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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha!

Hubby's family decided to do some qurban this year. Everyone chipped in for their parts to purchase the cows. I didn't go to see the deeds, though. Kesian tengok diabinatang kena sembelih.. Nanti I tak lalu makan..hehe... So, while everybody went to witness the do, I stayed at home with baby Daniel and the 2 maids (my sis-in-law and bro-in law's).

Hubby took a whole lot of photos for the qurban do, but I didn't even see them. So, no photos here, ok? Sorry!

So, as expected, meat in various types of cooking were served throughout the day. Mum-In-Law also held a kenduri doa selamat for everybody that night. "Panggil orang masjid and keluarga rapat je," she said, but it turned out to be a real feast! Ramai yang datang (well, Mum-In-Law orang kuat Taman, so no wonder lah!)

We left Hubby's hometown at about 11pm, after the kenduri. Mengantuk habis, but we managed to arrive safely at home at about 2am.. I drove from Seremban right to port Klang, after Hubby surrendered to his eyes...

Friday, December 29, 2006

Analisa Lagu

A few weeks back, on the way home from work, I was listening to a radio station airing love dedications. One caller called, dedicating the next song to her hubby, apologizing for the somewhat apart relationship, the constant quarrelings and the fatigue both of them felt eversince she gave birth to a baby. She dedicated this song to him, and the deejay said it was an excellent choice for them.

I thought it was so sweet of her, but somewhere through the middle of the song, I thought that the song, although a nice song (and I remember it from the good ol' days in Seremban), was rather not so appropriate for the couple and their situation..hehe... You judge..

Hold Me Now-Johnny Loogan

Don't... don't close your heart to how you feel
Dream, and don't be afraid the dream's not real
Close your eyes, pretend it's just the two of us again
Make believe this moment's here to stay
Touch... touch me the way you used to do
I know tonight could be all I'll have with you
From now on, you'll be with someone else instead of me
So tonight, let's fill this memory
For the last time -

Hold me now
Don't cry, don't say a word
Just hold me now
And I will know -
Though we're apart, we'll always be together
Forever in love
What do you say when words are not enough?

Time... time will be kind once we're apart
And your tears... tears will have no place in your heart
I wish I... I could say how much I'll miss you when you're gone
How my love for you will go on and on and

Hold me now
Don't cry, don't say a word
Just hold me now
And try to understand that
I hope at last you've found
What you've been searchin' for
And though I won't be there anymore
I will always love you

(Hold me now)
(Don't cry,) don't say a word
Just hold me now
And I will know -
Though we're apart, we'll always be together
Forever in love
What do you say when words are not enough?

What can I say?
Now my words are not enough

But then, maybe it is 'virtual' separation because she would be more committed to her baby after this, kan?

Ni lah kesnya kalau orang takde mood nak kerja (sebab tomorrow start looong holiday...heh!)

Had some plans to kill the long weekend.. Hopefully everything would go according to plan, InsyaAllah... Will be back next year with the postings and photos!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Butterfly Kisses- Bob Carlisle

Everytime I hear this song, tears would sure brim my eyes... The lyrics memang tear-jerker lah (at least if you are as sensitive as me..heh!)

There's two things I know for sure
She was sent here from heaven
And she's daddy's little girl.
As I drop to my knees by her bed at night
She talks to XXX and I close my eyes
And I thank God for all the joy in my life
Oh, but most of all
For butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer
Sticking little white flowers all up in her hair
"Walk beside the pony, Daddy,
It's my first ride."
"I know the cake looks funny, Daddy,
But I sure tried."
Oh, with all that I've done wrong,
I must have done something right
To deserve a hug every morning
And butterfly kisses at night.

