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Monday, December 31, 2007

Seremban oh Seremban..

Went to Seremban yesterday to attend a uni friend's wedding with baby Daniel and my brother. Hubby is quite close to this friend since back then, so I felt obliged to go at least on behalf of him. Actually I pun baik gak dengan dia ni..Very nice guy.

Anyway, rasa terbuai-buai dek kenangan zaman silam semasa berada di Seremban.. hehe..It has been quite a while since I last stepped foot in the town, maybe in year 2002 or 2003. Memang rasa deja vu lah..hehe.. And I wonder how we girls managed to brave the whole town on foot last time? Impressive giller..kekeke...

But then, what happened to the traffic in Seremban, ha? Has the population grown skywardly or what? Traffic flow seemed like KL je? Zizie, how do you manage driving around town, eh? hehe..

It was quite a feat also to find the wedding house because the map was so simple on paper and inaccurate. Nasib baik pernah duduk Seremban 5 tahun..hehe.. We missed the house the first time around. Asked one kakak waiting at a warung with her hubby and a scooter where the place was and she replied "Tak tau lah..Akak pun tengah cari ni."

The second time around I managed to spot the wedding signage, so small under a BIGGER wedding signage. Following the signage, we arrived at the house, but was surprised again to see that BOTH the wedding tents are separated by only a few houses! Same row of houses, same date and even the SAME theme color! Nasib baik khemah ada label nama pengantin..kakaka...

Selamat Pengantin Baru Tuan Haji Yasmirrudin or dearly known as Ujang and wife, Nur something (sorry, I forgot your wife's name. Nur Rafidah ke? Maybe..). Hope you have a wonderful live together and be blessed with children yang soleh dan solehah..Amiin...

As usual, Daniel malu yang amat bila dikelilingi strangers. Here he was trying to hide his face behind my shoulders..hehe..

Ujang and his wife, Nur


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Oops..Atuk did it again!

I came home the other day after a whole day meeting, greeted by this little fella.. Terkujat Mummy tengok anak Mummy botak..again! Atuk la punya kerja ni...


Monday, December 24, 2007

It's a jungle out there

I was actually referring to my PH house's neighbour. It's a Malay, quite well-to-do family with the love of gardening. The only problem is, they seemed to love planting, but just couln't be bothered to keep the garden nice and tidy! They have a patio with a little water fountain in the garden with lush greens you can resemble it with the tropical rain forest!

It wouldn't matter if they have a jungle on their compound, but I just hated it when the jungle spread to our compound! Their backyard was also planted with crawling plants like beans, betel leaves, pumpkin etc. And they all crawled all over our backyard and right until our rooftops! Leaving marks on the walls and became the favorite habitation for snails aka siput babi! The snails really gave me a creep the other day because there are SO DAMN many of them! GELI GELEMAN!!!

Yesterday, I went there, got someone to mow the lawn and took the initiative to chop down their trees and plants which had grown comfortably on own lawn. Didn't give a sh*t of what they might think of me. Hey! The plants are on my lawn, so they are theoritically MINE!

What bugged me the most was, how could they be so inconsiderate and just let us suffer because of them? If you are too lazy to care for your plants, why the H#LL did you plant them? And, can I claim for damages (cracks on the walls, stain marks and new paint prices)? And gantirugi teladan, suffering etc?

Thank God I heard they are moving out soon. Just couldn't bear to be friendly with inconsiderate neighbours. And wait until they move out! If they don't bring all the plants along with them, the first thing I will do right after they moved out is to spray insecticides on all the plants! Evil? I don't think so!!!


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hubby's Update

We might not see each other for another fortnight or more. He just heard that his contract there might be extended for at least another 2 weeks. He might not even make it home on my birthday. Oh! Pickles! (Ala2 Higglytown Heroes..hehe..)

Sabar je la...


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How Bizarre?

