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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


They come and they go..hehe.. My neighbour with the cats and loads of jungle in the house had finally moved out to their new pad. It is quite a strange sight to see the lawn so empty. Luckily they have decided to ferry out all their cats (Allah knows how many of them were around). Their other neighbour actually asked the daughter when she was going to collect all the cats and kittens to bring to their new house. hehe.. The abang complained to my dad that he couldn't stand the cats anymore because apart from littering anywhere in his compound, the cats also purged on his car! And one Sunday morning while I was getting ready for my routine cycling, I saw the abang angrily picked up cat's poo-poo from in front of his gate using a hoe and threw it right back into the now empty neighbour's lawn! Marah betul dia! hehe...

The house on the right of my house had been vacant for almost a year now and a family is moving in! So, actually my left-side neighbour moved out and my right-side neighbour moved in at the same time! The newbies are a small Pantai Timur, young Malay couple with a baby. I am excited to have the new neighbour around. Hopefully we can become fast friends. So far, they have been very friendly and nice.

Looking forward for a "Jiran Sepakat Membawa Berkat" life after this! And a bad odor-free environment! Yay!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cookies for Sale!

Just doing a favor for my sister's BIL. If you are interested to order, please let me know. The cookies are not made for Hari Raya only. It is sold throughout the years, so you can be sure that the cookies ARE tasty. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you find that the cookies are not tasty enough for your tastebuds! (Terms & Conditions apply)

If you are interested to become my reseller for your workplace/family/relative, please email me at duratulhani@gmail.com for more info.

Terms & Conditions:
1) To be eligible for refunds, there must be less than 5 pieces of cookies eaten
2) RM5 per container will be forfeited for transportation charges to collect the returned cookies
3) For wrongfully sent cookies, or if the cookies are received in bad condition (lemau, hancur etc), refunds/change of cookies will be sent FREE. However, claims must be made within 2 days of receipt date.

Short Bread = RM25 per container

Choco Stick = RM25 per container

Ice Cream Cookies = RM25 per container

Exotic Delight = RM25 per container

Badam Delight = RM24 per container

Nilam Sari = RM24 per container

Biskut Kuaci = RM24 per container

Azalea = RM24 per container

Cashew Nut = RM24 per container

Rose Cookies = RM25 per container

Chocolate Rice = RM25 per container

Tart Nanas = RM24 per container

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Apa main sumpah-sumpah ni?

Tak takut kena makan sumpah ke? Manusia sekarang makin berani ya? Memang dah akhir zaman la ni.. Kalau betul pun benda tu jadi, masa jadi tu rela ke? Kalau tak rela takkan tak boleh lawan kut? Ada kena ugut dengan pisau atau pistol ke untuk merelakan? Kudrat orang muda tak boleh lawan kudrat orang tua yang hampir lumpuh? Sekarang ni pulak tau aib dan sebagainya? Pelik betul perangai manusia ni ya?

Ni dah main sumpah-sumpah ni, makin pelik pulak rasanya. Patutnya orang yang dituduh yang kena bersumpah menafikan. Ini orang yang menuduh pulak yang bersumpah. Orang yang menuduh patutnya kemukakan bukti je. Kalau takde bukti macam mana nak tuduh dan dakwa? Lepas tu, nak bersumpah siap kena pergi masjid, buat press conference. Pelik, pelik..

Kalau ada pun niat nak menjatuhkan atau mengaibkan orang, buatlah skrip baru. Takkan nak recycle skrip lama lepas tu tukar pelakon je?

Penat la baca suratkhabar and tengok berita TV sekarang. Bosan!!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Takkan takde idea sendiri kut?

Do you guys realize that Malaysian TV had been terribly flooded with game shows and dramas adapted from overseas shows and dramas? Akademi Fantasia, Bolos, Dua Dunia, The Firm, Jangan Lupa Lirik- just to name a few. And recently, I managed to watch the first episode of the drama "Apa Itu Cinta?" The plot was exactly like "Sex and the City."

The verdict? Bosan ok?


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Muhammad Daniel Hafiz at 29 months


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

An afternoon at Bagan Lalang

A quick getaway on one Sunday afternoon. Not so much of swimming though because the water was very murky and smelly. Took a dip though, and it caused my t-shirt and pants to change color to brown. Eww! Daniel was scared of the water, so we didn't really enjoy the trip


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Eh lama betul tak update blog

Been busy with stuffs. THIS being one of the reasons:

Was diagnosed with viral fever and admitted at SMC for 3 nights for observation. Didn't really look sick all the time he was there, though. Alhamdulillah things got better. Hopefully this will never happen again..Amiin...