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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Updates (Part Three)

Tak abis lagi citer basi ni...hehe...Kena tulis jugak, buat kenangan hari tua nanti bila I baca this blog, InsyaAllah (kalau umur panjang and sempat tualah)

Anyway, the next day after my sis wedding on our side, we went for the 'bertandang' event pulak... Since rumah my bro-in-law pun tak berapa jauh sangat, we decided to do the bertandang the next day after the kenduri at our side. Bolehla our relatives from Johor join sekali...

Baby Daniel started his tantrums right after we started our journey. About a few km lagi nak sampai, he cried for susu, and while drinking in big gulps, he suddenly threw up on Mummy! Macam fountain, I tell you! I was soaking from in front to the back of my dress (baju baru pulak tu!) Tak boleh Mummy nak bergaya sikit! Lepas tu he continued crying...Mungkin tak sedap badan or mungkin the weather was just too hot..

*Daniel throwing his tantrums*

Even one Makcik yang kind enough to hold him while I ate during the Makan Beradab session pun kena muntah jugak...kesian dia...hehe..tak pasal-pasal kena 'sembur' dengan Daniel...

Anyway, right after the kenduri, I accompanied Hubby to send back our 'imported' tukang masak NAsi Beriyani Gam relatives to Johor. Kesian kat Abah yang keletihan, so we took over the responsiblity and sent them using Abah's Trooper. Started the journey at about 5pm, reached there at around 8.30pm, and by 9pm, we started our journey back home. Esoknya both of us needed to go to work, so no choice had to get back home that night juga. Lagipun, Daniel tak berapa sihat and still meragam (we left him under his Atuk and Nenek serta Noyang,Noyang and Noyang's care). Reached home at about 1.30am and had a late supper. Terus pengsan sampai pagi...

I went to office Monday morning, received a tergezut news from my client that his request to buy stuffs had already been tendered-in and going to be closed in two days time! Aiyoh! And I needed all the relevant certificates to go and collect the tender documents, which were not available in my office.. Called my boss, and since it was an emergency, he decided to FLY DOWN purposely from Penang to send me the documents. He said we would make the arrangement for the flight and would call me back shortly after that.

When he finally called, he said he had already booked the ticket and ready to board the plane shortly. He had to book a business class seat as the economy class seats were fully booked. Costed him around RM700! When I asked him to check the certificate for the relevant kod bidang required to participate in this tender, he said the kod bidang that I requested was not available inside the certificate! I started to panic, he started to get angry, but luckily he could cancel the ticket and get the refund.. Kalau tidak, habislah I kena maki..Turned out that they never renew the license for that particular kod bidang...Hampeh sungguh!

Nak tak nak, I found other ways to do it, and went to get the certificate from another company in Bangi and shot straight to Melaka to buy the tender forms. Started the journey back at around 4pm and on the way, Mak called to say that they have decided to send all my 3 Neneks back home to JB and Melaka that day, and asked me whether I wanted to follow. Since I needed to pass back the company's certificate, I asked Abah to pick me up at Bangi instead. Left my car there, hopped into Abah's car, and we started the journey south (again?).

Sampai kat Pedas, we had to stop because the front right tyre was punctured. It was about 7pm and beginning to get dark already. I requested for help from PLUS, using their emergency phone (first time ni guna...ada sikit jakun gak..hehe). Masa tengah tunggu tu, ada pulak 2 Indian men ni nak tolong (konon) I warned Abah already about these highway culprits, but Abah allowed them to 'help' jugak since he was afraid that the PLUS guys would never come. Daniel pulak dah start menangis (actually melalak) because we were right next to a jungle, it was dark (God knows what he did actually see) and the passing-by lorries made noise so loud, they scared him. Kecian bucuk Mummy.

The PLUS guys actually came, but seeing that those 2 Indian men were already at work (which was not successful, anyway), they left us. It was after lots of unsuccessful tries and wasted hours, the 2 men finally gave up, and just left us there (which was common for them to do, according to the PLUS guys). We called the PLUS guys again, who came with the required tools and correct safety measures (it was really dangerous, we could get knocked down by those fast speeding lorries anytime then) I brought Daniel inside of their patrol car, gave him his milk and he fell asleep right after that (too tired from the crying, I think)

It was about 10 minutes, and using the spare tyre (which was never used before) we managed to continue our journey already...Damn those highway culprits!!! Sampai Melaka, Abah was too tired to continue with the journey to JB, so we slept at Nenek Melaka's house that night.

Started the journey to JB at about 8am, reached Nenek Johor's house at about 11am. Had early lunch, and we shot back. I was supposed to complete the tender forms that day, and we were awfully delayed. Pasrah jelah. Mak, Daniel and I slept through half of the journey. It was blazingly hot on the highway, the air-cond suddenly chose not to function, I was just awaken from my nap, and Abah was trying to overtake a lorry at 120km/h, then suddenly, there was blast! The spare tyre meletup, the car was maneuvering to the right, Abah was desperately controlling the steering, and the rest of us were just too terrified to speak!

Alhamdulillah, Abah managed to control the situation, and once again, we tersadai kat tepi highway. It was about 1pm, tayar dah bersepai, satu lagi punctured. I was trying to gauge where we were to call the emergency line (again!), but Alhamdulillah, rezeki Daniel agaknya, the PLUS patrol car stopped right behind our car when we managed to stop. Rupanya they saw us in the emergency, and said it was lucky that Abah didn't press the brake hard. If not, we could have toppled over, like what happened to a CRV they had helped earlier with the same case. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah!!!

With no more spare tyre, we all had to ride in the patrol car, and the guys left Mak, Daniel and I at the toll plaza (Ayer Keroh) and brought Abah to buy new tyres. Then, they send Abah back to the incident's place, changed the tyre, and Abah came to pick up us at the toll plaza. The rest of the journey was smooth, and Abah dropped me at Bangi so that I could continue with my work, and they went home. I stayed back at the office until about 9pm to complete the task. Reached home, packed our stuffs, for we need to go back to our 'Istana Hinggap.' Sampai sana dah pukul 1am pun. Adus letih sungguh!

The next day, I started my journey again to Melaka to send the tender forms. Reached there at about 4pm, finished everything, dropped by Nenek Melaka's house to send her periuk and besen which we loaned (and tak muat bawa balik semalam), and started back home at about 7pm. Reached safely home at about 9pm and terus lepak kepenatan. Esoknya ambik MC straight for 2 days, plus the weekends, dapatlah rehat lebih sikit...

There you go, my adventure and action-packed real-life drama, that I, myself couldn't believe that I went through them. Agak-agaknya berapa ribu km la yang I travel throughout the 2 weeks ya?


At 9:42 AM, Blogger NaHLaH said...

:O what an adventure!!


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