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Monday, August 10, 2009

Amazed and speechless...

I have just been buzzed by an FB friend. I actually do not know her, but we apparently share a few friends in common. Well, actually it looked like she knew a few of my cousins. So, I thought that she is one of my sedara jugak using a different name...Hence, I accepted her friend request.

The conversation went something like this:
FB Friend: Assalamualaikum
Me: W'salam wbt
FBF: Buat apa tu? (bear in mind that this is our first ever communication)
Me: Takde apa...Duduk2 je..
Me: Ni Nurul ke? (Nurul is the name of one of my cousins)
FBF: Nurul?
Me: Eh sori..Sape ni? Nama tak familiar la. And gambo pun takde.. (Actually ada gambar tapi I memang tak kenal siapa dalam gambar tu..A little girl's photo, so I thought it was her daughter's photo)
FBF: Ini *** la..
Me: ***? siapa ya? ingatkan sedara tadi.. Sebab yang sama2 kenal ni semua sedara..
FBF: Sebab baru je buat akaun FB ni..
FBF: Owh? Ya ke?
FBF: Umur berapa?

Me: (Mula start pelik) 31. *** ni kat mana?
FBF: 9 tahun. Kat kajang. Eh sori nanti chat lagi...kena sign out sekarang.
Me: (Dalam hati) ???? WTH??

So, I dug her profile and voila! She is actually my cousin's young daughter's friend i.e my niece's friend! And that put 2 and 2 together...Alahaiiii!!!

And, in her profile, her age is 24!! I think her parents seriously needs to monitor this girl..hehe...

And to think of it, kids nowadays fear nothing, eh??


One Tree Hill

I am late jumping into the bandwagon, I know, but I am LONGING for the DVD Box set of OTH from season 1-6. Strange, because I haven't even watched a single episode of the series! I have often came across the series being aired on TV previously but I haven't give them another glance each and every time they were aired!

Tried from my usual source, but since it has been so far along running, the earlier seasons were no more around to be downloaded! And, I do not want to start from the middle like season 4 or later...Haiyaaa!!!HELP!!!!

I have requested Mr Hubs to purchase the sets for me, and I desperately hope that he would give me face..*buat muka kesian*

I WANT!! I WANT!!! I WANT!!!!!

Well, if I am in Malaya, I would have gotten my fix from Vid***sy, just like I did with FRIENDS. There is a B**ckb**ter here, but I am too lazy to become a member and rent. haihhh!!!!




I was really bugged and annoyed at the rate people are fighting against each other now. People calling other people names, people meddling in affairs that they knew nothing of (setakat tahu permukaan saja dah nak komen-komen pasal dasar) and made it public, hence causing religions and races stir or public humiliation to certain parties/people in a country, people yang sibuk jaga tepi kain orang... KORANG NI TAKDE KEJE LAIN YANG LEBIH BERFAEDAH KE?? A hell lot is happening in the world today, and you keep on fighting like brainless, uneducated people!!

And people who intentionally make small things big are the biggest jerk of all!! Sengaja je nak besar-besarkan cerita sampai satu dunia tau, so that people can share your ideas, is it?? Why can people with negative thoughts keep their thoughts to themselves??

I am refraining myself from reading the local newspapers now but the news kept coming via other channels. MENYAMPAHNYAAA!!!!!

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