag lagi 6 org *soalan seterusnya ada kaitan dgn org yg anda tag!
1. Nisa
2. Lavenderina
3. Ana Adi
4. Modek
5. Nina
6. Jaja

p/s: Ida, apa soalan seterusnya yang ada kaitan dengan orang-orang yang ditag ni? Tag tergantung nampaknya..hehe...


Tagged by Nina (thanks Nins!)

Mom of the Year Award..

It seems that the award comes with a set of rules which are:

1. Admit one thing you feel awful about (involving being a mom). Once you have written it down, you are no longer allowed to feel bad. Remember you are a good mom!

Many a time, I would feel annoyed when he repeatedly calls me, just to satisfy the chatterbox trait in him. I always ask him "Why you keep calling Mummy, Mummy many, many times?" To which he would smile sheepishly, and say "Manyak, manyak Mummy! Like this (while counting his fingers): One, Two, Three, Pour (Four), Pie (Five).. Pie Mummy! Manyakkkk!!!" How to stay annoyed?

2. List 7 things you love about your kids, you love doing with your kids, or that your kids love about you.

a) I love it when he acts his 'manja' stuffs. Like whine in a very small voice with his eyes nearly closed, while putting his head in my lap or my palms

b) I love his singing. Very 'pelat' and with words only he understands. But the melody is correct, so we would know what he is actually singing

c) I love doing stuffs with him, be it shopping, sightseeing, eating out, whatever. My boy is such an easy boy to handle, because he doesn't run around in malls or misbehave or making scenes. Must be the shy trait that he got from his Ayah...hehe.. I hope he stays that way until he grows up

d) As a three years old toddler, I consider him a very obedient child. I never had the need to raise my voice to deter him from doing anything wrong. Enough with a stern look or a threat to pinch him (which I rarely had to do because he wouldn't proceed with the bad stuffs that he intended to do)

e) If he wants something and I don't oblige, he wouldn't throw tantrums. I also hope this trait would last until he grows up

f) I love putting him to sleep. Sometimes I would read to him. Sometimes I would recite zikir to him. He would ask me to pat him to sleep. And he would cuddle up to me for comfort. It feels like I am the best protector of the world

g)Above all, I love our daily communications. They keep me alive and sane. They keep me from being bored when contantly being left by Hubby for work. They made me realize how lucky I am to be a mother. They set my goal in life: to provide the best for him as much as I could afford. I also love our hugs, our kisses and our affectionate gestures and words towards each other, which I also hope will continue until he grows up

3. Send this to 5 other moms of the year that deserve a reminder that they too are the best moms that they can be. Remember to send them a note letting them know you have selected them, and also add a link to your post that directs people back to the person who nominated you.

Alamak... I think all my friends whom have blogs have been awarded and done this tag. Kudos to all my Mummy friends. You are all the best Moms alive :-)


Alamak...Lamanya tak update..

Yes, I have been busy. Very. Hence the abandonement of this blog for a while.

What was I up to? Well, Hubby came home for a week last week for a training here in his Malaysia office. At the same time, I was struggling with the company accounts which hadn't been updated for a very long time. The accounts were due for audit so that we could file them with the SSM. Being a trained engineer, I know nuts about accounts- hence the struggle.

It was also the pick up time for the academic market. A lot of enquiries and requests for quotations came in. I needed to attend to that. And a few clients with products that I supplied needed my attention and help to solve some of their technical problems related to the products.

To top it all, I was down with the flu bugs. And Daniel was a little bit under the weather, too. So, I needed to nurse. And I did a hell lot of cooking since dearest Hubby was around.

Have I bored you enough with my whining? hehe... I'm not quite done yet!

2 days through the training, Hubby called from office, saying that his boss had instructed him to check in at a hotel nearby his office. Reason being, he was late coming in on both days of the training. Subang-KL in the mornings with the traffic and the rain were not helping him to punctually clock in the time for training.

So, that night, the 3 of us checked into Dorsett Regency, KL. Oops..I must mention that I brought my Mum to the Craft Centre for the Craft Fest earlier that afternoon. Went through the bad traffic crawl on the way back home, only to go back to the same spot merely 3 hours after that. (Craft Centre and Dorsett are very close to each other, for you who do not know..hehe..)

For the next 3 early mornings, I travelled back to PH to send Daniel to school while Hubby attended his training. Then I would do the laundry, cook, generate quotations, attended to technical problems, update the accounts bla bla until it was time for me to pick up my darling son from school at 3.30pm. Then, I drove straight back to Chulan Tower to pick up my Hubby.

