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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Totally tiring days (TTD) Part 1

I had two straight productive days, business-wise. On Monday, I had a meeting with a supplier, which happened to be a competitor to my previous company, which also happened to be the first company that I started my career. Confusing? hehe..Well, I jumped from my first company to a competitor's company, that is. Both companies offered the same products, and now I hated both companies, but I had to make one of them an ally for my current big project. We are having a problem with this deal currently because as per normal, people with contacts LOVE to steal projects and would like to 'makan atas angin' no matter how the other party sweat and bleed to start that project and did all the ground work. Just because you know this somebody or that, you DEMAND and THREATEN the supplier to work with you instead of with the other party when the deal is about to materialize already. I screwed the supplier big time, and since they knew how I work and they knew that I can make their lives a living hell, they called me for a meeting so that at least I don't come home at the end of the day empty handed despite all that I have done. They still need me as an ally for future projects (of course I told them that this would be the last time that I want to work together with them!) Tau takut!! Hehe.. The portion of the $$ would be very, very much smaller compared to the earlier forecast, but at the present state of condition, I don't really have a choice because I don't play golf with SOMEBODY..hehe... Something is definitely better than nothing kan? Should I take up golf after this? But it will be a long way la pulak to get to know who's who kan? Takpelah, at the current condition, I prefer to be an ikan bilis rather than ikan jerung..Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit kan? Well, real insight into the business world..

After that I met an old friend for lunch and gossips catchup. Thanks babe for the lunch! It was a good meeting with talks about life in general and it was so nice to chat like nobody's business, just like the good ol'days at the uni (we were best buddies from matric to degree). During lunch, I got a call which went something like this:

A: Dura! This is XXX.
Me: Yes En XXX. Anything?
A: Esok you kena datang sini la.. Kita ada price nego session dengan Tan Sri. You kena datang pukul 9.30-10.30am. Ajakla MD you sekali sebab Tan Sri nak jumpa.
Me: OK. Esok saya datang.

And I was like, "Alamak! Ni yang leceh ni!" Jumpa VIP ni is just not my thing la..More of tak reti and tak pernah buat sebenarnya. My bro-in-law pulak takde gi US. Adui..Terpaksala ajak my BIL's partners to accompany me for the meeting. So, after lunch, I went to the BIL's office to have a short discussion on how should we go about for the meeting.

After that meeting, I have another unplanned meeting, because earlier, I simply called an old contact to check whether she would be free in the afternoon to have a meeting with me. I haven't got the chance to introduce my new 'baby' to her yet, so just tried my luck by calling her. She answered something like this: "Eh! Mai la datang sini..Kitorang tengah ada banyak duit ni..Datangla nak propose apa-apa pun boleh" Wow! Beshnya! So I went to see her and it was also a productive meeting with many opportunities. Alhamdulillah..

On the way back, I dropped by my company secretary's office to collect some documents and then stopped by I*I mall in Puchong. I wanted to look presentable for the meeting with Tan Sri tomorrow, so I bought a new jacket, a new pants and a pair of new heels. Adui.. Just for a meeting..Tapi takpela..Because the meeting was the gateway for my next moolah, so just play by the rule lah.Hopefully everything goes smoothly after this..

I reached home at 11pm (dah lama dah tak balik lewat gila macam ni) and everyone at home was worried. Was greeted at the door by En Daniel with a super duper sweet smile. I knew he missed me because when I left the house that morning, he was asleep and I came home really late. I felt so guilty (but totally tired) and after playing with him for a while, I got into the shower and when I came out, he was already asleep. Cian Baby Mummy!

(To be continued)

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Weekend update

It's already Monday morning and I am still up and about. Just finished bloghopping as I came across more and more blogs by my seniors from high school. Rasa macam tak percaya I am actually reading their thoughts, and what they have become now. Because if you came from the same high school as me, seniors were just scary! Well, at least back then, when we were juniors there. We were more scared of the seniors than we were afraid of the teachers! 'Lecture' sessions are the fear most occassions and definitely to be avoided as best as we could.

