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Friday, October 13, 2006

Lamanya tak update...

Wow!! It has been quite a long time since I last wrote... Had been terribly busy with work... Ingat bulan puasa semua kena slow down ke? Turned up the other way round pulak...Work and life had been hectic...Sampai tak terasa pun dah nak raya...Betul!!!

My baby is not feeling well today...well, actually since semalam... Brought him to a clinic last night sebab dia asyik batuk-batuk and merengek dari pagi semalam. Badan tak panas, tapi kaki quite warm. Turned out the Doc said, he got a very high fever! Kena masuk ubat kat that tiny hole underneath, in order to quickly bring the temperature down...Poor baby! He cried a bit during the procedure, but after that ok dah. Pelik jugak sebab the whole body memang tak warm langsung! Only his feet were quite warm, thus I overlooked the possibility that he was having fever.

He was still having it this morning, and I had asked his babysitter to follow the medicine schedule. Called the babysitter just now and she said Daniel's feet are no longer warm, and she had given him the morning dose. I feel so guilty for having to leave him behind and went to the office this morning, but today is the last day working for me before my Raya holidays and I still have some things to settle. Normally, if he is not feeling well, I would take leave to take care of him (tu pasal la annual leave and MCs had been used till the max! hehe) Kesiannya baby Mummy!! Get well soon my love! Kita nak raya dah ni!!

Ada banyak cerita yang happened during my absence from the blogging world ni... Semuanya drafted dalam kepala je...Bila nak tulis, lupa la pulak! Aiseh!! Will continue later, sebab now need to go out and buy a better thermometer... The one that I am currently having is not so accurate lah...Dah la kena letak kat bawah armpit, and being a very lasak boy, Daniel couldn't sit still throughout the process of taking his body temperature. Jadi, reading tak accurate. Am thinking of buying yang IR tu...Simple and fast. Tengok lah kang apa yang I dapat... See ya!!


At 8:37 AM, Anonymous ly-d said...

selamat hari raya dura!!


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