Sweet 16 today
She's looking like her mama a little more everyday
One part woman, the other part girl
To perfume and make-up, from ribbons and curls
Trying her wings out in a great big world

But I remember
Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer
Sticking little white flowers all up in her hair
"You know how much I love you, Daddy,
But if you don't mind
I'm only gonna kiss you on the cheek this time."
With all that I've done wrong
I must have done something right
To deserve her love every morning
And butterfly kisses at night.

All the precious time
Like the wind, the years go by
Precious butterfly
Spread your wings and fly

She'll change her name today
She'll make a promise and I'll give her away
Standing in the bride-room just staring at her
She asked me what I'm thinking
And I said "I'm not sure.
I just feel like I'm losing my baby girl."
She leaned over
Gave me butterfly kisses with her mama there,
Sticking little white flowers all up in her hair
"Walk me down the aisle, Daddy
It's just about time."
"Does my wedding gown look pretty, Daddy?
Daddy, don't cry"

Oh, with all that I've done wrong
I must have done something right.
To deserve her love every morning
And butterfly kisses
I couldn't ask God for more
Man, this is what love is.

I know I've got to let her go, but I'll always remember
Every hug in the morning and butterfly kisses.

p/s: It IS hard not to have somebody with you in the morning to take care of the baby while you get ready to go to work...hmmmppphhhh!!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Long, long weekend..

Hubby surprisingly returned home on Sunday as opposed to the initial plan. We were invited to Hana's birthday party. Hana's Aty's little daughter. I bought her a white blouse and a pink skirt, supposedly for a 3-year old. I thought she was turning 2! So, on purpose I bought them bigger. Budak-budak kan cepat outgrow their clothes? Sekali tengok, she was actually turning 3 daaa... Nasib baik the pair suited her just nice according to the Mummy. Anyway, already SMSed the Mummy, kalau tak muat, pandai-pandaila buat daughter baru...hehe...It's high time dah kut? keke...

Did nothing on Christmas day...Layan Fr**nds aired back-to-back kat St*rW*rld until 3pm..hehe.. After Maghrib pergi B*ll*on shopping, where Baby Daniel met Santa and Santarina for the first time..hehe..

Such a bore!! And Hubby returned to Malacca early this morning, before I was fully awake...There goes! I am now officially joining the Ibu Tinggal Club (bukan Ibu Tunggal tau!) Masuk office pun tarak mood mahu kerja..Boring! Boring!

Oh ya! Forgot to inform everybody that my baby decided to show off his first crawl at a place very high above sea level- Genting.. And now, although he knows how to crawl, it has always be for a few steps only...Then, back to the mengesot thingy where he was faster at...Alih-alih je dah sampai ke mana-mana...Once, I was coming out of the bathroom after having my bath and tadaaa!!! There he was smiling at me in front of the bathroom door....Tergezut den!!

Anyway, my baby hates to sit in his stroller and buggy...Adeh! Tak larat deh nak dukung selalu...Ayah dah lah not around... Duduk dalam carseat ok pulak? Sabar je la anak Mummy ni....

Anyway, found out that a friend is getting engaged next month and will be tying the knot in June 2007 (phew! at last!!!). Another friend, whom had been married for a long, long time is having a wedding reception (Hubby's side) after a few full moons next week! Basi daaaaa!!! Anyway, hope it will be great and lepas tu baru lah senang sikit nak get pregnant kut? Urusan dah selesai...kekekeke....Selamat Pengantin Lama!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Genting Trip 201206-221206

The trip was ok... Though not so much fun activities to do because of the time limit. I just had the Wednesday afternoon to spend sightseeing with the family. We reached Awana Genting Highland at about 2pm. The room was in the 10th floor, quite big, with 2 big beds.. Just nice to accommodate everybody comfortably. We did bring our own comforter, though, just in case the beds were insufficient..hehe..

After having lunch in the room, we came down to board the shuttle bus to the Genting Skyway station. The station was packed! After a good 20 minutes, we finally managed to board the gondola.

