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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gone again..

Yes, after a good 2 weeks break with the family, Hubby took off late last night for Nottingham again. I was bracing myself for the hysterical wails and tears from my soon- to-be 4 years old son when Hubby went down to the Immigration counters, because this boy had been extremely close with his Ayah for the last two weeks, and had expressed his desire to follow Ayah back to 'Nottinghome' (that's what he calls Nottingham) a few times for the past few days.

His reasons to follow Ayah were always:

"Mummy always marah-marah...Ayah tak marah..."

"Mummy naughty...Mummy cubit....Ayah tak naughty....Tak cubit..."

"Mummy cubit sakit..."

"Ayah's house has Tom & Jerry game... Ben 10 game..."

"Ayah's house has snow...I want to make snow man, make snow angel, play with snow ball..."

So, last night, his Ayah has made a pact with him that Mummy won't be naughty, won't 'marah' and he would bring him a lot of toys the next time he comes back for a short break.. And that cheered him up a bit, hence no buckets of tears were shed last night.. hehe...

Here's hoping for the reunion again, hopefully somewhere in May, insyaAllah....


Tuesday, February 09, 2010


My loved one who likes to eat spinach is back home with me!!!

It came as a surprise because he wasn't supposed to come home for a break until another 3 or 4 months down the road.

The Little Highness is ultimately happy for his return, what with his Ayah always allowing him a little extra freedom to do what I normally wouldn't allow him to do. For 2 days in a row now, he had been refusing to go to school (which of course I didn't allow) and he got few minutes of TV watching before going to bed at night.

I just hope when he is supposed to be here in about 3 months time, there wouldn't be any problem for him to come home. Ameen....

As of now, I am UTTERLY HAPPY!!!


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Bayam a.k.a spinach

Every time I cook or eat you, I'm missing my Hubby more....

Because you are my Hubby's favourite vege....

I am pathetic, I know...sob...sob.....


Monday, February 01, 2010

A heated entry..

The sun was blazing like nobody's business and the air-conditioner in the car didn't help much. Traffic was so bad in front of S*mm*t and and from the junction that I was coming from, the cars couldn't move at all although the traffic lights had changed a few times already since stupid, inconsiderate drivers from the main road entered and waited at the yellow box of the cross junction.

I was fast losing my patience, and to top it all, my stomach was kind off upset. Daniel also complained of stomach ache. Darn! My car was the 4th car on the most left lane and the traffic lights kept changing colours but we were still there, fuming.

Suddenly, a red Isw*r* stopped right next to my left, intending to cut queue. It was driven by a young male driver with another male friend on the passenger seat. Maybe some college students or something. The rudeness was something, the don't-care attitude was something else.

As expected, my already boiling temperature raised to the maximum limit. At the next available opportunity to move forward, I spared no chance to them. There was actually no space for them to move forward, but still the driver persisted. We were separated by mere inches and our side mirrors practically touched each other.

Suddenly, the passenger of the car in front of me opened her door and came out. I didn't realize what had happened until she inspected her rear car's bumper. Turned out that the stupid Isw*r*'s driver had hit the car in front of us! PADAN MUKA!!! Tau nak gelabah ya? And then the driver came out, an elderly man and he started giving them a lecture or something. Lucky that nothing happened to his car.

And you thought the punks had learnt their lessons. Tapi kalau dah dasar kurang ajar tu memang kurang ajar jugak la.... They still persisted to cut in! The driver started ramming the engine as loud as the car could. Korang ingat aku heran ke? Hey, my car engine could ram too, ok? I was desperately minding my language since Daniel was sitting right next to me.

When I started ramming my car engine, the two punks became more moronic than before. Somehow, they got the idea that they should switch places as the driver and passenger. Agaknya yang passenger tu lagi hebat kut driving skillnya... Ptuiii!!!

At the next traffic light change, all drivers from the same junction as me spared no chance any more for the oncoming car from the junction from our right. I moved forward, unheeding of the stupid, stupid red Isw*r* and they also dashed forward, still intending to cut in. And as soon as we reached the yellow box, they got blocked by a car which came from the right junction and was waiting in the yellow box. Oh! Sweet victory!!! And I could hear their horn blaring for the car to move out of their way. PADAN MUKAAAA!!!!

Moral of the story:

1. In traffic jams, everybody wants to get out of the jams as quickly as possible. You are not the only one in a hurry, so be considerate and do not cause more jams.

2. If you are rude, you would be treated rudely in return.

3. If you have made a mistake and you are in that emergency lane unexpectedly (which was not in this case), please give signals, and show sign or something with your hand to apologize to the car driver whom you wanted to cut in into.

4. Please do not think that all women drivers are intimidated by male drivers.

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