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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Dalam sibuk-sibuk banyak kerja ni, sempat pulak jawab The-Know-Your-Baby Quiz kat iVillage Parenting...hehe... So, below is the result for Mr Muhammad Daniel Hafiz bin Nurhazlan:

So, just who is your baby?

The Angel Baby
As you might expect, your baby is the kind of baby every first-time pregnant woman imagines herself to have: good as gold. Your baby is mellow, eternally smiling and consistently undemanding. Her cues are easy to read. She's not bothered by new surroundings, and she is extremely portable. She feeds, plays and sleeps easily and usually doesn't cry when she wakes up. An angel baby can often calm herself down, but if she gets a little overtired, perhaps because her cues were misread, all you have to do is snuggle her and tell her, "I can see that you're overtired." Then turn on a lullaby, make the room nice and dim and quiet, and she will put herself to sleep.

Quite right, Alhamdulillah....Mummy loves you SOOOOOO much!!!! Mmmmmuahhhhhh!!!!