There were some scary moments during the ride.. It was more than 3km journey, and at one point, high up the mountain and on top of the jungle, the wind was very strong and the gondola shook quite noticeably. Ngeri jugak, at times...Alhamdulillah everything went smooth..

It was very chilly and windy uphill. The mist was so thick and the sky was dark that it seemed like raining. We didn't stay outside of the First World Plaza for long because of the cold, for fear of Baby Daniel's health. It was very packed inside the Indoor Theme Park also. Got a quick bite of the McD before we went back to the Skyway station to descend from the hilltop.

The journey down was even scarier than the journey up. By the way, I realized one thing; ie I do not have fear of height aka gayat as I originally believed..hehe... I had planned to close my eyes throughout the journey in the skyway, for fear that I might puke inside the gondola. Tapi, tak gayat pun! It was about 6.30pm and the mist was really thick that I didn't manage to snap any clear photo. It was troublesome to find the right floor where the shuttle bus was parked, and after searching at a few floors, we managed to catch the bus just before it was fully packed. Daniel kept poking at the passenger seating next to him. Nasib baik Uncle tu sporting...

By the time we reached the room, everybody, especially Abah and Mak were exhausted. Abah had to carry Baby Daniel throughout our sightseeing, so pinggang memang sakit lah. Maklumlah dah dekat 10kg..hehe...

The next day, I started my training at about 9am. A lousy reception officer gave me the wrong location of the training room, which resulted in me running around the hotel. Thank God for my HQ colleague who was also attending the same course.

My family didn't come out for any sightseeing because it was raining the whole day. Pity them. Daniel pulak asyik merengek and refused to stay long in the room, so his Atuk had to take him for a walk around the hotel compound until the security members of the hotel pun dah kenal diorang. Kesian Atuk kena buli dengan Baby..hehe..

We went to G*ht*ng J*y* for early dinner after my training ended for the day. It was still raining. The food was not bad but I just had an overdose of eating the whole day through. Biasalah, seminar kan banyak makan..hehe...

Got myself a free buffer dinner for the night, so I took Baby to see anything that I could feed him. Met the rest of the group members, and everybody volunteered to take care of Baby while I eat. But Baby refused to get out of his kangaroo pocket attached to Mummy..So, we had a nice time eating while attached together, just like good old days when he was inside me..hehe...

I had to lullaby Baby to sleep downstairs before we go up for fear that he would get cranky again. Stood by the fountain near the pond while rocking him to sleep. Maybe the sound of the water from the fountain made music for his lullaby, and finally he fell asleep.

The next morning, I brought Baby to breakfast. We were supposed to check out at 1pm today. Kesian jugak my family because they got no place to go after the checkout time. Anyway, they went back uphill using the Skyway. Just as they came off the gondola at the top of the hill, the system stopped because of technical difficulties. Phew...Couldn't imagine if they were stuck somewhere between the hills..Scary, y'all!

Anyway, we finished half an hour earlier because everybody was rushing to beat the traffic. Didn't manage to get any souvenirs to bring back. Too bad..Maybe next time for a pleasure trip with Hubby.

Sampai rumah, I terus demam...hehe..Lucky it wasn't that bad...Hubby dah la takde..sob..sob!

Below are some of the snapshots..Sorryla tak banyak activities, so tak banyak gambar menarik...

Check out the Eskimo Baby!!

Suka lah dia duduk dalam kangaroo pocket!


Waiting to board the shuttle bus to the Skyway station

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dynamics of Sales Negotiating

Chewwah...It's the name of a course that I'm supposed to attend starting from today until Friday. Well, actually the course will start tomorrow, but I am supposed to check in at Awana Genting Highlands today at 2pm.

My initial plan was to get Hubby and Baby Daniel to accompany me for this trip. But, he was called early for the new project, so I invited Mak, Abah and Adik along. Ija and Razif couldn't make it because of work.

Since there will be no planned activities today, I thought of going uphill to kill the time. Will post updates when I come back from the trip!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The time had finally come..

