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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Conversation with Muhammad Daniel Hafiz this morning..

We were watching the TV this morning when the 'Kami Prihatin' video clip was aired. You know, the song about abandoned babies sung by a bunch of popular Malaysian singers.

Daniel: What happened to the baby, Mummy?

Me: The babies are dead, sayang.. Kesian..

D: Why is the baby dead?

M: Some bad people who don't love the babies threw them away...

D: Why they throw away the baby? I love baby!

M: Yes, I know you love babies. But there are some bad people who don't love babies..

D: Bad people love what, Mummy?

M: (Thought for a sort while) Bad people love syaitan kut? hehe... (yes, I was out of ideas..)

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Muhammad Yusuf Firdaus

We brought him for his follow up this morning at KPJ Selangor Specialist for his jaundice. Alhamdulillah the paediatrician confirmed that he is free from the sickness and he is doing very well. His weight has also increased from 3.5kg last week when he was first admitted, to 4.3kg today. That was a 0.8kg increase in a week. Well done, boy!! hehe... I was actually concerned when his weight dropped from birth time (3.75kg) to 3.5kg in a week last week, but the paed said that it was normal, since for the first few days of baby's life, he didn't feed very well yet.

Yusuf Firdaus was actually born in my 37th week of pregnancy. It was totally different when I had Daniel, because Daniel was born just short of a day from his EDD. Since my menses are very regular, my OB/GYN predicted that this time, the baby would follow suit on his EDD, but Allah knows best.

My prayer throughout this pregnancy, apart from for the baby being born safe and healthy, was that my Hubby would be here with me when I deliver the baby. Hubby booked his flight home last February, and if we follow the actual EDD, Hubby might need to extend his stay here and cancel his flight ticket back to UK. But Allah The Almighty had granted my wish, when not only He gave me a healthy and almost perfect baby, He had also sent him to me just a day after Hubby came home from UK. Alhamdulillah, I couldn't thank Him enough. Alhamdulillah....

My journey throughout this pregnancy was also different from when I had Daniel, but the story will have to wait for another entry. I am now a contented mother of two.. Alhamdulillah for all His blessings..


Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 17...

And his Ayah had had to return to UK. In fact, this was Ayah's return which we did not really do much or go anywhere... Sigh...

I have often wondered whether I would be able to take care of my two sons alone. It made me frightened at times. At the moment, I have my whole family here with me at the house, so help is ample. My parents have offered tremendous assistance, at times I feel really guilty for having them doing chores for me instead of the other way round.

We have finally registered the baby with JPN last Friday. It took so long for us to agree on the name for the baby, but finally we settled with Muhammad Yusuf Firdaus. Yup, not at all similar with Daniel's name to signify that they are siblings :-) I hope this baby will live up to his name, and most importantly, I pray that we would be able to guide him and his brother to the right paths, and in return, they would become the sons that we could count on until the end of time.

I leave you with the photos of Yusuf being treated at the KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital for jaundice. We were all admitted there for 4 days last week :-)


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Introducing the latest joy of our lives....

Born last Saturday at 12.04 am at KPJ Specialist Hospital, Shah Alam, weighing 3.75kg via normal delivery. As of now, we still haven't decided on the name yet, but when Nenek asked big brother Daniel they other day, he said his baby brother's name is "MISTER NUN" hehehe....

Photo taken yesterday, when baby was 4 days old...


Thursday, May 06, 2010


Yeap, I've been poisoned since Sunday. Food poisoning, that is. And today is already Thursday. Still, it doesn't show any signs to stop soon. I've taken the charcoal tablets and the salt. And the best thing was, I was bugged during sleep time at nights only. The trips to the toilet every other hour when everybody else were sound asleep. *Sigh*

Time to take the second visit to the clinic, I guess. Power sungguh racun kali ini.. I remember the last time I was severely 'poisoned' was in 1991 when I was a first former in TKC... huh! Dah lama dah tu.... huhu....


Monday, May 03, 2010

"Daniel good boy, kan Mummy, kan?"

This has been a repetitious statement by my boy for the past few weeks. He would get very upset if I didn't agree, so layan je lah...

And lately, he would say, "If Mummy say no toys (while we were shopping or any other things that I forbid him to do), I don't say anything. I just keep quiet (meaning tak throw tantrums la tu). I am a good boy, kan Mummy?"

Iyer la sayang... Awak memang good boy.... Please continue to be a good boy till the end of time, ok? I love you so much!!!!