Daniel also has just fallen asleep despite it was very late. He was also sleeping late yesterday despite our attempts to put him to sleep; i.e shut the door, switched off the light, pretended to be asleep, pat him on the back, gave him his milk etc etc. But the little hero insisted on being awake although he could barely stand upright or walk steadily already. But yesterday, according to Hubby, he went to sleep as soon as he saw me sleeping..hehe..

Just now, he put up a stance also when we tried to put him to sleep. When he was about to doze off just now, his Pokcu came home with a few pieces of cupcakes given by his school friend and they were so yummy! I ate one despite it was already late (that explains the bulging tummy), and Baby also insisted on eating one whole cupcake by himself. Shortly after, his Ayah returned from our new house where he spent the whole day painting (I presume). Lagilah Baby tak nak tidur!

Nenek and Atuk had surrendered a long time before. Ayah was also ready to sleep, but Baby insisted on playing with the toy elephant in the dark. He kept pushing and pulling the elephant with Barney on its back- in the complete darkness and while both of us were pretending to be asleep. He also rode on top of his Ayah's tummy, pretending to ride on the horse, I think. When our pretense failed miserably, I continued bloghopping and suddenly, it became quiet, and there laid baby, sleeping peacefully. Pheww!

I should go to sleep now. It is 20 past 2 already. I have a few appointments tomorrow and I want to see what progress had Hubby made with the painting. Baby would have to go to babysitter's tomorrow after a whole week of absence because the babysitter went back to her hometown for a week. I dread to see him crying when left there tomorrow. Sob..Sob..

Oh ya! We went to a wedding yesterday. Hubby's friend from high school. Met a few of the others whom I have meet a few times before during their gatherings. After that, we went to L*y W*tt Plaza where Hubby got himself 2 used 19" monitors. When he first told me of his plan to purchase them, I asked him, "Nak letak kat mana? Mana ada space lagi kat rumah ni?" To which he replied "Kat rumah P*tra Heights la" And I retorted, "Awak nak buat cyber cafe ke kat rumah kita tu?" After all, we already have a desktop and a laptop. To which he didn't even bother replying..hehe..As long as you are happy la sayang!

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birthday, L'il Bro!

Punya lah payah nak upload photos kat blogger ni nowadays. I don't know whether the site is having problem or Hubby's PC has gone b*ngong.

Anyway, today's my youngest brother's 21st birthday. Yup, born on the 4th of July- America's Independence Day. He's Daniel's Pokcu and Daniel is quite attached to him whenever he's home from college. He would sleep next to him, play with him and disturb him while he eats, and demand that Pokcu give him some of what he's eating.

To celebrate, we went for dinner at a Thai seafood restaurant close to home. Mak bought him a cake with miniature football players adorning the top of it. Siap ada 2 goals lagi. Very nice and unique, indeed and the price was not that expensive. My brother loves football very much and is a strong supporter of Liverpool (he took after me..hehehe)

There is a duo performing at the restaurant every night. One Indonesian lady is singing and another guy (don't know the nationality) is playing the keyboard. The singer kept calling Daniel and asked him to walk to the stage. Daniel, being a shy, shy cat baby, went to the stage with me, but when the singer wanted to pick him from me, he resisted. So, I just asked the singer to sing a birthday song to my brother, instead, she sang it for my sister. When I pointed that it was my bother who was celebrating, she apologized and sing a very long birthday song for him. Then, she asked my brother to sing a duet song with her, to which my brother rejected profusely. Pemalu la katakan..kekeke...

Anyway, we had a great time at dinner. So Bro, Happy 21st Birthday..May Allah bless you always and panjang umur, murah rezeki. Hope that you can finish your final semester with flying colours..Amiinn...

Finally managed to put up some photos from PD the other day..