Hubby went away today, starting a new stint in the Bandaraya Bersejarah.. Leaving behind his beloved wife and son. This is the first time that he went away, eversince we married each other in June 2005. We have been apart occassionally, but it has always been that I was the one who went away, normally on business trips. But it was normally for a short period at any one time, maximum of 3 days. But, this time, Hubby would be away for at least 3 months at a stretch. Lucky that this is a short-term project. Hopefully it won't stretch any longer than that.

I don't know how am I coping. Hubby did not want to go in the first place. I insisted that he go. Well, it was quite a good offer, and it won't be as long as the previous project. After much persuasion, he finally went. And, I suddenly felt like there is a hole being drilled deeper and deeper in my heart as each minute passed by.

Ok, maybe this feeling is temporary. I hope it won't be long until I feel well again. Hubby just informed me about his new place. Staying with 2 mates in a 3 bedroom, fully-furnished, air-conditioned apartment with a public swimming pool. A cleaner would come 3 times a week to clean the house, do the laundry and iron the clothes. Hubby even joked that if they happen to be around when the cleaner comes for her duties, they would even get a massage! Dush!!

Cepatlah 3 bulan habis!!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Bad news

A couple of days ago, I received a SMS from an old classmate in Uni early in the morning. He informed me that his newly born 2nd son has been diagnosed with a problematic heart condition (hole-in-heart) and is currently admitted in HUKM for observation. I was dumbstruck when I received the news. Told Hubby about it and we decided to visit the poor baby at the hospital the same afternoon.

Prior to the visit, I thought very hard. What gift should I buy for the baby? A toy? He is 2 months old! Food? Formula milk? Fruits? Semua belum boleh consume lagi. Furthermore, I found out from the father that the baby got to use tube for his feeds. I really couldn't think of a suitable gift for him. Nak bagi baju pun macam tak sesuai. In the end, I bought a 'Get-Well-Soon' card. Wrote something inside for baby and parents, hopefully able to give them strength to go through this difficult time. I pray that the baby would be able to read my writings inside the card soon, a remembrance from his battle to fight his illness.

We reached HUKM at about 6pm, and were greeted by his mother, whom is also our classmate from Uni days. (Yes, we married our classmates nowadays...hehe..) Difference is, they got married not long after graduation since they were an item right since Uni days. For Hubby and me, it was a different story. Suffice to say that we met back after a few years of lost contact, and a few different partners. Tu lah yang dikatakan jodoh, kan?

Anyway, the baby slept thoughout our visit. He was so small, with oxygen tube attached to his little nose. He looked healthy. Lips were pink, macam tak ada masalah kesihatan je. The mother pun baru habis pantang tapi had to spend her days in the hospital accompanying her baby. Kesian sangat! But she looked very composed and redha dengan ketentuan Allah. I don't think I could carry myself half as strong as her should anything bad befallen my baby (Nau'zubillahiminzalik). All she said was, "Dah rezeki Allah nak bagi macam ni" God, I admire her courage. Tapi, dalam hati Allah je yang tau kan?

The baby is now constantly under observation. According to his mother, he got 2 holes in the upper and lower side of his left heart the size of 1cm each. Chances of them closing by itself are quite slim as the holes are quite big. Surgery had to wait until his condition is stable (which is unknown when). Even if the surgery was a success, it would still depend on the baby whether he could survive or not. That's the difficulty when babies are diagnosed with illness. It all depends on the baby himself- whether he want to fight, or he would succumb to the illness.