Ekhem..Still not quite done...haha! My MIL came down for a visit on the third day of Hubby's training. She bunked at my SIL's house in Puchong. I was supposed to pick her up from the bus station in Shah Alam, but due to the heavy traffic on the way back from picking up my Hubby that day, we had to ask Hubby's BIL to do the favor. We went straight to SIL's house for dinner that night. Then, back to Dorsett. This cycle went for two days.

On the final day of Hubby's training, after picking both boys from their respectice places, we hurdled through the heavy Friday traffic back home, had a quick pit stop at Pyramid for a bit of shopping, back home for dinner and packing (yes, I also cooked that day) and shot to KLIA to send Hubby back to UK. Pit stop again at my SIL's house for Hubby to bid farewell to his Mak. Hubby checked-in, kiss-kiss, salam-salam, and off he went. It was past midnight when we left KLIA and we reached my Mum's house (slept there that night since my lil' bro was outstationed to Bintulu) way past 2 am, and I was totally drained out of my energy..

Now, I am done.. haha!

Good enough reason, eh? hehe....

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Alang-alang cerita pasal alma mater...

Was reading something somewhere about juniors preparing drinks for players during games/sporting events at a boarding school. Memang ingatan klasik yang akan dikenang sepanjang zaman la...hehe... Normally the first formers la yang akan kena buat air kan?

Kronologi penyediaan air untuk acara sukan di kolej:

1) Cari baldi atau baldi-baldi (depending on headcount of players for the game)
2) Cari volunteer siapa punya kordial/jus dan gula pasir yang akan dikorbankan untuk menghasilkan air
3) Tadah air kat water cooler...Mesti cari water cooler yang functioning well sebab nak air yang sejuk lagi menyegarkan untuk para pemain acara sukan
4) Setelah air siap, terhegeh-hegehla remaja-remaja kecil berumur 12/13 tahun membawa baldi berat berisi air minuman ke padang atau gelanggang (court) sementara menunggu pemain-pemain berehat untuk minum air

Cuba kalau sekarang ni orang suruh minum air dalam baldi yang disediakan oleh budak-budak kecik, korang nak ke minum? hehe... Just imagine baldi tu yang dibuat rendam macam-macam jenis pakaian termasuklah inner wears... Urggghhh!!!

And speaking of this, I remember one time, where the Siti Zawiah's first formers made cool Milo for the hockey players back then. I was in the team, so had no idea whose idea it was to prepare the cool Milo. Our team captain, kak N was so furious at that time. Granted, she was the most fearful Yellow House's fifth former la pulak kan? There and then jugak kena maki somewhere along the line of "You all ni nak suruh players muntah ke minum milo bersusu masa game? bla..bla..." Imagine her voice tu macam Linda Jasmine mengajar orang menari dalam AF... Ngeri...ngeri...hihi...

But then, bukan kah Milo merupakan minuman kesihatan untuk cergas bermain seperti yang sering diiklankan di media massa? hehe...Idea tu dah betul rasanya cuma tak diperkenan oleh penyimpan mohor besar games captain Yellow House kut...haha...


SPM results are out today..

Inspired by this, I googled again the SBP 2008 PMR analysis (hari tu takde info pasal media kat Mesia ni sibuk citer pasal political turmoil in Perak..hehe) And finally, I found out the standings.

1) SM Sains Hulu Selangor (SEMASHUR)
4) Sekolah Tun Fatimah (STF)
5) Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah (SAS)
9) Sekolah Seri Puteri (STF)
10) Sekolah Dato Abdul Razak (SDAR)
14) Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman (STAR)
25) Kolej Melayu Kuala Kangsar (MCKK)

Aiyoo!!! What happened already? 2007 dapat 1st place, 2008 sudah jadi nombor 15 la pulak...

Sure kena drill la tahun ni dengan tahun depan yer? Sabar je la adik-adik...Untuk kebaikan diri sendiri (dan imej guru-guru dan kolej juga...hehe...)


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Karena Ku Sayang Kamu- Dygta

Jiwang alert! Jiwang alert!! Tapi boleh la abaikan video clipnya.. Tak jumpa cari videoclip original la..hahah!

