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Friday, September 15, 2006

Fierce...fierce fight!! (part III)

This is going to be my FINAL entry on the fight between the neighbouring hypermarkets in my office area. Boring lah cerita pasal kids fight diorang ni...After this kalau ada lagi I will just close both eyes lah...And refuse to think and comment...Tak hapa-hapa! But this entry is just to point out how childish (and stupid and cheap) some of us really are....

The signboard that stated we have to pay RM10 if we don't show a proof that we are Giant's customer has been replaced by a BIG photo. The caption read "Our prices are so cheap even our competitor is shopping with us!" or something like that. The photo showed Mydin workers from behind (their uniforms ada tulisan MYDIN besar kat belakang)were waiting for their turn to buy NASI BUNGKUS from one of Giant's medan selera's hawkers! Deyy!! Makan tak consider as shopping ok?

Adui laaa!! Kalau nak buat cheap camera trick pun berpada-pada lah sikit!!! My first impression: SIAPALAH YANG CAME OUT WITH THIS STUPID IDEA EH?


At 10:37 AM, Blogger NaHLaH said...


i have nothing else to say too. :D


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