As an adult, a Mummy and a friend, I pray really hard for the best for the baby. And for the parents to be very strong to face this hard time. And to you, the few readers reading this post, please pray for the baby as well, ok?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Jalan-jalan weekend

We went to MidValley to jalan-jalan..Lama dah tak pergi sana, so we thought of checking out the place kut-kut ada new stuffs. Sampai je kat sana, I suddenly felt uncomfortable. Sendi-sendi semua sengal and ngilu.. Adus! Nak demam lagi ke? Bad timing sungguh. After dinner at the foodcourt there, I was feeling really terrible. Tapi sempat lagi tu masuk Jusco shopping. Thought of getting some long-sleeve T-shirts and pants. Tengah-tengah pilih T-shirts, I suddenly got cramps in my legs. Adus la! Nasib baik tak tergolek tengah-tengah jalan. I was thinking, if I fell, siapa nak angkat ek? Lucky tak lama cramps and I didn't fell...hehe..

All in all, quite an enjoyable outing.. Hope to do it more!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Siapa or apa yang kena campak eh? Jawapannya: Encik Muhammad Daniel Hafiz! Anak Mummy yang tersayang ni kena demam campak la..At 9 months dah kena...Aduila...Lepas satu, satu...

Kesian kena pakai less clothes nak elak peluh. Nanti lagi gatalkan?

Demam, demam jugak..Main tetap ON

The condition was quite bad...Kesian sangat Baby...Kalau boleh nak ambik semua sakit dia

More photos at Ipoh

Muka boring teramat sangat

Ini kali saya bagi chance...Next time jangan harap saya nak lepaskan peluang berenang tau!!

Rasa sikit air kat kaki...Mana boleh jadi tak test air ni...Tapi muka apesal masam tu?
Hey! Kitty, kitty, kitty! Hello you big cats!!

Posing sikit walaupun demam

Friday, December 15, 2006


Am posting this while Titanic part II was showing on TVteega. I remember the time I watched this at the cinema a few years back (think it was 1998 ke 1999) kat TG* Sun*ay Py*am*d. It was so cold inside the cinema, the movie was damn long, I came out of the cinema feeling nauseous (betul ke eja ni?) It was past midnight already, and my condition got worse (vomited until macam nak pengsan)until I had to be sent to the Emergency ward in PPUM. There, I got 2 shots of something, and by a few hours later, was released from the ward, feeling reliefly better.

Those were the days lah... Time belajar yang selalunya dihabiskan untuk berlibur...hehe...Dah grad baru nak menyesal grade not good enough.

Anyway, I normally wouldn't cry at tragic love stories. But I do cry at tragic (or not tragic) family-related stories...hehe... The other day, I cried while watching Alias...Boleh? The part when Syd was in labor with her baby. Sungguh menyayat hati... I also cried watching Erin Brockovich- one of my most favourite movie of all time. Tengok berkali-kali pun tak rasa boring. I cried when Erin told the lady that she got US5Mil for compensation for her illness caused by the developer.

Tak payah tengok TV lah... The other day, while eating alone at R*sa Foodcourt in M*d*n (biasalah I memang lone ranger time makan during office hour ni- maklumlah satu office 2 orang je, dengan a Chinese guy lak tu), I shared a table with a Malay mum and her daughter, aged about 7 or 8 years old. She was listening attentively to what her daughter was saying, and then suddenly she opened up he arms and hugged the young girl, obviously filled with motherly love. I nearly choked on my food while trying desperately to hold back my tears.

Yes, I declare again, I am THAT sensitive....huk huk...

Gambar2 orang yang demam...

Took the photos while waiting for Baby's medicine at the clinic. Muka kesian betul!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The love of my life (apart from my parents and siblings laaa...)

Ni tengok ni, gambar kanak-kanak (and not so kanak-kanak) riang.....Sila cari di mana gigi Daniel...hehe...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lagi cerita bank...

This happened to me a few weeks back...

Beratur punya la lama just nak update passbook (cheh! letak la satu machine update ke, or think of something more efficient)

Finally, it was my turn. Behind the counter was a Chinese young lady.

