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Friday, August 20, 2010

Pantun hari ini...

Bosannya berbuka puasa tanpa teman...
Nasi seperti tak mampu ditelan...
Isk..isk..isk.... kesiannnnnn.....



Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Same old, same old...

Yeah, the stories on quality of services by government officers. I've always excused their bad services because of the lower wages (not really the current situation, given the varied amounts of allowances they get nowadays), attitudes inherited from their seniors and maybe their personal problems or mood swings.

Bad service is one thing. Bad manner is another. Personally, I'd rather face a bad service than a bad manner.

I was having a difficulty with an online application with one of the agencies. There were a lot of pages to be filled, and every now and then they simply change the information needed to be filled. Maybe I was unlucky. My earlier application which was done last 2 weeks was pending approval because of an enquiry, which I didn't know until I checked on the status (it was overdue but nobody bothered to call to inform that it was overdue. Hey! What's the use of filling in the contact details there, eh?) Eventually it was rejected, after I made numerous phone calls to them (getting through to the officers was really, really difficult). The officer told me that she would reject the online application, and I need to submit a new application.

After a week, the old application was still not cancelled on the webpage by the officer, so today I had to make a number of calls again. Finally, it was rejected online, so I submitted my application again. I didn't change any other details apart from the address, but my application couldn't go through because it said that a section in the application is not completed. How strange!!! It went through the last time, but this time it was not completed?

So, I called the support hotline. There were 4 numbers to call: the office in PJ, the office in Putrajaya, the office in Sabah and the office in Sarawak. I called the office in Putrajaya. A lady answered the call, and spoke to me like I was an idiot who did not understand Malay language. No doubt her voice was soft, but the tone was definitely sarcastic! Well, sarcastic tone still sound sarcastic even if you soften your voice, ya? Told her my problem, and told her that my previous application went through but this time didn't when I didn't even amend anything on that field, but as expected, I didn't get any solution. She just told me "Ada yang tak lengkap la tu...Cik tengok la pastu save bla...bla..." I got fed-up, but as usual, I do not like to argue or scold people and create a scene. Just told her that I would try again and put down the phone.

After more tries, I got fed-up because I didn't know what was wrong. So I called the PJ office. Another lady answered the phone. I explained my problem, and she breezed me through on what I should have done. Maybe it was a common problem, because she identified it very quickly. I managed to submit the re-application this time around.

Yes, I understand that you have to answer many, many calls in a day. Maybe they were the same questions over and over again asked by different callers. But, IT IS YOUR JOB!! If you don't like entertaining calls, don't work as support staffs or hotline staffs! It's that simple. Find other jobs that suits your personality more. If you can't find the right job and are stuck in these kind of jobs, well, SUCK UP AND DO YOU JOB WELL OK???


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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Conflicting ideas..

Yusuf Firdaus is currently fully breast-fed. I am trying my best to prolong this as long as possible since I failed to do so with Daniel Hafiz last time. Since Firdaus was born in a 'baby-friendly' hospital, I got many information about breastfeeding from the brochures and breastfeeding consultants there. And I read a lot about breastfeeding before Firdaus was born. It was like a new experience all over again although I did breastfeed Daniel for about 2 months last time.

I read from the brochures that the breast milk contains enough food and water for babies from birth up to 6 months. One consultant told me that I do not need to give plain water or any other water to Firdaus until he is 6 months old. Very well.. I have followed the advice.

Today I found out that a friend's baby was warded at a hospital because of oral thrush. I googled about this on the internet, and walla! I read that we should give babies plain water after each breastfeeding / formula feeding session. And all these past almost 3 months, I have given my little angel nothing but breast milk! Well, maybe squirts of plain or zam-zam water every now and then. But definitely not after each BF session!

And I am feeling like a failure once again for failing to know about this much earlier. It was the same feeling that I had when I signed a form at the hospital on the first day of Firdaus' birth to allow the nurses to feed him with formula milk since my breast milk was non-existent on that day but he was crying furiously out of hunger.

Duh!!! A second time mother but still clueless about many, many things.... Haiyoooo!!

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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Plagued..and sad...

We've been plagued with sickness lately. First, it was Yusuf Firdaus with high fever for 5 days. Then, Daniel Hafiz got the flu. And as usual, whenever my kids got sick, I would be sick too, although when I got sick, they usually didn't. Which is good, actually, because as you all know very well, taking care of sick children require extra strength and patience, which I do not have whenever I got ill.

And after almost 3 weeks, I still have the remaining of the flu and cough. Maybe the immune system has receded tremendously with the pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding. Which means, I should start taking extra supplements and vitamins. Lucky for me that Mr Hubs came home for a two-week R&R, which means extra hands and more TLC for us.

Hubby went to his new site in KSA yesterday, leaving me alone with the two angels. On the way back home from the airport, Yusuf Firdaus cried inconsolably in his carrier at the back seat of the car. Tried soothing him with the pacifier to no avail. I finally decided to park my car at the side of the highway, switched on the hazard light, went to the back seat of the car, lock the car and BF'ed him there and then. I have never done this in my entire life heheh..

And last night, I have never felt more lonely in my life. Seeing the two boys asleep, I felt loss, helpless and alone in the house. I was also anxiously waiting for Hubby's call to say that the had arrived safely at the new site. Finally fell asleep at about 2 am. He didn't manage to call, but did SMS informing that he has arrived and couldn't get through the line to call me. Alhamdulillah..

And, Yusuf Firdaus was down with fever again. Maybe it's the changing of the month, or he misses his Ayah, I do not know. He has been crying since this morning, and required cuddling every other minute. My back is aching, I didn't get the chance to prepare any meals for myself (lucky Daniel Hafiz was at school) and I felt so tired and frustrated. And there was nobody to share the workload with me. I finally broke down in tears a few hours ago. Just to release the pressure from my aching heart and tired body. Yusuf Firdaus finally fell asleep at about 9.30pm and I finally got the chance to have a proper meal for the day. Alhamdulillah...

I meant to do some paperwork but my eyes are just too tired. Perhaps I should go to bed now and rest before Yusuf Firdaus wakes up for his feeds. Guess the paperwork would have to wait for another day. They have been overdue for many days, anyway..

Well, hoping for a brighter and 'sick-less' day tomorrow, insyaAllah...amin....

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