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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Updates (Part One)

A fortnight passed me by, filled with lots of actions and drama. To start everything off, I drove up North on Monday, August 28th morning for a business trip and drove back home the next day after a 'minum' session with Farah at about 7pm. Reached home a little bit before 12 midnite. My baby caught fever during my absence, but he quickly recovered as soon as I held him in my arms. Demam rindu la ni..hehe...

The next day, I started my journey South pulak...Meeting a client and then picked up my Grandma for my sis' wedding. Daytrip je. Reached home at about 9pm. Zombie habis! Nasib baik Thursday was Merdeka holiday. Dapat la relax sikit..Tapi, tak rest sangat pun as relatives ramai dah sampai to help with the wedding preparation. Petang tu siap bawak my Mum pergi shopping lagi as some of the stuffs for 'hantaran' masih belum complete. Brought Daniel along. Bought him a songkok. He looked really cute with it..hehe... Tu pasal la ramai orang yang nak dukung dia kat shopping mall tu... Tak pasal-pasal ramai yang offer jadi babysitter while Mum and me took turns to search for stuffs.

Friday was the akad nikah day. Was quite chaotic as we rushed to complete the necessary stuffs and berkemas. Scheduled at 10.30am and the Pak Imam aka Penolong Pendaftar Nikah came on time with his witnesses. I hadn't even took my bath when they arrived! Punya lah kelam kabut..Dengan nak settlekan Daniel lagi. When I finally descended from my room, rombongan pihak lelaki dah masuk rumah and the ceremony has begun...Malu sehh!! Was quite smooth and fast. Abah yang nikahkan Ija, just like he did with me last year. Sekali lafaz je, sahlah Ija-Ajib jadi Hubby and Wife. Tapi Pak Imam tanya banyak juga soalan. Nasib baik lah Ajib dapat jawab semua and tak panik. After that, everybody went for lunch and proceeded with Solat Jumaat. And we continued with the final arrangements.

Saturday was the big day! Memang sibuk and hectic like nobody's business! All family members wore blue as the theme colour of this wedding. Semua nampak biru! Even Daniel got his blue baju Melayu, made by his Nenek (my Mum). The day memang filled with drama, I tell you! But that would have to wait for Part Two of this update..hehe...Dah ngantuk la....Tata!!


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