Me: I nak update passbook
Lady: Huh?
Me: Update..
Lady: oh, ok!
tit, tot, tit, tot..
Lady: OK (passes me back the passbook)
Me: I nak tanya sikit.
Lady: Yes?
Me: How do I register for bill payment services?
Lady: Huh?
Me: I want to register for bill payment services.
Lady: You just go to the ATM machine and tekan, tekan the buttons there lah..
Me: No, that day I tried paying my bill at the ATM, but it said that my ATM card was not registered to use the bill payment services. So, sekarang I nak register. How?
Lady: (Sengih macam kerang tak berapa wangi)I pun tak sure lah
Me: WTF? (Dalam hati je lah..)

So, how? Ni pun local bank jugak ni... Kalau ikutkan hati, memang taknak ada account dengan bank ni, tapi apa nak buat, company paksa jugak bukak account sebab gaji masuk dalam bank ni... Aduss.... Sengal rasanya otakku dengan services yang sedemikian...

Agak-agaknya, betul ke promise bank ni for personal loans applied "Kelulusan dalam 48 jam"? Entahlaaaaa.....

Monday, December 11, 2006

Alhamdulillah, the fever has gone!!

I thought of going to PD for the Sultan Selangor's Birthday holiday today, tapi tak jadi because of Daniel's condition. Tapi alhamdulillah, by lunch time, the fever had totally gone! Daniel has come back! Terus back to his lasak self. So,petang tu, together with Atuk and Nenek, we went shopping complex hopping! hehe...

I experimented with Baby...Put him on the machine yang bergerak-gerak when we put coins in tu... Just wanted to see whether he would freak out like my li'l brother when he was a little boy.

Tried once...Baby buat muka selamba while swaying with the machine... Then Atuk and Nenek came. Atuk put more coins, and the machine restarted. Still muka selamba. So, the verdict: My baby is not afraid of the machine! Lucky that he didn't demand to ride it again and again (yet?) hehe...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Gambar2 kat Lost World of Tambun

80% of the Md Salam clan at the entrance of 'The Lost World of Tambun' tunggu organizer beli tiket

The other 18% of the clan (Baby Daniel dalam stroller). Organizer and his wife tiada dalam gambar

Daniel pinjam cap Pak Long...Still quite feverish...Tu yang monyok je tu...

Ada ke orang naik Merry-Go-Round tapi tak merry? Demam la katakan..

Muka orang takde mood

Takde mood la Mummy!!!

Nasib baik belum boleh bercakap...Kalau boleh mesti Mummy kena bebel..hehe...

More coming soon! Tak habis transfer to my PC lagi...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Weekend Getaway Report

We brought Daniel to a clinic first before beginning our journey to Ipoh. Went to 4 clinics baru lah dapat jumpa Doctor. Maklumla pepagi hari...Tapi yang peliknya, ada satu klinik 24-hour yang kitorang reiki tu takde Dr. Nurse tu kata pukul 9.30am baru Dr ada...Abis tu 24-hour tu untuk apa ya? Musykil sungguh...

Anyway, after getting another 5-types of medicines (same purposes as last weekend punya, though they were from a different Dr from a different clinic and the colors were not the same also. We also got 2 capsules for anus insertion for the high fever), we began our journey. Daniel slept until Rawang, when he vomited on me after his feeding of milk. Terpaksa stop at the R&R, clean himself (and myself) up and inserted one of the anus capsules to bring down his temperature. Baby's temperature was very high at that point of time that I was worried sick.

We reached my bro-in-law's house in Ipoh at about 12.30pm. Lepas makan, everybody got ready with their floats and all, terus gerak ke 'The Lost World of Tambun'

Everybody enjoyed the water, tapi since Daniel demam, kami berdua duduk-duduk je la kat tempat teduh.. The crowd was quite big..Maklumlah weekend. Cuti sekolah pulak tu... I brought Daniel to ride on the Merry-Go-Round twice. Muka dia bored habis! Kelakar tengok! Orang demam la katakan...By this time, the temperature has lessen a bit..Tu yang berani nak bawak dia around tu... Lepas tu, cecahkan kaki dia sikit kat air...Lagi dia buat muka toya dia...Kesian Baby! Next time, Mummy promise, we will enjoy better ok?

