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Monday, September 18, 2006

Cerita pasal Muhammad Daniel Hafiz bin Nurhazlan

Lama dah tak update pasal budak kecik manja Mummy sorang ni. Daniel sekarang dah 6 bulan setengah (how time flies?). Becoming more active as days went by.

1) He has a dimple right at the corner of his left mouth - tak tau inherited from whom sebab Ayah and Mummy dua-dua tak ada dimple. However, his dimple shows even more obvious when he cries rather when he smiles...

2) Weight over 8kg...This month belum timbang lagi...

3) Babbles non-stop. Even worse when about to fall asleep. All sounds would come out until he finally dozes off.

4) Loves eating and loves to watch other people eat.

5) Takes up 1/2 of the bed while sleeping at night. Ayah and Mummy kena sempit-sempit at the other half of the bed (bagus gak...hehe..). Would sleep horizontally at night and wake up vertically the next morning.

6) Doesn't cry when waking up. Will amuse himself until others realize that he actually had waken up. And will smile nicely at that person.

7) Couldn't stand it if lambat dapat minum susu. Will cry macam kena pukul teruk-teruk. Must be there and then- no compromise!

8) Loves to golek-golek on the mattress. And when he got tired, kaki and tangan akan keras, pointing upwards, signalling that he wants somebody to pick him up.

9) Will tepuk peha with one palm when people sing 'Tepuk Amai-Amai'...And will ruku' and sujud when people say "Allahuakbar!" Tapi kalau dah sujud tak larat nak bangun balik... hehe...

10) Refused to sleep walaupun mata dah kuyu and merah, when everybody is around (Ayah, Mummy, Atuk, Nenek, Acik and Pokcu) during weekends. Have to force him to sleep and he will babble loudly and meniarap dalam buaian sampai terlelap..


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