Seandainya, kau ada disini denganku
Mungkin ku tak sendiri
Bayanganmu, yang selalu menemaniku
Hiasi malam sepiku
Kuingin bersama dirimu
Ku tak akan pernah, berpaling darimu
Walau kini, kau jauh dariku
Kan slalu kunanti
Karna ku sayang kamu

Hati ini, selalu memanggil namamu
Dengarlah melatiku
Ku berjanji, hanyalah untukmu cintaku
Takkan pernah ada yg lain

Adakah rindu di hatimu
Seperti rindu yang kurasa
Sanggupkah kuterus terlena
Tanpamu disisiku, ku kan slalu menantimu

Seandainya, kau ada disini denganku
Mungkin ku tak sendiri
Bayanganmu, yang selalu menemaniku
Hiasi malam sepiku
Kuingin bersama dirimu

Ku tak akan pernah, berpaling darimu
Walau kini, kau jauh dariku
Kan slalu kunanti
Karna ku sayang kamu

Kan slalu kunanti
Karna ku sayang kamu


Saturday, March 07, 2009

And the list goes on...

Even more updated list of new babies in 2009:

1) Eda
2) Dyda
3) Elly
4) Ainnal
5) Zizie
6) Widie (Muhammad Muadzarif born on Maulidur Rasul..Congrats Widz!)
7) Raz (sudah selamat dapat baby girl.. Ariessa yer? congrats Raz!)
8) Rina
9) Ziah (baby Ameena yang comel...congrats Jiah!)
10) Nina (Lavenderina)
11) As(mahani)
12) Zeti Shaik
13) Farah (Camelia)
14) Am
15) Lin Haida (Kaiesa Humayra Amani...congrats Lin!!)
16) Wife Ajey
17) Wife Amir
18) Nadiah
19) Bedah
20) Mala
21) Art
22) My cousin Syikin

Wah! Sungguh ramai! Rasa excited sungguh nak join the group..hehe....



I couldn't help but to post this.

Penggunaan 'Alhamdulillah' dalam dunia kita hari ini:

a) A: Aku dengar ko dah dapat baby baru..
B: Haah. Baru semalam..
C: Alhamdulillah...

b) A: Pihak Pengurusan telah bersetuju untuk memberi bonus sebanyak 4 bulan untuk semua kakitangan tahun ni
B: Alhamdulillah...

c) A: Mak, saya dapat Anugerah Dekan semester ni...
B: Alhamdulillah...

d) A: Abah, saya dipilih jadi peserta peringkat akhir AF tahun ni!!
B: Alhamdulillah... (huh?)

I think there is something wrong somewhere here... Tak semua perkara yang menggembirakan kita tu patut diucapkan 'Alhamdulillah' kut.. Ni nak jadi artis pun cakap 'Alhamdulillah' rasanya macam tak sesueiiii kuttt???? Lebih kurang macam lepas dapat tau menang loteri first prize, terus ucap 'Alhamdulillah' pastu sujud syukur..



Thursday, March 05, 2009


The other day, I brought him to the pasar malam near my house to stock up the refrigerator. I stopped at the stall selling fishes etc. So, I asked him to stay put while I select what I wanted. He started telling me, "Look Mummy. This is crab" To which I said, "Yes, that's the crab." Then he continued the same pattern but with the prawn and fishes. Then I pointed to him the squid. "What's this?" "This is OCTOPUS!"

Mak aii...Terkejut Mummy! Giggling, I told him, "Bukan octopus la..This is squid. Sotong!"


Monday, March 02, 2009

Muhammad Daniel Hafiz is THREE!

I just couldn't believe that it has been three years since he was pulled out from my womb. I could still feel the pains of the contractions, you see? hehe...

This year, we celebrated his birthday two days straight. I hosted a party at my house on Sunday, and the next day, we celebrated his actual birthday at the school with his 48 friends and 5 teachers.

This year's cake was Ben10 (at my house) and cuppies with various cartoon characters for the party at school. The school even sponsored more cuppies, with one set of FAREWELL cuppies...Alhamdulillah, he got a lot of presents from the kind uncles and aunties who made it to the party at our house, until I was stumped as to where to keep all those toys already...hehe...

To my dearestestestest (lama dah tak guna word camnih...hehe) son, Daniel. Mummy just hope that you grow up healthily and smart, and always be blessed by Allah The Almighty. There is nothing more that I want from you apart from you to be a good servant of Allah and a good son to Mummy and Ayah. We all love you so much!

I shall leave you with some of the photos from the parties. More photos have been uploaded to my FB..