By about 4pm, hujan dah start turun. Hubby, Daniel and myself awal-awal lagi dah masuk kereta takut kena hujan. Tunggu the rest of the clan ready, barulah kami bergerak balik ke rumah. Tak jadi plan nak tengok kedai pasu..hehe...

Malam tu, everybody practically PENGSAN ok? Daniel's temperature shot up again, and by midnight, it was so hot that I was extremely worried sick! Inserted the final piece of the anus medicine, but the temperature remained for a long, long time. Dahla the room was crowded, panas betul malam tu..

It was the longest night of my life (hehe...macam 24 pulak) Woke up a few times to tend to Baby, tapi tak siang-siang jugak... I thought of sending him to Hospital je... Alhamdulillah by Subuh, after another round of medicine and water sponge, his temperature receded a bit. Hubby's sister's family took off with Mak and Ayah after breakfast. We waited a bit for Daniel's condition to stable, before taking off at about 4.30pm with another sister's family.

I didn't enjoy the getaway as much as I expected. Daniel demam, and we did not go to any other place besides Tambun. Mula-mula plan nak singgah Pangkor la...Cameron la...Semua went down the drain...Takpela...Janji anak Mummy sihat cepat, ok?

Kesiannya orang demam...Masamnya muka anak Mummy ni!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Reunited, and it feels so good...la..la...la...

Was finally reunited with my Picca baby.... She looks great and feels great, too...Cuma kena buat alignment sikit...Sudah lari sebab kena langgar..hehe... Overall, good job restoring her to her original condition...Semua yang rosak, tukar baru...Takde ketuk-ketuk ok? Insurance bayar, boleh la main tukar je semua, kan?

Anyway, received a call from baby Daniel's babysitter while having lunch with a colleague from Penang just now. Said Daniel was having a high fever (again?)..Adus..2 kali demam in 2 weekend straight? Alarm bell sounded in my head..Terus tak lalu nak sambung makan...Aiseh...Aiseh!!!

Babysitter said she wanted to give Daniel a dosage of the fever syrup. At about 3, I called her to check on baby's condition. She said his temperature has cooled down, but he seemed not as active as usual..

By the time I reached home, his temperature has shot up again. I was worried. Meds from last weekend pun belum habis lagi, so I continued giving him the fever syrup. Hubby pulak pergi interview for his new contract kat Melaka. We were supposed to travel up north to Ipoh, for the so-called Md Salam clan's weekend getaway (that's Hubby's family for those who are clueless..heh..) Since Baby was unwell, and I didn't think he was fit to travel the 2-hour journey up north during the night (ya, kami pandu slow saja...). Hubby pulak sampai rumah after 1 am.. So, plan kami tertangguhlah...

Baby's temperature remained high troughout the night, and I got very little sleep from worrying (and packing our stuffs for the trip). Woke up at 5.30am with more alarm in my head when Baby was so hot that I believe he could boil an egg with his temperature (ok, I'm exaggerating a bit, but I was worried, ok?)

I hereby declare that this was Baby Daniel's most terrible fever to date...Tapi, 2 good things were:

1) Although the fever was really bad, Daniel didn't whine at all throughout the night.. Tak merengek langsung from the fever or any uneasiness that he was feeling.. He just looked tired and laid down on his tummy most of the time

2) His appetite never ceased. Sua apa-apa pun kat mulut, semua dia sebat... Alhamdulillah...Selera tetap ON, ok? hehe..

Muka Seposen Orang Demam

Thursday, December 07, 2006

So sad....

