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Monday, October 02, 2006

Balik Kampung!!!

We went back to Hubby's hometown last Saturday afternoon. My cute car buat hal, so we ended up balik kampung using Hubby's Hero (aka Wira)...keke...Jammed jugak kat Seremban up to Senawang, and we arrived a tad after everybody had finished berbuka. Baby Daniel, as usual, excited with all the commotion of people around him. Dengan Aunties and Uncles, Atuk, Nenek yang geram tengok dia and all his cousins yang riuh rendah. He refused people carrying him, though. Menangis macam kena cubit. Mummy jugak yang kena dukung....hehe...In the end, decided to put him on the toto blanket, and he happily golek-golek around and gelak-gelak with people around him. But, see no touch, ok? Touch me and my crying button would be switched on, mind you?

When everybody was busy chatting with each other, dia pun nak join jugak. Kelakar tengok dia menyampuk his Pak Long and Pak Lang bercakap, sampai diorang pun tak jadi nak sambung cakap and we all terus gelak. And he refused to sleep! Sampai Mummy keluarkan white flag- I couldn't tahan already. So, Ayah had to take over lah. Ayah said he finally dozed of at about 1.30pm. Orang lain semua dah tidur pun, termasuklah all the other little angels.

By the time for Imsa' he had waken up already. Sabar je lah. Lepas tu tidur balik kejap, and by 8.30am, dah made noise kat telinga Mummy ajak borak. By the time we started our journey home, he was so sleepy already but still refused to sleep. Ayah yang mengantuk, so Mummy had to take over driving. In the end, Ayah bukannya dapat tidur pun sebab he had to hold Daniel yang taknak tidur...hehe...

We buka puasa at Abang E's house. Kak Ina and family pun datang, maka riuh rendah lah rumah tu dengan kanak-kanak riang sekalian. Daniel pun apa lagi? Kononnya nak join in the fun lah. Gelak bukan main kuat lagi tengok his cousins playing around him. His eyes were getting red from his sleepiness, but still he refused to sleep. Until about 9.30pm, he couldn't take it already, and began his tantrums. Again, Mummy sudah sakit belakang from holding his 8.6kg weight most of the time, so Mummy gave up again. Ayah then tried to get him asleep upstairs with the aircond on. Ada pulak yang tengah tengok Ice Age 2 kat atas. Macam mana nak tidur? When Daniel started screaming already, we quickly took leave. Couldn't tahan dah. Masuk je kereta, with a few pat on his hand, terus hanyut. Dah ngantuk sangat sampai tak sedar apa-apa dah. He woke up for a few minutes to play with his Atuk, Nenek and Pokcu when we reached home, then continued sleeping sampai pagi.

Atuk and Nenek punyalah boring Daniel takde kat rumah. Atuk ended up sleeping at 3am in the morning when we were at Jasin sebab tak boleh tidur teringat kat cucu...hehe...

*Daniel pakai baju Melayu during his Achik wedding recently. Ekhem...The kopiah was made by Mummy...hehe....*

Happy 7th Months Darling Daniel!!! Mummy doakan awak jadi anak yang soleh, sihat dan dalam rahmat Allah selalu....I love you so much, you know that, right?


At 12:37 PM, Blogger Bubbling Mama said...

waa..such a lovely baby..loves ur stories..


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