I had to get Abah to drive me to KL yesterday because Adik had to use my car since he had a punctured tyre and was running late for a presentation for his final semester's project. Abah had popped in Alleycat's compilation CD, so we were listening to the sound of David and the late Loga when suddenly, David drove in front of us when we stopped at a T junction! How bizarre? hehe...


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Counting the days

On this date next month, I will enter the big Three-Oh. No more twenties ok? Will officially be a 'remaja tua' hehe..

I hope everything is changing for the better, in line with the 'wisdom' that I should have acquired for the past 29 years. May all my dreams for next year come true, and may Allah continue His blessings for me and all of us.


Sunday, December 16, 2007


I have been cancelling my weekend plans to go to KL for weeks now. The fact is, I really need to go to L*w Y*tt Plaza. There are numerous items that I need to buy for my client. My printer cartridge is also running low.

But, due to some selfish and arrogant people, I fear for my safety nowadays. You can never be too sure when they might strike next. What if I happen to be at the wrong place and the wrong time?

For certain race, had they TRY to plan something like this, they would have been sent to Kemunting Camp under the ISA. Sometimes, they were just locked there when there is even a SLIGHT suspicion that they are trying to plan something that MIGHT evoke riot.

But I am so surprised that when the other race rioted, demolished things, hurt other people, became violent in broad daylight, all they got was court sentence, fine and the next working day, a bail. No wonder these things keep materializing every other weekend!

I am never racist. I mix with all walks of live and all races are my friends. But I HATE these people who ruined the peace and jeopardize other people's safety. And the claims? OUTRAGEOUS!!!

So, please Mr Ministers! Do something..MORE EFFECTIVELY, PLEASE!!! I need to buy things at LYP!!! And I want to bring my baby and my parents to Aquaria some time very soon!!!


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Beggars can't be choosers

I seemed to be writing a lot of proverbs lately...hehe..

As beggars, we cannot afford to be choosers, right? But I have had a few encounters with beggars who simply became choosers and a successful and heartless one at it, too.

For instant, our neighbour. At the flat that we are temporarily staying now until Mak retires next July, InsyaAllah, we have a drying area at the back of the house. Up until the time we moved in somewhere last year, the area had been used by The Neighbour(TN). And even after we moved in, the area is still being used by TN, though partially.

We really don't mind sharing. After all, the drying are of TN is not as sun washed and airy as our drying area. We don't mind, really. But, a little selfless thought would be nice, eh?

You see, there are usually 5 people in our house. Sometimes, there would be 9 of us during weekends or holidays. So, you can imagine the laundry load. Since we are only using part of the area, of course we have to improvise. Hangers are extremely important. Sometimes we have to hang some light clothes on top of another clothes just to make do.

TN, on the other hand, consists of 4 people. Since the daughter is staying at the college hostel, most of the time there are only 3 people around. TN would use their drying area AND half of OURS to hang their laundry. All the clothes are NEVER hung on hangers. All are pinned to the lines, side by side as if they own the whole space.

There were countless times that our side of the area was so crammed and packed with wet clothes because half of our area was taken, and TN selfishly hang the clothes side by side as usual as if their clothes were the only ones that needed drying. A number of times also did we realize that our clothes had been pushed aside so as not to take 'their' space. Time ni teringat lak zaman tolak-menolak baju kat lines at college dulu..hehe..

Who says beggars can't be choosers? OF COURSE THEY CAN!! heheh!


Friday, December 14, 2007

Harapkan Pagar, Pagar Makan Padi

I had hoped that he would be able to help. After all, he was the decision maker. And, the fact that he knew about my dire situation and he would benefit from the situation's outcome made me furious that just in the nick of time, he betrayed me.

And he is the cause for my great problem now. I have to crack my head now to find ideas on how to solve this problem. And God, I HATE HIM!