There are too many remarks about racial division, be it within the country or outside, that I got tired from reading everybody's opinions.. We got people from outside the country also saying bad things about Malaysia. Not that I'm being patriotic, but I think let Malaysians in Malaysia talk about Malaysia, ok? Afterall, WE are the people living in this Bolehland...Kat Malaysia pun ada opposition party jugak...

I read some write-ups about Malaysians whom have migrated, openly criticize and comparing Malaysia with the countries that they have migrated into. To me, it is just as same as you criticizing your own parents after you have grown up and become who you are today. Lepas makan jasa, kutuk kaw-kaw pulak?

I have no doubt that Malaysia has her own disabilities and 'kecacatan' di dalam pentadbiran, tapi kalau nak compare pun, biarlah compare an apple to an apple...Takkan compare gajah dengan kereta...Tak sama kategori la....

Just because you belong with the few people who are fortunate enough to be able to establish yourself (and family) in a foreign land, doesn't give you the right to condemn your root kan? There are people, same like you (race and religion-wise) who are being trampled upon at the very same country that you bangga-banggakan sangat tu. You just need to open your eyes (and hearts) WIDER...

In a summary, there is no perfect country nor a perfect government in this whole wide world... So, before you make any bad remarks about your heritage/tempat jatuh lagi dikenang, do think carefully about the 'bad' side of the countries yang you agung-agungkan sangat tu..

Anyway, cakap pasal benda ni sampai mati pun tak habis... Ni je la pun entry about this topic that I'll make in this blog... Just to give my 2-cent worth..

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rambut yang Tobek

As promised, the new hairdo for Daniel...Memang macam kena gigit tikus... Nasibla...hehe...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Off you go, you long hair!!

Daniel got his hair cut by an unprofessional barber (moi la, siapa lagi?) early in the morning while he was sleeping...Baru halfway through, he woke up- resulting in only the left side done.. Alamak! Nampak macam kena gigit tikus je... hehe...It was my first time, ok? Boleh la tu... Nasib baik he couldn't complain...hehe.. My parents and sister said his hairstyle that I did for him looked like Mawi's... Duh!! Puhleaaazzee lar... Takde orang lain ka nak buat perbandingan? Cheh!

Petang tu baru dapat finish the other half of his hair.. Oklah tu... I will get better with practices ok? I will post pictures of his new hair-do in a bit...Belum download from camera lagi..

Fever-wise, dah ok dah... Alhamdulillah...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Selamat Ulang Bulan ke 9, baby Daniel!!

Daniel celebrated his 9-month on earth by having a VERY high fever...It started at about 4 in the wee hours of the morning.. I got scared because it was very sudden... He cried a lot from the heat. Sponged him with cold water to bring the temperature down and brought him to a clinic as soon as it opened. Turned out he had bronchiolitis... Quite swollen due to a lot of coughing, I guess. Got 5 types of medicines, and his temperature went down immediately after the first dosage of everything. Went to Jalan Pasar for a quick purchase and went back home to get him to rest. There goes our plan to go to PC fair in KLCC. But the small chap was up and about in no time at all! Macam tak sakit jer! Lasaknya bukan main.. Alhamdulillah... Was glad that he was back to normal..

Daniel now has got 4 teeth, 2 up and 2 down.. Sengih je nampak gigi...Comey sangat! Have yet to master the art of biting people (alhamdulillah). Kalau tidak, memang naya! He loves to lick the teeth, though...hehe...But he had managed to instill fear in us when feeding him by hand. He might accidentally 'eat' our fingers instead of the food that we were feeding him! I kena once, and God, it was painful, ok!!

Eating-wise, he wallops everything, alhamdulillah... He even drinks Kopi Gamat ok? Ni his Atuk la punya penangan...Baby Daniel would cry if not given a sip of the Kopi Gamat whenever Abah drinks one. Sabar je la anak Mummy ni....

Happy 9-month old darling Daniel! Mummy always pray for your well-being and semoga Allah merahmati dan melindungimu selalu....I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!