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Monday, September 18, 2006

Updates (Part Two)

As promised, updates on the action-packed drama during my sister's wedding:

(yes, I looked fat in the photo..erm...I AM actually fat..sob..sob...)

:Daniel with his Pokcu:

1)Everything went perfectly smooth in the beginning. Guests began arriving as early as 11 am.

2) My Chinese family arrived at around noon. Daniel jumpa the other side of the family for the first time.

3) Time ni langit dah jadi TERSANGAT mendung.

4) By Zuhur, rain had started- a HEAVY one that was....Tunggu punya tunggu, hujan tak juga teduh. Meanwhile guests were still coming, and stucked dalam khemah sebab tak dapat nak balik. Payung-payung terpaksa digunakan untuk menghantar sanak saudara ke dalam rumah and also the other guests to their cars.

5) Disebabkan masa berjalan and hujan masih belum teduh, Mak Andam called Yours Truly untuk buat keputusan: Nak tunggu hujan teduh atau berarak dalam hujan. Yours Truly terus buat keputusan untuk berarak dalam hujan lah... Nak buat macamana, hujan masih lebat. Maka hari ini dalam sejarah, pengantin dan rombongan serta ahli-ahli kompang yang diimport oleh pihak lelaki terpaksalah berarak dalam hujan diringi payung-payung yang berwarna-warni...Harap-harap jadi perkahwinan yang SEJUK, sesejuk masa majlis perkahwinan...hehe...

6) By the time makan beradab, hujan pun berhenti. Guests start ramai semula till about 5pm.

7) Of all the friends whom I invited, ONLY Nazz and family came (how could the rest of you did not attend?)

Updates will continue....


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