Before any of you get the wrong idea, I WASN'T talking about dear Hubby.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jom Pi Utara

Our second visit in the past 3 months. This time is was a bit longer. It was a mix between business and pleasure as well. Reached Pauh, Perlis at about midnight and bunked with my cousin brother at his bachelor house. Cost saving a.k.a profit maximizing a.k.a more money to shop..hehe..

Spent the next day at UniMAP in Taman Muhibah, Kangar installing the software for 14 PCs. Optical drive compatibility slowed the progress. I had thought to finish everything by lunch time, but failed miserably due to the above issue. Anyway, it was raining the whole day, so couldn't do much, anyway. But Abah, Mak and Daniel managed a short trip to Kuala Perlis to see the fishermen and their catches.

The next day proved to be more hectic. We were scheduled to return home that day, but not before indulging in a shopping craze at Padang Besar. This time around, I splurged, because we brought a bigger car. And it was filled to the roof and things needed to be put on the passenger seats behind, thus left only a small space for me to sit through the 6-7 hours journey.

On the way back, we made a pit stop at Pekan Rabu, Alor Star. Tak puas lagi shopping tu..hehe.. We moved ourselves from Alor Star at about 6pm. After another short pit stop for prayers and dinner, we continued the journey and reached home at about 1am. I didn't sleep at all during the journey and later couldn't sleep at home out of the exhaustion (which is very normal for me).



Muhammad Daniel Hafiz bin Nurhazlan at 21 months

-Extremely shy of people
-Maximum separation anxiety
-Loves to scream
-Still cannot form proper words
-Has full set of baby teeth minus the geraham (1 each on top, bottom, left and right of the mouth only)
-Eats only a few mouthful of rice per meal
-Extremely manja with Atuk and Nenek
-Can rock baby Dhiya in the cradle whenever she comes to visit
-Loves gadgets and knows how to operate them(handphone, computers, digital cameras, SmarTag, car alarm etc)
-Likes to climb on top of people and lanyak them
-Extremely excited whenever passing through tunnels on the road
-Loves to "TAK!!" ("Cak!!") people repeatedly at any one time
-Can show thumbs up sign already
-Loves to dance to any kinds of music


Sunday, December 09, 2007

GA Update

It's becoming more intense! And Meredith-Derek is on the verge of falling apart!Well, not really, but there is someone else revolving around McDreamy. And she's really pretty. And as far as episode 10 is concerned, McDreamy had kissed her after an intense operation.

Aww..Really cannot wait for next week's episode..

And did I tell you Desperate Housewives' new season is also very intense? Also couldn't wait for next week's episode. Shhesh! I am hooked to these series!

p/s: Don't you think all the regular casts of GA are gorgeous? Feast to the eyes- men or women..hehe..


Friday, December 07, 2007

Kenapa yek?

I have always got this thought in mind: Why do men who claim that they are not happily married to their wives always have many children? These men always have affairs outside of their marriages, giving impressions that they are not happy, not satisfied with their wives, not content with their marriages bla..bla..bla.. Tapi tengok anak berderet-deret. Kenapa yek?

Is it obligatory for them to have children out of an unhappy marriages? If their wives don't satisfy them whatsoever, why do they bother to 'do' it? Or why bother marrying them in the first place?

But then again, tu semua alasan je nak ada affair kat luar, kan?. Ego booster kut?



I am sure you have heard of the Malay proverb "Makan tak kenyang, mandi tak basah." Well, actually I think I was feeling exactly like that these past few days. I am literally "Makan tak Kenyang." The mandi part is a different story, though..hehe.. It just felt like I craved to eat something which I did not know what. During the past few days, I tried eating many things which I thougt were what I craved, but the cravings never really went away. And no. I am not pregnant.

Hubby came home briefly on Tuesday afternoon to sign some contracts for our company because he is one of the directors. The 3 of us spent really quality time together. He went back on the next day. Daniel didn't cry this time around, and I didn't, too, ok?

And suddenly, I no longer felt any cravings...kekeke...