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Monday, October 30, 2006

Macam-macam Raya..

Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin!!

Actually I takde la rasa excited lebih-lebih this Raya... Entah kenapa, rasa macam Ramadhan went by so fast, and I actually didn't feel like celebrating Raya this year. Rasa macam biasa-biasa je...Raya just marked the end of Ramadhan je.. Dunno why lah?!

Anyway, went back to Jasin on the EARLY morning of Raya and reached there at about 3am. All Hubby's other siblings celebrated Raya with their In-Laws this year, so only 3 ketul of us yang ada kat rumah Jasin. Went for rounds of visit to relatives' houses with Mak and Ayah tagging along. Baby Daniel had a blast, anyway. Mana-mana pergi pun, ada je yang sanggup nak tolong jagakan....Especially the kids, they just adored him! Dia pulak pandai main psychology- grinned very sweetly everytime they agah him, angguk-angguk and geleng-geleng kepala ala hip hop dancing (especially when there were music or people singing) etc. Semua orang geram tengok pipi dia, resulting in his cheeks being red asyik kena cubit and gomol..hehe...Cian baby Mummy..

Went back to Abah's kampung in JayBee on 2nd Raya...Dapat lah jumpa most relatives yang dah lama sangat tak jumpa. Then on the 3rd day of Raya, we went back to Nenek's (Abah's mak) kampung in Pontian. Round ke rumah Atuk2 sedara yang lama tak jumpa. Went back to Jasin that night itself.

By this time, the rest of Md Salam's clans dah tiba kat rrumah Jasin...So, rumah riuh-rendahlah dengan those little monsters.. Kesian Daniel tak boleh sleep in peace sebab ada je yang suddenly datang and shouted to him inside his spring cot, forcing him to wake up and cried profusely sebab he was tired and sleepy but couldn't sleep. Mummy and Ayah jugak yang susah sebab kena mengadap dia je and 'halau' the li'l monsters (kadang-kadang rasa nak cubit je tau diorang ni- lagi kita kata jangan, lagi la diorang buat)

We came back to the Klang Valley on Saturday night after a short visit to Nenek's (Mak's step-mom) house. No jam thanks to the additional lanes on the North-South Highway. But it rained most of the way (in fact it rained heavily everyday since the 1st day of Raya). Mak and Abah were so thrilled to be reunited with baby Daniel- rindu habis punya kes (although during the Raya holidays, we still got to meet a few times at various locations)

Went to Baby Imtiyaz's first birthday bash at A&W yesterday. It was fun and well organized (caya lah Mama Nina!) and everybody got a party bag each with nice stuffs inside (siap ada teddy bear cute lagi!!) Met with ol' mates from hi-skool, most with at least a baby tagging along.. How time flies!! Inilah bebudak G78 yang selalu 'memberontak' kat sekolah dulu... Sekarang dah jadi ibu mithali dah... kuang..kuang..kuang...


At 8:27 AM, Blogger Erra said...

i didn't have a baby in tow! :op

At 11:27 AM, Blogger hani said...

oh...ok..ok...anda dikecualikan... hahaha!!

At 12:12 PM, Anonymous widz said...

i never did 'memberontak' in school dulu!

*nampak sgt ke menipu?*LOL

At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Dydd said...

me too, widd!!



At 4:20 PM, Blogger hani said...

widz & dydd,

yeah! ye la tu!!!!


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